The Words of the Hayek Family

ICF Founder's Award Ceremony

Friedrich A. von Hayek
April 14, 1986

Dr. Friedrich A. von Hayek, with Mr. Neil Salonen at his side, accepts the ICF Founder's Award.

On April 14, 1986, Professor Friedrich A. von Hayek was awarded the ICF Founder's Award in Freiburg, Germany. The award -- a cash prize, a gold medallion, and a scroll -- lauded Professor Hayek for his contribution to the scientific community and for his work in helping ICUS. It was originally to have been presented at the Houston ICUS in November of 1985, but due to ill health Professor Hayek could not attend.

Professor Hayek is an internationally renowned economist who has taught in Europe as well as America. In 1974 he received the Nobel Prize. In his prepared remarks at the award ceremony in Freiburg he stated that he wished he had responded earlier to the invitations to attend ICUS, but that due to adverse publicity he had been reluctant. He ended his statement with the following words:

"In closing I want to repeat that I am now convinced that, whatever may popularly be said or believed about the basic religious foundation of ICUS, the scientific character of the meetings and their presentation and organization are thoroughly and admirably respectable. Furthermore, ICUS is attempting an almost unique job in devoting itself to clarifying the basic intellectual differences between the communist and capitalist worlds and thus performs a very important task indeed. For these reasons I am grateful to have been able to contribute to its efforts, and I also want to repeat my apology for my long hesitation and reservations about collaborating. Thank you very much."

Rev. Kwak addresses the ICUS Planning Board. 

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