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Philippine Unification Church in Japan -- Disaster Victims Fund

Edgar U. Nacorda, Roy Carumba and Rafael E. Ablong
March 18, 2011
Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan (PUCM-J)
Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Fund Drive

Dear Philippine Brothers and Sisters in Japan,

The devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan on March 11th have virtually demolished the land, buildings, infrastructures and a lot of human lives. As of this writing, the number of lives lost due to these calamities is rising. There is also the danger of nuclear radiation posed by the explosions of nuclear power plants in Fukushima. Although, a well-coordinated effort is underway to control it and make it operate safely again, analysts say it will take days and billions of money to completely solve the ongoing problem and restore the entire area.

While we see the Japanese's government effort to solve the nuclear problem, millions of people in hard-hit quake areas are lining up for food, water, gasoline and other basic necessities. Most Filipinos in the affected areas have been transported to the Philippine Embassy, churches and host families in Tokyo and many are still waiting to be evacuated. We cannot imagine how much trauma and agony these people have suffered. Many Japanese people are left basically to survive with whatever they have now while waiting for outside assistance.

In view of this disaster situation, we would like to encourage all Philippine Unification Church members in Japan to donate money for the purpose of supporting and or sustaining rescue and relief efforts that have been extended to victims lately. We would like to encourage each family to donate a minimum of Y1,000. Those who want to give more are welcome.

Please send your donations to:

Obuchi Ma. Fe Miranda
Postal Bank Account No. 10280- 28565341 (for remitters within Japan)
Mizuho Bank Account No. 197-2354347 (for international remitters)

Please send her a message if the donation is for a specific individual, Filipino Unification Church members in Japan, or to the Philippine Embassy.

Let us show to God and True Parents that Philippine members in Japan are united in this effort because we truly love and care for people who are hit by these disasters.

Thank you so much.


(Sgd) Edgar U. Nacorda
National Executive Minister and East Japan Minister

(Sgd) Roy Carumba
Vice-Executive National Minister and Central Japan Minister

(Sgd) Rafael E. Ablong
Vice-Executive National Minister and Western Japan Minister

UM Continental Director, Rev. Dr. Yong
UM Philippine National Leader, Rev. Jun Basuil Japan National Messiah to the Philippines, Rev. and Mrs. Wataru Funami 

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