The Words of the Nacorda Family

Original Divine Principle Seminar

Edgar Nacorda
June 23, 2011
Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan
Tokyo, East Japan Region

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings! Please be informed of our Original Divine Principle Seminar on August 12- 17, 2011 at Kawasaki Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan a 5 minute walk from Kawasaki station. All Filipino and Filipina members including foreign nationals who are church members living in Japan are invited to participate. The registration fee is 10,000 yen excluding food budget.

The seminar will start from 9:00 am – 8:30 pm with break lunch at 12:00 noon snack time at 3:00 pm. This is not a stay in seminar, where everybody has to go back home after the whole day schedule is finish and return again on the next day schedule of seminars. This schedule will carried out every day within 5 days seminar.

Also, I would like to inform in case the seminar will conflict to the schedule of True Parents coming in Philippines, it will absolutely cancel and immediately inform you of the seminar cancellation and your registration fee will be refunded. Or depends on the conflict of the schedule, the seminars will be 3 days and the video seminar will be 2 days depends on the time availability of our lecturer Rev. Joseph Navalta. Sorry for the inconvenient, only this month of August is generally convenient to everybody. Hoping of your understanding and we do our best to facilitate this seminar convenient to you.

Please do your best to attend this rare schedule of ODP seminar here in Japan as we know everybody have job and a hectic routine schedule. Those who will come from far places please contact the following person for the accommodation.

Mr. Brian Diregi, Mario Lagura, Jun Granada or you can contact your friends who can accommodate you within 5 days.

For more information and inquiry, please contact: Mr. Edgar Nacorda or Mr. Arnold C. Heramis.

For Japanese information please contact: Ms. Itoko Granada.

Looking forward this coming Original Divine Principle seminar August 12-17, 2011.

Sincerely Yours,

Arnold C. Heramis
ODP Coordinator

Noted By:

Mr. Edgar Nacorda
Regional Leader
Tokyo, East Japan Region
Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan

Tokyo, East Japan Region

Confirmation form:

Please reply your confirmation.

Send your registration fee to the postal bank account of Heramis Arnold Callado.

(Please check the boxes, fill up the form and reply it until the end of July 31,2011)

Yes, I will attend on August 12- 17, 2011 The Original Divine Principle Seminar.

Yes, I will attend only on August 12- 14, 2011 because of un-avoidable circumstances, and I promise to take video lecture of ODP on different date to be arranged.

I'm very sorry I can't attend on the said Original Divine Principle Seminar, August 12- 17, because of un-avoidable circumstances.



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