The Words of the Pisano Family

Reflection from an Inter-Religious Cross-Cultural Blessing Participant

Manae Pisano Motoi
February 6, 2009
Vancouver, Washington USA

My name is Manae Pisano (19) and I was matched and then blessed to a wonderful brother from Tokyo, Japan by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, our True Parents, on January 31, 2009. Throughout my 19 years of life I have gone through a lot, and more and more I am realizing how much God has been guiding my life to lead up to this eternal moment. During the 5 days in New York I was riding an exhilarating roller coaster of emotions. Experiencing feelings from shock, fear, heavy doubts to excitement, determination, joy, laughter and the list goes on.

But what kept me stable and strong was the commitment and promise I made to God and True Parents of dedicating, for eternity, my heart and love to the very person True Parents chose for me and to whom I was blessed.

My deepest experience was realizing that True Parents are my parents and it is because of them I am alive - that my very essence is in existence.

It is because of them my parents are in love and truly happy, it is because of them I have a strong, crazy and wonderful family; it is because of them I have incredible and beautiful friendships, aunts and uncles and supporting community, it is because of them I have hope for a more beautiful and truer world. And therefore to receive the matching and blessing from God and True Parents is a deep honor as well as a giant responsibility to which I am tenaciously committed.

From my first impression of my spouse, H. Motoi (22), I have realized how opposite he is from me -- he is gentle, calm, quiet, sensitive and kind, whereas I am pretty blunt, assertive, impatient and, as some might say, a "power house." But God is so good to me, and I know we will both go through an incredible journey of growth together, bringing joy and true love to God, True Parents, humankind and especially to one another. I am EXCITED, I am SCARED, and I am COMMITTED. I believe whole heartedly that heaven is with me, God is right beside me, and True Parents truly love me.

I thank all my family and friends who have guided my life in incredible ways -- you are priceless. And last, but not least, I Thank You- True Parents for everything! 

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