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Report about the 400 Christian Ministers ODP Workshop in Mindanao, Philippines

Edgar U. Nacorda
December 30, 2010

Dear PUCMJ Leaders and Members,

Greetings! I appreciate the PUCMJ [Philippine Unification Church Movement in Japan] members donation for the 5-day Inter-religious leaders' Original Divine Principle seminar which is about to end today. Rev. Jun Basuil shared that "the participants were generally attentive. Dr. Robert Kittle and Engr.

Joseph Navalta inspiringly presented the Original Divine Principle [ODP] lecture emphatically. As a result, 4 bishops from the protestant churches have expressed their commitment to attend any coming 120 day workshop. During the workshop, all of them Muslims, Christians or natives were totally united, positive and uplifted".

Rev. Basuil said further that;" the entire workshop had an estimated expenses of about Five Hundred Seven Seventy Thousand Pesos (Php 570,000 or about 1,140,000 yen) for 400 participants. Dr. Yong donated 3,000 USD, PUCMJ 330,000 yen (updated), Filipino general members 200,000 pesos, student members in the Phils. 30,000 pesos and others are from individual donors, registrations etc.

Consequently, in order to initiate the burning desire and overwhelming passion of the staff and the participants to mobilize and restore the nation, two batches will be held on January. The 2nd batch will be from 10-14, and the 3rd batch on January 24-30, 2011. Each of the 2 more batches is expected to gather 300 participants. Dr. Yong has already donated 6,000 USD for the 2nd batch accordingly.

With a deep sense of gratitude, Rev. Basuil expressed his hope that PUCMJ members will commit ourselves either by lump sum or monthly remittances in the amount of 400K yen per family for the renovation of our headquarters. He promised to present a Certificate of Donation or a Letter of Thanks to every PUCMJ member donor, as well as have his/her or the couple's names be printed in an apparent location of the building.

Looking forward for your further cooperation.

Appreciately yours,

Edgar U. Nacorda 

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