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More on the providence of the Cheon Bok Goong, CWPC, Komundo

Mr. Kihara
December 7, 2008

From Japanese through simultaneous translation - Unofficial Notes

"Palace" here usually refers to a temple, or the Cheon Bok Goong or the Unification Peace temple.

Part 1: Lecture video II The providence of the Cheon Bok Goong, CWPC, the Komundo Shown at Fukuoka church on 7 Dec. 2008

7.8 jubilee years. Why do we need to build the palace (the Unif. Peace temple)? So far, many religious people had built their own temple.

Why did God create man? To receive joy through man's fulfillment of the 3 blessings. The 1st blessing means we become the palace (temple) of God.

If Adam and Eve had become perfect, they would have become God's palace. "God is in me," Jesus said. If Heavenly Father's ideal is perfected, you'd going to live a faithful life, with no sin and form a sinless society.

We'd always return joy to God and each other. Fallen people became one with Satan. The world is controlled by evil. Corinthians says, "Satan is the god of this world."

All things are lamenting because there's no master. So we need the Messiah. The restoration providence is the recreation providence - to restore the lost palace.

We have to restore God's palace and authority. We have to become living palaces.

After 400 years in Egypt (period of slavery), God sent Moses...Through a 40-day fasting, the 2 tablets were given to Moses. God feared that Moses might become faithless.

Tabernacle consists of the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place (shown on slides). 12 tribes surrounded this tabernacle. Solomon erected the palace and it was completed in 959, after 7 years of construction. big amount of rock was used. Gold and silver were used; 180,000 (?) people were mobilized for the construction. David gave to Solomon the blueprint of the temple.

Saul didn't build the palace. King David couldn't do it... therefore David just prepared with all effort and heart to give to Solomon (the plan).

He prepared the headmasters, the technicians. Therefore, God gave him the revelation of the blueprint of the palace. Temple was built by Solomon but God gave the revelation to David.

All materials (floor, etc) were made of gold. On the left are the candle stands (shown on the slides). Cherubim are made of gold. Inside the box are Moses' tabernacles but all were destroyed because of faithlessness.

It was built again, under the guidance of the Persians. At that time, the Samaritans (tribes next door) are very rich. The Israelites were stubborn, even though the Samaritans wanted to help them.

There was a strong conflict between the Israelites and the Samaritans. King Herod (not an Israelite) expanded the palace. Israelites opposed them...

Roman soldiers destroyed the palace again...This is the palace made by King Herod. The 3rd Jerusalem palace is in our time.

1964 May 23, True Father proclaimed at a ceremony, we have to go with faith and build this building...accordingly, how can we indemnify the sin of killing parents, children..

Judas sold Jesus, therefore we have to indemnify with indemnity fund. A living palace we have to make.

1971, at the time of Jesus' birthday celebration, Jesus was matched with a bride....we have come to make a main palace 20, 30, 50 years later.

This place is historical. If we don't buy even 1 sq. ft. of land (?), our ancestors will lament after we die. Therefore we bought the land in Yoido.

2008, this year is the time to make the Cheon Bok Goong (temple). 2001 - 2004, 2005- 2008, 2009 -2013 - divided into 3 periods.

2001 - God's coronation ceremony. 2004 - combined ceremony (?) - era after the coming of heaven was started. There was a transfer of ownership following the proclamation of the jubilee year.

Father said a big fortune will come to us. But we couldn't be aware. So Hyo Jin Nim went to the SW. Therefore, True Father gave the title "most filial son" to Hyo Jin Nim.

Then there was the helicopter crash. We resurrected together. 2009 - 2012 - starts the substantial construction of Cheon Il Guk.

Father said, "Just do it with sincerity. Go over the vertical path of indemnity absolutely."

Since Adam and Eve didn't keep the Word, they died. A and E fell at the growth stage. So True Father gave us the providence of the Cheon Bok Goong.

True Father went to the mountain and prayed so hard - it looks like he is wrestling with a tree. (So he received?) the blueprint of the 3rd palace.

This is the central place of all religions. There are 3 pillars which support the universe. This is the place where God can reside.

This is the significance of the 3rd Jerusalem. It's not just a church. This is the perfection stage.

3rd Adam, 3rd palace (temple), 3rd Jerusalem - all connected with the 3rd palace. In Korea we have to erect the 3rd palace to substantialize the Cheon Il Guk.

This is the same as completing the UN providence. This is the highest responsibility for all people. This is the vision of the Cheon Bok Goong...

Where should we erect this? What about Jerusalem? In the place where Abraham offered Isaac a dome was built - this is the holy place of Islam.

If we build this China, Japan, US, Europe - they have a bloody history. There's the possibility the palace will be destroyed so True Father decided to build the palace in Korea.

...This instruction was not given to us directly but to the True Children...Kook Jin Nim said building the palace was a decree from God.

We must have a house to always serve God and True Parents. This is not a UC place, but a palace for all people of all countries.

This is an activity of the True Children...

2001 - Coronation ceremony of God's Kingship

2006 - Coronation ceremony of the Peace King

2013 - Coronation ceremony of the Universal King. Place is the Cheon Bok Goong (Unification Peace temple).

There must be this activity in 2013 ( in my notes it is 2012?)... Where can we find the place, land, country where God can put his own feet...Have to construct the place where descendants can be proud of.

Koumundo - this is the most central place of the Pacific rim providence. The Holy ground for the world. The base for the CIG.

2007, True Father was riding the helicopter, he was searching for a place to build the ocean palace. 2008 Sept. was the groundbreaking ceremony (don't know if this refers to the Chungshim World PC)...

Chungshim World Peace Center - 2008 groundbreaking ceremony was held. True Father planned decades ago that youth all over the world will gather and play sports, conduct the blessing ceremony...

Each of the family has to offer dedication...Your name will be curved in 3 of the buildings. You can get 7 gen. ancestors' liberation (?) for those who offer special dedication...

Father is always offering dedication… always fishing. Who can liberate True Parents whose always on the frontline even though True Father is 90 years old... we'd like to offer filial piety.

2008 July 19 - by surviving the helicopter crash, Father gave us the resurrection blessing. True Father said, "I'm praying for the victory of the Mother country."

Mother country's victory is True Parents’ victory. This is the substantial palace... 

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