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Report on the Brazil Sao Paulo Church Headquarters General Assembly

Dong Mo Shin
June 12, 2010

Notes: Vice National Leader Sasaki Koichi and Latin America Continental Director Dong Mo Shin

The Brazilian Church National Assembly was held on the fifth floor of the church headquarters, at 10 a.m. on June 12, 2010, after the 48th Day of All True Things pledge service had been held at 8 a.m. in the same location.

The general assembly, which was held until 1 p.m., was a continuation of reports, decisions, resolutions and determinations centering on True Parents. The national leader, headquarters leaders, provincial leaders who had come from around the country, the regional leader from Jardim, missionaries, project leaders, and other leaders -- almost all church leaders -- gathered -- a total of 64. The two board members who had been dismissed (Maurício Baldini and Waldimir Cipriani) attended neither the Holy Day event nor the general assembly.

The general assembly had actually been called by UCI [Unification Church International]. [Someone on the UCI staff] sent an unsigned letter, saying that the general assembly is canceled. The UCI people did not attend the general assembly, realizing that the state of things was unfavorable to them. But because there was no official proof [that the general assembly was canceled], the general assembly was held with the subject and content that had been announced previously.

They are persistently trying to replace the national leader. That is because it will not be easy for them to realistically fulfill anything they are trying to fulfill without his signature. From the beginning until now, they have been incessantly trying to replace the national leader with someone from their side.

The central content was the theme set forth by the board directors from UCI: whether to fire current national leader Simao and vice national leader Carlos, and a second additional motion: to recognize True Parents' firing of the five board members, and decide whether the articles of association of FFWPU must be amended at the next general assembly, since the articles of association are the fundamental cause that allowed UCI and others to enter the board.

The result of the meeting vote on the first topic was a denial of the claims made by UCI, and a unanimous vote to recognize the current national leader and vice national leader to continue their roles. The result on the second topic was also unanimous -- to amend the unjust articles of association that allowed abuse of authority by the board of directors in a way that was unrelated to the Providence in Brazil. Moreover, it was recognized that a final decision would be made on this issue at the next general assembly. All the participants signed a written resolution.

Therefore, it was clearly shown through this general assembly that UCI's proposal to replace the national leader was groundless. Also, this was a chance to accurately perceive how much the national leader, vice national leaders, all headquarters leaders, regional leaders, and other church leaders, as well as heads of organizations and businesses did not recognize UCI's conduct. It was decided that the next general assembly will be held at the church headquarters building on Saturday, June 26.

After the official meeting was over, the national leader and other leaders testified about difficulties they had experienced and shared their hearts. After that, everyone prayed to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity and the three-hour-long general assembly concluded.

One thing that is worthy to pay attention to is that members, headquarters leaders, regional leaders, other church leaders and missionaries were able to become completely united. For example, Rev. Inowan of the Santo Amaro Church, which is located in an area where many members live, has been very capable at mobilizing members. He not only actively invited In Jin Nim to come and speak in Brazil, but also to attend the general assembly. Also, after this general assembly, he made a special invitation to Sejal (sp?), an elder member, and to other leaders who actively uphold True Parents' will, to give sermons at the Santo Amaro Church. Through this, the tradition centered on True Parents was clearly upheld in the Sao Paulo Headquarters Church and the Santo Amaro Church, which has the greatest membership population. As a result, not only the two main churches in Sao Paulo, but also the two church regions in the Jardim area, and in all regions around the country, a pledge and resolution was made in accordance with the tradition centering on True Parents.

All General Assembly members are united with True Parents and are deeply grateful for their love as expressed by Rev. In Jin Moon on her courageous and historic visit to Brazil. Thank you True Parents and thank you In Jin nim for representing our True Parents with so much love and understanding.

The leaders are preparing their hearts and making determinations for the general assembly which will be held on June 26. They will also be convincing members about the result of the assembly, to which they all signed. The legal team will create article(s) of association so that this kind of unprincipled behavior will never be repeated in Brazil. Also, we are offering devotion so that the UCI leader in charge of the Jardim project was replaced with someone who will sincerely try to better Jardim. We will solve this issue by remaining in close contact with the lawyers of the church and Mission Foundation.

Please offer prayer and devotion for the sake of a special new beginning on the 26th. 

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