The Words of the Nacorda Family

Japan 5-Day O.D.P. Seminar Update No. 1

Edgar Nacorda
April 16, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please take note of the following details according to Brother Roy Carumba, Central Regional Minister of PUCMJ:

1. Brothers Joseph Navalta and Jimmy Vergara of Philippine Unification Church -- Headquarters are coming to Japan to give the lectures for the 5-Day Original Divine Principle Seminar fromMay 1-5, 2011 at the Suzuka Youth Center, Suzuka City, Mie-Ken.

2. Registration fee is now raised to Y10,000 per participant. Part of this fee will pay for the cost of plane tickets of our guest lecturers. The rest will be used to defray the expenses for the seminar venue, necessary equipment and materials.

3. Confirm your attendance as soon as possible. Those who are joining the seminar should pay their registration fees in advance. Send your registration fees to:

Mariano Jessie Requillas
Post Account Number: 12280 22638391

4. After paying your registration fee, please send a message to Brother Jess Mariano. Inform him about your payment of the registration fee and your complete name. Your complete name will be printed on the certificate that will be given to you after the 5-Day ODP Seminar.

You may also send a copy of your message to:

Brother Roy Carumba
Brother Joey Andaya

5. As requested earlier, please arrange your accommodation with a host family in Mie-Ken. Bring your own sleeping bag and personal items for the 5-day seminar. Our family members in Mie-Ken may be able to help us find our host families if it's difficult to find them by ourselves.

6. There are available rooms for 6-8 people on the site but they won't be open until the 3rd day of the seminar. Hotels close to the seminar site charge about 3,000 plus per day. So, if you want to avoid accommodation expenses find your host family at the soonest possible time.

Thank you. 

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