The Words of the Rozier Family

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The 5th Annual North Carolina ACLC Banquet (Welborn Kent Rozier - December 18, 2006)

God's Day 2007 in North Carolina (Welborn K. Rozie - January 1, 2007)

There are Three Questions - We Must Search for Answers (Welborn K Rozier - June 14, 2014 pdf)

In Memory of Welborn Rozier (1948 - 2015) (Crescentia DeGoede - July 6, 2015 pdf)

Passing of our Beloved Brother, Welborn Kent Rozier (Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - July 7, 2015 pdf)

Short biography of Welborn Kent Rozier (Klaus Shick - July 8, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Virginia: Enterprising Women of Faith Birthing a Heavenly World Together, History Must Tell HerStory (Theresa Rozier and Ayano Ishii - Adrien - March 25, 2023 pdf)

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