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The 29th MMUI (Mister and Miss University International) Beauty Pageant 2007

Lia Kang
July 18, 2007

The winners of the 29th Mister and Miss University International Beauty Pageant 2007 were announced on July 8th at the Seoul Fashion Art Hall in Seoul, Korea. Miss Thailand, Chanidaphar Sanguarkuak received the title of Miss University International while Mister Malaysia, Ha Jee Yuan was awarded the title of Mr. University International.

When the clock struck 4pm, the show was ready to begin at the Seoul Fashion and Art Hall in Seoul, Korea. There was a short opening Video and dance performance before the delegates entered the stage in their glamorous national costumes and introduced themselves by country.

The Chairman of Mister and Miss University International, Dr. Min Ha Kim, gave welcoming remarks emphasizing that the Mister and Miss University International Beauty Pageant is not just about pursuing external beauty, but is a means to bring out beauty in character through moral goodness and a virtuous lifestyle to promote peace as One World Family.

The judges for the event were then introduced; the Head Judge being Mr. Kyungsu Jung, MBC Broadcasting Announcer President. The judges included such renowned guests such as Sir James Richard Mancham, founding president of the Republic of Seychelles. Dr. Irina Kuzminichna Shushkevich Simonenko, First Lady of the Republic of Belarus. H.E Ambassador Rene Francisco Umana, Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras. Mrs. Maimuna Tijjani, Wife of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigera. Mr. Gerald Grande, Chief Operations officer, In D Basket Productions.

This year's participating nations were composed of Korea, Japan, America, Philippines, Thailand, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Hungary, Nepal, Russia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Chinese Taipei, Kenya, and Malaysia. Each pair walked the stage at the opening program with their colorful and glittering traditional costumes. The sight of the candidates brought sparkles to the eyes of the audience more so for the judges who were very excited to the outcome of the pageant as each one of them introduced themselves. Right from the start, the delegates wowed the crowed in their dazzling national wear, taking the breath away from everyone in the audience.

After the video about MMU and its goals, the 8 finalists of the talent show gave their performances. They were: Mister and Miss Kenya, Jacob Ouma and Faith Kathungu, Russia, Iiya Valov, Mister and Miss Korea, Youjin Moon and Jungkyung Go, Miss Thailand, and Mister and Miss Mongolia, Shijirbold Ganbaatar and Erdenechimeg Gantugs. Miss Thailand drew the audience in with her graceful traditional Thai dancing and Miss Korea also displayed a traditional Korean dance. Mister and Miss Mongolia sang a song with incredible voices -- Ganbaatar singing opera and Gantugas singing long song (traditional Mongolian singing) -- and Mr. Korea sang a song from the Phantom of the Opera.

Next was the formal wear parade where the misters got to show off their striking suits and the misses got to display their elegant dresses. It was another showcase of beauty, with the crowd enjoying every moment.

Finally, the moment of anticipation came as many of the delegates could be sensed with tension. There were four prizes for both mister and miss: the Talent Award, Service Award, Friendship Award and Formal Wear Award. The Talent Awards went to Mr. Mongolia and Miss Korea for their outstanding performances which stunned everyone there that evening. Mr. Korea and Miss America, Clair Hoover, won both the Service and the Friendship Award. The Formal Wear Award went to Mr. Malaysia, Mr. Ho Jee Yuan, and Miss Russia, Miss Darja Ivanova.

At last, the top 10 finalists were announced as the audience longed for their bets to be called. They were namely, Mr. Kenya, Mr. Korea, Mr. Malaysia, Mr. Russia, and Mr. Thailand followed by Miss Kenya, Miss Malaysia, Miss Gek Leng Kong, Miss Nepal, Miss Swekshya Adhikari, Miss Russia, and Miss Thailand.

The deciding segment was the Final Question and Answer portion where each of the ten answered a question posed by a chosen judge. Immediately after this, scores were tabulated to arrive at this year's pairs of title holders and runners up. Onstage, the 2006 Mr. and Miss University International title holders Niraj Baral of Nepal and Sunwoo Kim of Korea did their farewell walk as it was about time for them to switch their reigns.

Following this was the announcement of the winners -- beginning with this year's runners up delegates - Mister and Miss Kenya. Capping the evening was the awarding of the grand title, Mister and Miss University International 2007, which went to Mr. Malaysia, Ha Jee Yuan, and Miss Thailand, Chanidaphar Sanguarkuak.

Emcees for this year's pageant were Mr. Gim byeongchan and Ms. Ida Dene Simmons. Special thanks to the supporters, the Ilwha, Segye newspaper, Central City, Sports World newspaper, Bechia BeautyAcademy and Vabien Hotel.

Lia Kang

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