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Alumni Weekend Barrytown

Robin Graham
June 8, 2012

The Alumni Weekend at Barrytown was very successful. Approximately 100 Alumni and friends attended. Some for the day, some for the Alumni Dinner evening, but most for the whole weekend. Photos are arriving and next week's Cornerstone will feature a variety from both Las Vegas and Barrytown weekends.

Here are a couple of comments about the Barrytown Alumni Weekend:


You did a great job!!!

I had a beautiful experience!

The sessions were interesting, of course, I don't really hear conversations like that anywhere.

I was so uplifted, that beautiful spirit of God, nature and truly the most wonderful people! Reunion, Barrytown, peaceful walks in nature with friends and Father's rock on the Hudson, in just one day, the memories came flooding back with so much love!

Thank You for creating such an open atmosphere, where everyone was welcome just for being an alumni of UTS. (No matter what they may or may not be doing now)

You have a vision…

Love, Lois
Lois Ramunni

Many thanks for your work on the reunion and with the UTS alumni association. God bless you and Patricia and your family, friends, relatives, associates, and what the heck – the whole world.

James Borer

Hi Robin,

Thanks for organizing a fantastic weekend. A great chance for UTS alumni to come together and see what more we can do for God's Providence. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Robert Beebe

The Alumni Weekend program:

The presentations:

1. Gender Equality and Heavenly Mother (Wilson) There were 2 sessions owing to demand

2. Education Today (Beebe)

3. Kick Start your Health (Noll)

4. Leadership and Self-Deception (Saunders)

5. Movement, Church or Passing Fad? (Zahedi, et al) There were 2 sessions because of strong interest

6. Lessons on Effective Leadership and Organizational Development (Sardella)

7. Toward a Headwing Society (Anderson)

8. Doctors' Circle (Selover)

9. Civil War Northern Virginia (Connery)

10. Poetry and Religious Education (Howell)

11. Barrytown College Discussion Forum (Redmond)

12. The Beatitudes (Borer)

13. My Experience with the Global Peace Festival (Inman) [Held off-campus in Red Hook Firehouse due to controversy]*

14. Where do we go from here? (Wenzel)

* A few days before the Alumni Weekend the UTS Alumni Board of Directors learned from UTS President, Dr. Panzer, that UTS would not allow Alan Inman to speak about his community building work involving federal, state and local government organizations throughout the USA. His work also connects those programs with the Global Peace Festival. Dr. Panzer said that Alan was allowed on campus to meet and greet with other alumni, but not allowed to give this presentation. The UTS policy is based upon the fractured relationship between the Unification Church and UCI (which supports the GPF). The Unification Church is the sponsoring church and provides funding for UTS.

Though the UTS Alumni Association would normally allow alumni freedom to choose and deliver their topics and presentations, we were placed in a very difficult position, as was Alan Inman himself. Given the late notice, the UTS Alumni Association asked if Alan would consider making his presentation off-campus. Alan was gracious enough to agree. Though many of the local facilities were booked because of Bard graduation that Saturday, Alan was able to reserve the community room at the Red Hook Fire House on the Sunday, and approximately 12 alumni listened to his presentation. 

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