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Change of Leadership

Edgar Nacorda
July 27, 2011

Dear PUCMJ Brothers and Sisters


I highly appreciate your tremendous effort for God's Providence especially this time of crisis. Indeed, many solicitations have been done from around the world due to our Filipino related members who either transcended to the Spirit World or have sickness.

However, I would like to report the fact that Tito Park ask me to recommend 3 persons from East Region to take over my leadership as Regional Leader. One among the 3 will be appointed by our Continental Director in his coming on to Japan this coming August 6, to become the Regional Leader and potential to become the National Leader to be appointed by the continental director. Since, it is not easy to find 3 people by myself, I would like to ask all the members in East Region to recommend 2 people aside from my recommendation. The deadline should be on August 3. Please send their names to my email or call or text.


1. Someone who has time and passion to serve the members.

2. Spiritually stable (loving and following True Parents Direction)

3. Regular in Giving Tithing no matter how small it is.

4. Active in Sunday Service and Hoon Dok Hae.

There were suggestions that an election can be done after the ODP seminar but some potential members may not be able to attend either completely or at all. I am leaving for the Philippines by the end of the month and I have to consider the Turn Over Ceremony most probably on the 3rd Sunday of August.

For the region of Mie Ken and Kyushu, actually Tito Park is not contemplating of having a change of leadership there, but considering that we made our constitution and bylaws on our own by my initiative through the Shizouka Convention, I would like to respect that proceedings of the convention at this time. Indeed, I regretted having called the convention for the following reasons;

1. The Convention did not constitute 50 plus 1 percent of the entire membership.

2. A member of the committee whom we trusted did not consider himself a member of the commando and no giving of Tithes at all.

3. The church HQ headed by late Rev. Jun Basuil expect us to function as one executive branch area of the Philippines to follow normal and local church protocol.

Nevertheless, if the members of Mie Region and Kyushu wish to have an election please notify me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Edgar U. Nacorda
National Executive Director 

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