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Letter from UTS Alumni Association president

Robin Graham
December 9, 2012

A big THANK YOU to all donors who supported UTS Alumni Association in 2012

There are many places to invest your money, and you chose to support the UTS AA.

If you find the weekly Cornerstone to be a valuable resource, then please consider supporting again for this coming year.

Recent years have seen the successful development of class reunions celebrating 30 years e.g. Class of 1977 attending the 2007 Alumni Reunion, Class of 1978 coming together in 2008 etc.

In 2012 a special push was made to hold the UTS Alumni Weekends in both Las Vegas and in Barrytown.

2012 has been a critical year for many alumni. The UTS Founder passed on. The political election in the USA consumed much time and thoughts.

In turbulent times like this, whatever our beliefs, it is seldom easy to plan for the future. However the tradition of UTS Alumni is to accept challenges, brace ourselves and move forward.

In that spirit, the UTS Alumni Association is planning a couple of meetings in early 2013. There is a hope, a feeling, that this is the time of a Pentecostal shift. Not a magical solution, but the need for well thought-out strategic action. With the passing of the Founder several alumni see the need to connect with fellow alumni, check in on our trajectory in life, discuss, and make plans for the future. This is for all alumni from whatever their career, faith, organization etc. These meetings will be scheduled for late February or early March. There will be an East coast and a West coast meeting in the USA. Alumni in other countries are asked to share with me their interest in holding an event.

There will also be an Alumni Weekend Reunion for those who wish to visit Barrytown or NYC and meet with former class mates and friends. This will probably take place in the early summer. Dates etc to follow in January.

Also in 2013 the Unification Theological Seminary will celebrate its 37th Commencement.

As president of UTS AA I have been seeking to build bridges between alumni who stand on either side of the "Unification schism." In 2013 I look forward to working closely with those alumni who see dialogue and conversation (not in the blog world) as a stepping stone to reconciliation. There seems to be interest. I think that alumni have the capacity to meet around a coffee table and discuss their points of view, perspectives etc. in a civil manner, and at least build a longer relationship which may lead to a healing in the ranks. As we know from our UTS studies, conflict between and within religions can be incredibly hurtful and almost impossible to solve. More on these developments in the first quarter of 2013.

The back office administration work is not very glamorous, but allows the UTS Alumni Association to build the database of alumni, to publish the Cornerstone, maintain and develop the UTS Alumni Association web site, and to pursue and achieve the goals of the UTS Alumni Association

Currently the UTS AA has email accounts for 862 of the 1800+ graduates. Each week approx. 250-300 alumni and friends open and read the Cornerstone. 760 alumni have opened a Cornerstone at least once in the last year.

There is a growing religious diversity among alumni. The UTS alumni who are Unificationists continue to be in the great majority, but there is the occasional avowed atheist (at least one); the lapsed Unificationists; the Mormons; the Christians from a variety of denominations; Buddhists; Muslims, etc. The UTS Alumni Association includes all alumni, and the Cornerstone aims to bring news and articles which interest this broad spectrum.

In this "Age of Women" news and articles from our sister alumnae is encouraged and most welcome. Indeed, for all of you, let us know what is happening in your life, your career, your mission. There are alumni serving in a multitude of countries, and your news can always be an inspiration for others. You do not have to be an active missionary to get your name in the Cornerstone. Alumni from all walks of life are invited to share news.

For those who have been thinking about supporting the UTS AA with a monthly or one-time donation during 2013 please send checks to:

UTS AA c/o Robin Graham
15 North Dutcher Street
Irvington, NY 10533

If you have suggestions for Cornerstone content, or requests please send an email to us.

Wishing you all a very successful 2013

UTS Alumni President
Robin James Graham 

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