The Words of the Hall Family

The Master Visits Wyoming

Terre Hall
March 24, 1965
Cheyenne, Wyoming
New Age Frontiers - May 1965

Words seem so inadequate to express my feelings concerning the coming of our Messiah to Cheyenne, but I will attempt to tell you of this historical event and my impressions relating to the approximately 20 hours I spent in his presence.

They arrived at 5:40 pm. We set out immediately for the Holy Ground. I was introduced to the Master in the car. To look upon his face and shake his hand for the first time is a blessing I will always remember. The power of the Heavenly Father's love manifested in His Son cannot be expressed in words. It is as infinite as God Himself.

The Sacred Ground at Lyons Park was blessed at 6:00 pm. As Master prayed I saw a bright light. Although my eyes were closed, it was brighter than sunlight. At first I thought the sun must be shining on the snow around us, but when I opened my eyes I realized it was nearly dusk and the sun was not shining. The light had come from heaven.

When the ceremony was over we returned to my apartment where I had prepared dinner. Master was anxious to complete the day's journey to Denver, where they would spend the night, so we gathered together the food I had prepared and took it with us. I was very happy to be asked to accompany them.

On the way to Denver I had an opportunity to learn from Mr. Nishikawa some of his experiences before and since coming to the Principle. I found him most inspiring, and it is plain to see why our Father's work has spread to such a multitude in Japan. His love and dedication to God and our true Father is very wonderful.

It was about 9:30 pm when we arrived in Denver, Galen and Patty Pumphrey and several others were anxiously awaiting Master's arrival. We immediately finished preparing dinner. After dinner we talked, sang, and asked questions of our Master. As he was speaking I found it very difficult to keep from going in to a trance. The power was so strong. It was after 3 am before we decided to retire. The next morning Sacred Ground was blessed in Denver. As Master prayed we could hear the clock striking eleven. Due to mechanical trouble the departure time planned for 12 noon on Thursday was delayed until 4 pm, so we were blessed with an additional four hours with our beloved Master.

We regretted the extra hardship this meant for their already pressed schedule, but were grateful for this extra time with him.

It was very difficult saying goodbye, but we know we will see him again soon, and that God's love and the power of his love is with us always. 

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