The Words of the Nacorda Family

5-Day ODP Workshop Update No. 2

Edgar Nacorda
April 18, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Japan,

Last Sunday, April 17th, we had a skype meeting with Roy Carumba, Central Regional Minister, whose region is hosting the Original Divine Principle Seminar from May 1-5, 2011.

Brother Roy emphasized that the seminar is open to all foreign members and guests in Japan including all Philippine brothers and sisters (Filipinos and Filipinas).

It was also pointed out during the meeting that since we don't have caregivers for infants and young children, all participants are encouraged to attend without their children. So, find a way to attend the meeting to find a positive way attend the seminar without children.

Please confirm your participation as soon as possible. You may still privately contact your own host family in Mie-Ken. The following family members have offered their homes and or still need more transient occupants.

May Still Host

Note: I don't have the email addresses and telephone numbers of those who are hosting.

Jess Nicol: may host 1 more member
Cain Guingayan: may accommodate 5-8 people (will go home to Chiba)
Rose Tungaw-Miyakawa: may accommodate 3 sisters
Juvy: may host 4 people (if sisters, sisters only; if brothers, brothers only)
Jess Mariano may host 3 people with Kuya Dante
Roy Carumba may host all 6 people from Osaka

Thank you. 

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