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America's Destiny Tour One Family Under God - Hope - Harmony - Healing - Mrs. Jun Sook Kwak Moon

David Payer
May 28, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa

On Memorial Day, the 8th city program in Jun Sook Nim’s tour was the 3rd city in our beloved District 8, the Heartland District. The event was organized around a preprogram picnic accompanied by a string quartet, led by Joyce Payer, daughter of David and Naomi Payer. Families gathered outside the church with a celebratory feeling. The host church was the Family Church of Iowa in Des Moines. This evening, it was filled to capacity with over 100 guests and families. The musical prelude was composed mostly of 2nd Generation talent, including keyboard and an STF choir. Rev. Bob Mason, pastor of the Iowa Family Church, led the event as MC.

The invocation was given by Rev. Donald Bennett of Mount Hebron Baptist Church.

Next, Mr. David Payer gave a detailed presentation of the Ambassador for Peace movement and read a proclamation from Governor Chet Culver, proclaiming May 28th as "Path to Peace Day" in the state of Iowa. In addition, he read a greeting letter from Imam Ibrahim Dremali, leader of the Islamic Center of Iowa, representing 10,000 Muslims in central Iowa.

Welcoming remarks were given by ACLC Secretary General, Rev. Levy Daugherty, who lifted the house with stories of families, faith, and his incredible experiences on this tour with Jun Sook Nim. He testified of his first time meeting Reverend Moon, when he was asked if he believed in individual salvation. "When I answered yes, Father said ‘No, in this movement we believe in the salvation of your entire family. You must go back and bring your entire family."

Bishop Ki Hoon Kim addressed the group prior to the video presentation, saying, "I hope you have an awakening experience tonight. Many have sacrificed for the world. Let us do likewise in the same spirit."

Rev. Jessie Edwards was called upon to introduce the keynote speaker. He embraced and exemplified the theme of 'One Family Under God' by calling to the stage Imam Dremali's entire family along with Deng Tiir, a leader of the Sudanese community and expressed, "These are my family. This is my brother, this is my sister, this is my family." He shared intimately of his experiences receiving the Holy Spirit in mosques and synagogues. The crowd was deeply moved, and great shouting was heard.

Jun Sook Nim delivered the speech with a truly divine quality and sincerity, which moved the audience. Following her speech, the flower presentation was given by 2nd generation youths Lori Mason and Tomosu Menning. Women leaders came forward to sign the Women’s Peace Declaration. It was a moment that captured the audience.

Before the final song, Reverend Daugherty again excited the crowd and explained the divine inspiration behind the Family Church of Peace flags. Each guest had received a flag upon entering the program and Reverend Daugherty exhorted them to frame them, "Put them in your homes and churches. Become a Family of Peace."


Deng Tiir
Community Leader for Sudanese in Iowa
"I am very happy to listen to Mrs. Moon. It was a very fine meeting. God be with her to complete the work of God. In my country there are many problems between religious groups. It is not all people who are bad but a few who use violence. I really appreciate the message of 'One God and we are one family.'"

Former County Supervisor
"I thought your delivery and presentation was perfect. You cannot improve on it. There are speeches, and there are speeches. This one had deep content and I felt the spiritual connection with the speaker. This motivates me to go out and talk to people about God."

Baptist Elder, Des Moines, Iowa
"I truly enjoyed the message. I would like to hear it again. We need to see peace. I loved the message on the family and the call to unity of people."

Dr. Ibrahim Dremali
Immam and Director of the Islamic Center of Iowa
"May Allah bless you and your family. I will pray for you all the time.

Retired Pastor, Des Moines, Iowa
"It was a wonderful evening and the message was uplifting. It was where God wanted it to be. It was well done, a great evening and a great message on the family." Comments directed to Jun Sook Nim: "I felt the Holy Spirit in your words".

A guest from Waterloo
"I love Rev. Moon’s speeches. They always inspire me and move me to tears. Please give my thanks Jun Sook Moon for sharing with such heart."

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