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The Notice Of The 30th 43 Days Special Workshop In Jardim, Brazil

Myung Gi Shin
October 6, 2007

We would like to inform you of the restart of the 43-day workshop in Jardim, Brazil. The 30th workshop will start on December 20th, 2007.

The 43 days special workshop for the world peace and ideal family which was held since 1998 got restarted in July, 2007.

The 30th 43days special workshop for world peace and ideal family;

Location: New Hope Farm, Jardim-MS Brazil (the nearest airport is Campo Grande). It takes three hours from airport to the Farm by car.

Date; December 20th, 2007 ~ January 31st, 2008

Participants; all blessed families

Workshop fee; US$1200 for each adult, US$600 for a child under 12 years old, inclusive of tour to the Holy Ground except for Nabilique.

Content; Hoon Dok Hae, service activity, fishing, tour to the Holy Ground

Materials; Divine Principal, Heavenly Holy Bible, Peace Message 1~15, Dr. Sung Heung Book I, and Holy Song book

Principally all family participates.

If you want to participate with this workshop, please contact us with e-mail

Office of Jardim workshop

The President of the Education Center for the World Peace, Unification and Ideal Family
Rev. Myung Gi Shin

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