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Remarkable Healings

Kerry Pobanz
September 2, 2007

Iím writing to share with you and many others an extraordinary book I have just finished reading entitled Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental Illness, by Dr. Shakuntala Modi, published by Hampton Roads Publishing company. (Order it on

This will be a long e-mail and the next paragraph is only to give you background and is not my main message.

Dr. Modi is a woman who first acquired all the conventional credentials and worked as a psychiatrist for 13 years utilizing conventional methodologies and therapies. Her success in treating patients in this way was fairly average, but she felt it to be ponderously slow and basically inefficient. She began to experiment with "edge" or alternative therapies like age-regression hypnotherapy. In doing this, she was confronted with hypnotized patients reporting apparently having lived past lives, and having experienced various traumas in these lives that seemed to be causing the debilitating symptoms and illnesses the patients were trying to cope with in their present lives. By addressing these past-life traumas apparently surfacing from some part of the patientís subconscious mind, Dr. Modi discovered that she could effect remarkable, almost total cures for her patients within very brief periods.

Dr. Modi avers that she does not know if these past lives reported by patients are real and that she herself has no belief in reincarnation, but she does believe that the therapy is very important because it yields extraordinary cures that have lasted many years for many patients.

As she continued to work with hypnotherapy, she discovered that her patients started spontaneously describing that other deceased people were living inside them, that is, that spirits of other people (e.g., relatives, ancestors, friends, strangers, etc.) were somehow indwelling them. And this became perhaps the major focus of Dr. Modiís work -- i.e., working with earthbound spirits who, for reasons of either obsessive affection or otherwise vengeful resentment and hatred, had become trapped/embedded within the patientís body, -- and, further into this research, working with "demon" spirits who explained (through the patient) that they existed under the direct thrall of Satan and were assigned to carry out Satanís bidding, both directly and via other earthbound spirits, to make each patient as miserable as possible.

The patient descriptions of these indwelling earthbound and demonic spirits is, unprecedentedly, EXACTLY THE SAME AS THOSE GIVEN BY DAEMONIM!!! Yet, Dr. Modi has no knowledge of Daemonimís work, has never seen these earthbound spirits herself, and explains that she does not know if they are real entities or not -- she knows only that, by practicing what she calls "spirit releasement therapy," to liberate both the patient as well as the occupying earthbound and demonic spirits, she has been able to effect miraculous and, in most cases, long-lasting cures for hundreds of her patients over the past 11 years. (She has been a psychiatrist for 25 years.)

Consider the following 2 paragraphs from p. 196 of her book:

"My patients describe having from one to as many as ten or even more -- sometimes even hundreds -- of earthbound entities in different parts of their bodies. One patient, as he looked inside himself, described seeing hundreds of human spirits. It looked like a "beehive" to him. Even when I work with so-called normal people, almost all of them find one or more human spirits inside them, even though they did not have any obvious physical or emotional problems."
"Sometimes patients describe that both earthbound and demon entities are arranged in many, many layers in their bodies. When we release the first layer of entities, the patients feel clear and free of their original symptoms, but during the next session they report another layer of entities coming to the surface along with their physical and emotional symptoms. In these cases, it seems as if the patients have new entities coming in from outside, sometimes possible if the patientís shield is not strong enough for some reason. But in these cases of layering, the entities are already there, buried under each other. Some patients describe having many areas of such layering in different parts of their bodies, depending on the bodyís weaknesses."

What is further fascinating here is that Dr. Modiís patients describe, as the therapy progresses, that the liberation of the earthbound spirits is not that of being "cast out" into some nether darkness, but one where angels are summoned who escort these spirits out of the patientís body away into higher realms of the spirit world where they can undergo healing.

What I have shared here about Dr. Modiís work is a very miniscule part of what her 600-page book covers, which includes dozens of demonstrative case histories. There are revelations for Unificationists on every page; it is a truly mind-blowing book and has significantly transformed my own personal outlook and understanding of spiritual reality.

Whereas, before, I was somewhat dubious regarding Daemonimís description of spiritsí infestation of human bodies, I have now come to believe that she is correct about all of this, and that her descriptions actually constitute a providential revelation, accruing to us through the merit of the age, of the spiritual reality of earthbound spirits and the necessity (and even perhaps the methodology) of their liberation.

Dr. Modiís book is an absolute "must read" for Unificationists. God has given us this corroborating resource to help all of us move forward in our providential outreach on behalf of True Parents and the Divine Principle.


Kerry Pobanz

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