The Words of the Shin Family

Thoughts about the Hyun Jin Moon's Kenya Unification Church International Report

Shin Dong Mo
March 10, 2010
South America Continental Director

Dear Latin America all leaders and members

Warmest greeting from Latin America Headquarters!

This is Continental leader, Rev. Shin's letter.


In these days, some events which are not according to a direction of True Parents are held in a True Child's name in Kenya, Africa. There are some events which are different from True Parents' will centering on Paraguay, South America too, justifying themselves in some way, and True Parents are worrying so much for them. I would like to ask for South American leaders and central members to understand this situation clearly, and to dedicate yourselves in order for True Family to realize unity and absolute obedience centering on True Parents.

From Korea,

Latin America Continental leader
Shin Dong Mo

Thank you.

FFWFU Latin America

Title: Mask

Thoughts about the Kenya UIC Report

Some time ago I read the report on the event held in Kenya. In outward appearances, it is something to be congratulated. Moreover, unlike before, True Parents' words given about Africa were quoted. I wondered why this was the case. I pondered upon the reason it had been included in the e-mail that was to be read by the members and leaders.

I believe they were trying to emphasize and lay stress that Hyun Jin Nim was following the conviction, intention and will of True Father and that he was working hard, night and day, for True Father and to glorify True Parents and the Unification movement.

Perhaps those who did not know the background story would have thought thus, when they saw the colorful pictures and the words of True Parents and the enthusiastic work of Hyun Jin Nim.

However, I thought about that moment.

True Parents talk about the providence, and they are the owners of the providence. No one can take the place of the providence of True Parents, because, even if such a person were to use the word 'providence', that would not be the true providence. He talks about the providence in innumerable plausible words. He argues that this is truly for True Parents. He even quotes their words.

However, even as I read these words, a story crossed my mind like pictures in a kaleidoscope.

That son has rejected and ignored the words of Father right in front of him, and I believe he is continuing to hurt Father's heart even now.

He wasn't there at the historical Coronation Ceremony of the Authority of the Liberation of God, the King of Kings performed by True Parents on January 15th last. In fact, he had been in Korea, but he hurt Father's heart and disappeared in spite of his ardent appeals. Father's historical event lost its color. The one who left must have had a reason for leaving, and may have excuses to give. But no matter how many words are spoken, they could not give a reason for hurting the heart of Father, the True Parent.

Afterwards, Father performed the ceremony twice more -- in Korea and in the US. This was unprecedented. The next day, continental directors, core leaders, and the True Children were gathered at East Garden under urgent instructions from True Parents. However, Hyun Jin Nim couldn't be seen there. He again refused to come to the urgent meeting. Perhaps he would have found the sight of his younger brother walking down wearing a crown an offensive to the eye. This is just my thinking.

After that, True Father gave him the two following instructions. However, he refused both, or rather, tried to use that opportunity to serve another purpose.

Hyun Jin Nim and his Father-in-law's entire family were to come forward and proclaim the victory of the coronation ceremony in 194 nations, and hold the Parent UN General Assembly. This instruction was given on February 1st 2008 [2009?] on the second floor of East Garden.

However, this tour had so many complications and in the end it was canceled. Instead of following the instruction to tour from nation to nation in different continents, the schedule was set up in such an extraordinary way that, of the 30-some nations, only two nations were chosen wherein the event was to be held on several occasions in the course of a two-week stay. I could not understand, because, even though he had talked about True Parents so many times, not once had I seen him obey and follow the instructions of True Parents.

There was another big event in Cheon Jeong Won in March, in the spring of last year. Even under such circumstances, Father did not turn him out. Father instructed two things.

One was for him to step down from all official titles for a year. And Father also instructed him to stay by Father's side for a year. But the son was not there. He left. And he made the heart of Father burn up in anguish, and throughout the year he stayed far away from Father's heart.

Since then, he has appeared here and there in his attempts to hold the Global Peace Festival (GPF) meetings, which True Parents instructed should not be held. The event in Kenya is a part of these activities.

Rumor has it that he will be coming to Paraguay in South America in March.

It is truly insufferable.

He advertizes as if he is following the words and will of Father absolutely.

But no matter how plausible his embroidery may sound, it couldn't be believed any more.

After the autobiography party held in June of last year, Father dismissed his son from the office of Unification Church International (UCI) World President, and instead had that position filled by a leader who was in charge of the US. Church officials visited him and conveyed the instructions of True Parents. However, he refused. He disobeyed the words of Father, refused to follow them, and instead removed the names of two leaders very close to True Parents from the Board of Directors. True Parents were very angry when they came to East Garden.

This was because something that could never happen in the history of the Unification Church had occurred.

Father gathered Church members in East Garden and said that he was the owner of the Washington Times, not his son. He also said that he will choose the directors and actually cast lots, thus expressing his resolution. However, they trampled on the will and heart of True Parents using the worldly law as their weapon. And they protested that there were no legal problems, and that they were trying to protect and observe the legacy of True Parents.

I was on the scene, and it really broke my heart. Afterwards, Father commanded time and again that the dismissed directors of Unification Church International (UCI) should be reinstated. However, his son disobeyed.

He ignores the judgments of Father and protests that his judgments are more just.

The people who are reading this will also be unsure about how he sees Father.

They have made True Mother, who is the other half of Father and the leader of the Mission Foundation for Family Federation, into a debtor. Someone said to me, "Surely not, how could the son do that to his mother!"

At first, I too was half in doubt. However, I discovered that it was the reality. Such people are quoting the words of True Father and doing things that True Parents instructed should not be done, and are continuing to work in disobedience despite the fact that they were told to change the name to GPHA.

My heart aches, knowing how serious is the sin of disobedience. How much does Satan like the disobedience of the True Children?

However, the masks are coming off one after another, because you cannot block out the sky with your hand.

They have dared to sue True Mother. I tremble at this truly, truly unimaginable thing. Perhaps they will find it offensive that I have included this picture in this report, but the words of the law have left our hands now, and are currently being processed under the name of a law firm in Korea.

Since then, they have sued Rev. Dong Moon Joo, which fact was covered as a headline article by the American Press and newspapers for Korean residents in the US. I was truly embarrassed. It was almost as if they had appealed to the worldly law about the issues of the heavenly family, the True Family.

They have sued Mother, they are completely disobeying the words of Father, and they are constantly talking about the shortcomings of their brothers and sisters. Now, the term 'One Family' that they are talking about seems only a disgrace. Whenever one disapproves of what they are doing, they immediately pour out criticisms against their brothers and sisters.

Of course, we may have many things to say in regard to the other brothers and sisters. Be that as it may, no one will be able to believe their actions when they are trying to attenuate the disobedience of the son against his father by sacrificing his brothers and sisters. Our members are wise and spiritually sensitive. I believe this.

The Greeks are said to have observed their laws before their God and their parents. If they were ever insolent, insubordinate or disrespectful to one of the three, then they were not regarded as citizens. I have my doubts as to whether they can still be called Unificationists and blessed families. They are a disgrace to the terms absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

The words of True Parents come to my mind. I wonder if he, who is disobeying True Parents and yet deluding himself that he is doing great work for them, know what a precious condition filial piety is. He has ripped his parents' heart into a million pieces and is yet traveling around and saying that he will hold the Global Peace Festival (GPF).

The historical ninetieth birthday of True Father was celebrated recently.

I hoped against hope that he might come, but I was ashamed of myself for doubting that he would.

I came to learn that he had gone to Kenya on his parents' birthday, more specifically the ninetieth birthday of his father, to host the GPF, which True Parents had instructed him not to do.

It is truly a great shock. And he is spreading the word everywhere to boast of it. How could he possibly do so?

The following words given by True Parents in Cheon Seong Gyeong come to mind, and invite me to read them more fervently.

Children of filial piety should not leave their parents, even if a century or a millennium should pass. You should say, "I want us to be together!" If you are not people who move the hearts of your parents so that they say, "If possible, we would like to stay with you forever!" then you are not children of filial piety. Parental love is such that no matter how bad the children are, the parents think of being with them. This is why it is called true love. What about impious children? They dislike being with their parents. We find stories of such people in the Bible. Some did not want to be with their own brothers. They wanted to do and live as they pleased. What kind of seed is this? It is the seed of the unfilial.
(True Father's Speech Book 147-292, from Life of True Filial Piety, Cheon Seong Gyeong)

He left Father's side, even though he was told to stay. Leaving behind True Parents, who were making haste to come to East Garden and see the fourth generation, he left the side of True Parents taking their days-old great-grandson with him. I am not trying to determine who did right or wrong. The son who left thus was not there in the last True God's Day celebrations. Neither was he there at the True God's Day celebrations by lunar calendar. He wasn't there at the Blessing Ceremony. He did not appear on the historical True Parents' birthday, which was celebrated with the proclamation of the heavenly calendar. People whispered among themselves, wondering where he was. A bishop from South America said that he would go to them and persuade them. Frankly, I was uncomfortable.

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother -- which is the first commandment with a promise -- that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth."
(Ephesians 6:1)

The duty of a child is to obey. Filial duty and piety involves obeying the parents except when they are engaged in evil or crime. What is obedience? It is to do as you are told. It is to follow what you are told to do. Obedience is receiving orders and executing them word for word.

I am reminded of the story of the famous missionary named Fenwick who carried out his mission work in the Wonsan region and the Korean man named Chi Gyu Jeon. One day, missionary Fenwick gave a radish each to his followers and told them to plant the radishes upside down in the field.

The followers, however, followed their own volition and planted the radishes the right side up. Only the follower named Chi Gyu Jeon planted his upside down. Fenwick accepted only Chi Gyu Jeon as his partner and worked together with him during his lifetime, translating the Bible and carrying out mission work together. He must have regarded obedience as being very important.

The son is saying, even showing tears, that he is working for the great hope of True Parents and the Will of God, and walking the path centered upon him.

This is also true of the report on Kenya.

From a distance, we might be excited and delighted by the splendid pictures in the Kenya report, but frankly I feel ill at ease.

To begin with, he went there to discuss about the hosting of GPF, which his father had told him not to do, putting behind him his father's ardent waiting. There are rumors that some people went to his camp after receiving five to ten times the salary they received from the Church. I hope those rumors are not true. It seems as if the Church is being divided because of the work being carried out by the son in rejection of Father's instructions, though he says he is following his father's will. I hope they will not be called dissolutionists.

I am also reminded of Ambassador for Peace Odinga, who avoided a civil war by giving up his authority and showing compassion according to the teachings of True Parents. The presidential election was held on December 27th 2007, and when about 90 percent of the votes were counted, it was found that the candidate Odinga, who was a candidate of the opposition party and our close friend as an ambassador for peace, had pulled ahead of the current president, Mwai Kibaki, by 40,000 votes from a neck-and-neck competition. At that time, the election administration commission stopped the counting of votes and a bloody struggle arose. Later, it was publicized that Kibaki had been elected, but no one believed it and the nation was on the verge of a civil war.

It was then that candidate Odinga boldly stopped the violence and sued for peace, thus overturning the situation at once, and gave up his presidency. What is truly amazing is that he testified that his decision was based on the teachings of True Parents, and he had made the decision as an ambassador for peace. He was the pride of True Parents. I wonder what he must be thinking now.

And now I hear that the son is going to host the GPF with this president, who is the biggest political opponent of candidate Odinga, a close friend of True Parents and our movement, and who is known for having carried out a slaughter. I wonder what Odinga, who has always esteemed True Parents, will think about the fact that the son of Rev. Moon is working together with his greatest political opponent. I am even afraid of what he might do, considering he still holds about half of the political power of Kenya.

Odinga was invited to the Global Peace Conference (GPC) held in the Philippines, but his wife dreamt that he should not go while she was praying, and so he didn't go there. I believe she received a revelation from True Parents.

I don't know how devastated Odinga must be feeling right now.

Even as I read the impressive report expressing delight at having met with the current president, and also the words of True Father mentioned at the beginning of the report, my heart was heavy. I think he is wearing a beautiful mask.

Some time ago, I also had mixed feelings about the report on the election of Ambassador for Peace Chinchilla as president of Costa Rica. I thought it was interesting to see that the report came from the son's camp rather than the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) headquarters.

I'd like to say out loud:

"Please rid yourself of the mask of excuses and beautiful words."

And please come back to True Parents as quickly as you can.

I am writing this because I think my heart will be appeased somewhat through these words of woe.

I have heard that Hyun Jin Nim will be visiting Paraguay in March against the wishes of Father.

I am praying now before making the most important decision of my life. I resolve time and time again that the forces going against the commands of True Parents should not be allowed to carry out their activities and exercise their authority in the land of South America.

I pray that the wisest solution will come to me.

And I hope and pray that he will shake everything off and come back to True Parents with the precious fourth generation child. Even now I can hear from afar their protesting with red faces that they have never left True Parents and that the son has never been unfilial to them. However, it is my hope that, across their protests the bright light of the truth will cut through all demonstrations of impiety and that only waves of the great love of True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind working as the substantial God will roll in.

And I hope and pray that the meeting will be arranged with the son, which I have requested innumerable times since last August, excluding the thoughts of those around him. I hope you will not meet with people who are only there to compliment you. I would like to meet him, even though he may say he could not meet someone like me who writes such words about him. Even if I am sworn at many times at the meeting, I would still like to meet him. This is because I really love that son, and because I love True Parents, the substantial God, who are hoping and praying that their son will come back to their embrace with their great-grandson.

From a corner of Seoul

During the 40-day workshop, upon seeing the Kenya report spread here and there and learning that an event is planning to be held in Paraguay in March…

PS: If there is any wrong information in this text, please inform me. Thank you.

Written by Dong Mo Shin 

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