The Words of the Roomet Family

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Invitation to Ascended Families Retreat (Celia Roomet - May 2, 2009)

Stand Up for Your Right to Religious Freedom and in the Process, Create the Most Successful Chapter in CARP's History (V. Roomet - June 2010)

How to Network (V. Roomet - October 2010)

How to Not Burn-Out at School (V. Roomet - June 2011)

How To Make The Most You're Your College Experience -- Advice From Those Who've Been There (V. Roomet - August 2011)

CARP: An Organic Development -- Interview with V. Roomet (Kim Landers - October 2011)

Get Connected To CARP (V. Roomet - December 2011)

CARP -- Our Vision (V. Roomet - December 2011)

CARP’s First Woman President, V. Roomet, Looks Forward To Supporting Unificationist College Students (Ariana Moon - December 15, 2011 pdf)

CARP Scholarship Winners of 2011! (V. Roomet - January 6, 2012 pdf)

In Honor of MLK Day: A Little How To (V. Roomet - January 16, 2012)

Unificationist Youth Leaders Urged to Learn from Generation Peace Academy (Ariana Moon and V. Roomet - February 1, 2012 pdf)

Unificationists and Friends Challenge Faith Breaking in Japan at Pace University - V. Roomet (Yoshie Manaka - March 21, 2012 pdf)

CARP “Refresh” Handles Hot Topics - V. Roomet (Yoshie Manaka - June 29, 2012 pdf)

CARP President V. Roomet Resigns (Krista Moon - April 18, 2013 pdf)

Blessing Groups (Celia Roomet - August 15, 2014)

Letter to my FFWPU National Council representative re: the whistleblower report (Celia Roomet - November 21, 2017 pdf)

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