The Words of the Kihara Family

The significance of the Komundo, the Unification Peace Temple and the Chungshim World Peace Center

Mr. Kihara
November 2008

Note: I took this down from a simultaneous translation(from a lecture video in Japanese) about 1 week before the GPF Japan event, but wasn't able to post it.

Recently, I thought of discarding this, but upon reading it again, I thought it was important, since the present providence in Japan centers on donation for these 3 things - the Komundo, Unification Peace temple, and the Chungshim World peace center.

I think Mr. Kihara, Fukuoka city church leader, also told us to review this. So here's the message. Pardon any possible errors, particularly the dates. Consult your leaders for clarifications.

Translation by Mrs. Kang. This is the idea of the "spirit" of the message. Some sentences may not be so clear.

Lecture Video (text)
Nov. 2008
Shown at Fukuoka church

The year 2008 is a very important year. We're trying to go over the pinnacle of the mountain. From Oct. 26, we are offering a prayer condition to become one with the heart of True Parents. So many providences, so we must know the meaning of the 7th and 8th jubilee years.

The Jubilee year didn't end yet. On March 17 last year, True Father went to Hawaii. Hawaii King Garden is the Eden of the original creation. King Garden symbolizes the Garden of Eden.

Another guest house is the Queen Garden. The queen should have stayed in the garden of Eden. Nov. 4, Father went to Hawaii. He hiked the highest mountain in Hawaii and proclaimed the word (?), of the 4th Adam's heart.

The Formation Stage, and then the Growth Stage was symbolized by Jesus Christ. The Perfection Stage, was made by Father. Adam failed and Jesus had to indemnify the mistakes of Adam. True Father indemnified the mistakes of the 1st and 2nd Adams.

On Sept. 11, 1997 (?). He proclaimed the 3rd Adam and then the restoration of the 4th Adam... We entered into the realm of God's heart...Human beings are supposed to succeed Adam's heart.

Intellect, emotion and will -- search for goodness. Through the intellect -- academy, education and will -- we search for ethics and morals, science and arts.

This becomes the civilization. This is the original culture. And with God's heart, this is the realm of heaven's civilization. True Father proclaimed all over Korea the opening of the era of heaven's culture.

On July 8 (don't know which year), True Father made a speech. He said the original ideal of heart is being extended through the Abel UN -- the realm of civilization which originated from the heart of God.

When you read the Divine Principle (?), centering on the rivers Nile, Euphrates, etc., -- this became the Mediterranean civilization, then the Atlantic ocean civilization and now, the Pacific ocean era.

At present time, the Pacific Ocean and the Komundo, centering on Korea, Japan and the US - Hawaiian Islands. The providence is condensed in these three countries.

Absolute sex is God's absolute ideal. Father wrote this message, the 10th Peace message, on Nov. 15, 2006 in Komundo. Komundo became the holy ground. Komundo is the place everybody will visit.

We have to build a palace to represent the ocean (in Komundo). True Father desire to build the Chung Jeong Gyung.

1960, March 12 -- True Parents Day was set. In the same year, the lunar calendar, March 16, the Holy Wedding of True Parents was set. 2001 Jan. 14 (not sure if I got the dates correctly), God's Coronation Ceremony was inaugurated.

At that time, True Parents became a substantial God. He was inaugurated as King of the blessed families. This is the family level. To make it on a universal realm, the next step is inauguration ceremony on the national level.

Then he was inaugurated as World Peace King, then King of Cosmic Peace...Through the (entrance to?) Chung Jeong Gyung, we entered the kingdom era.

In Chung Pyung, we have the Chung Jeong Gyung museum. True Father said we have to make a model of the Kingdom of Heaven. In Chung Pyung, we have the 1st Chung Jeong Gyung.

Next step is to embrace the religious realm. In Switzerland the following year, the Mongolian tribe proclamation was made. These countries are neutral countries (don't know if this refers only to Switzerland or both).

On this foundation, there must be a palace representing ocean - the Komundo. Father made a rally of the Abel UN in Komundo. Father had to report therefore, this is an important place.

Father reported to God. Komundo is a refuge. Those sinner who could come can get forgiveness in Komundo. Before going to the spirit world, you have to liquidate sins in Komundo...

In Seoul, True Parents said to Hyung Jin Nim, "build a chapel to accommodate 210,000 people." True Parents gave a calligraphy. Hyung Jin Nim's couple received the calligraphy in Seoul.

Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim received this. Rev. Tokuno and Im dosoun were there.

Israelites built the holy place but because of faithlessness, this was broken. It was built again but the Holy Place was broken two times.

The 3rd time, the holy place has to be built. It's significant to build this in Korea. This place is to substantialize the resurrection chapter (?).

1st part, worship service is the Catholic style, 2nd, Buddhism..4th, Islamic style.

2000 Oct. 4 - the Day of the Spiritual Liberation Ceremony. Barrier in the SW broke down. In the SW, religious barriers were torn down.

Mohamed showed a deep gratitude to True Parents. If substantial place can be made in Seoul, the Cheon Bok Gyung (Unification Peace Temple). This had to be built by 2013.

It also has the meaning of completing the Abel UN providence. True Father emphasized to build this place. In CP, the ceremony to build the Chungshim World Peace Center (CWPC) was held.

The responsibility of True Parents is finished so we have to be responsible to build the Chungshim WPC. This is the integral Peace center.

God's desire is to complete the Chungshim WPC.

From Oct. 10, the proclamation of the perfection of God's providence was made in Hawaii. Why Hawaii? Father proclaimed the Hawaii King and Queen Garden.

To protect this world is the responsibility of Adam and Eve. To indemnify this, the Hawaii King and Queen gardens were made.

Heavenly Father gave the grace that we die and resurrect with True Parents. From Nov. 10, a 2nd proclamation was made. We have to succeed Father's victorious realm.

From today, we're going to educate you based on absolute sex... Adam and Eve neglected the commandment, the Word was lost. Love one spouse eternally with the highest chastity...

God's civilization. We have to restore the homeland. We have to fulfill God's Kingdom. We have to fulfill the restoration of the homeland centering on the local area of the world.

When we say restoration of the homeland, we mean the unification of North and South Korea.

When Hyo Jin Nim ascended into the spirit world (2008), it was on the commemoration of the proclamation at Hawaii King Garden.

Exactly 1 year later, Hyo Jin Nim ascended. Through Global Peace Festival we want to make a substantial base. The Mother country is undergoing the 7th and 8th combined jubilee years.

This period is 89 days because True Father is 89 -- counting 1 day as 1 year. How we can receive this day is very important. Victory of Japan is a world victory.

This year is the last end of the special providence. Japan has the clue to victory. This year is the pinnacle when True Parents can rejoice. Dae Mo Nim said, please unite with the leaders. 

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