The Words of the Otomo Family

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Second Generation Problems and Solutions (Yuji Otomo - August 15, 2010 pdf)

The Value of Our Blessed Children (Yuji Otomo - March 2011)

Mr. Yuji Otomo to Offer Counseling and Seminar at Bay Area Family Church (July 21, 2011)

The Identity of Those in Our Second Generation (Yuji Otomo - August 2011)

Completed Testament Pastoral Counseling (Yuji Otomo - September 19, 2011 pdf)

How Blessed Children Form and Develop Their Identity (Yuiji Otomo - December 2011)

Completed Testament Pastoral Counseling - How to solve the problems of our mind and emotions (Yuji Otomo - August 18, 2012 pdf)

Mr. Yuji Otomo: Foundation Day from the Viewpoint of Counseling (June 2, 2013 pdf)

June 2nd IFA Sunday Service -- Mr. Yuji Otomo (June 10, 2013)

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