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Infighting for control of Moonies -- Interview with Dong Mo Shin

October 23, 2010

Rev. Shin Dong-Mo, the Moon organization

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Land Of Married Would Not Be Under Control Of Korean Religious Leader

"The Reverend Sun Myung Moon disavows his third son, Hyun Jin Moon, to represent him in any activity, including organized conference yesterday with former presidents of South America in the Excelsior hotel," he said yesterday in a visit to the Rev. ABC Shin Dong-Mo, who identified himself as head of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Universal Peace Federation.

"I am the director for Latin America appointed directly by the Reverend Moon, and people who are managing land Mr. Thomas Field (U.S.) and Mr. Lorenzo Weigle (manager), I am not being informed. They are taking things in a manner contrary to the will of the Reverend Moon," said Shin Dong-Mo.

Revealed that there is a divorce between the matrix and a dissident group led by the third son [Hyun Jin Moon] (supposedly rebel) by Moon, who was until yesterday in Asuncion for the conference event Global Peace Festival, which took place in the downtown hotel.


Moon's third son, Hyun Jin Moon according to Shin Dong-Mo, appropriated a portion of the assets of his father, unhappy with his brother, the seventh son, Hyung Jin Moon (the difference in name is the "g"), a who the religious leader (90 years) would have chosen to lead the organization.

Shin, who is based in São Paulo, said the sect leader told on July fifth the Korean press that the Church "has only one center, one head and that his successor is his younger son, the seventh , and outside it are heretics and destroyers."

In violence

"That said, since 30 June, the third son and his bodyguards stormed violently in the midst of a religious service which I presided in São Paulo. He wanted to take control of the Church of São Paulo for the board will authorize transfers of our properties in Mato Grosso," he said.

"In early 2009, Reverend Moon has already issued a document made it clear that the third son had resigned from any official position for any activity," he added.

He said that as the son of Moon, the strategy of the sect is trying to persuade him, but if he continues his rebellion will be presented legal claims to avoid further hurting the Unification Church.

The third son is the one who organized the conference at the Excelsior with the recruitment of panelists from the likes of Lacalle Herrera and Jorge Quiroga of Bolivia.

"Reverend Moon two years ago said he disapproved of these international conferences are known by the name of Global Peace Festival," said Shin.

"The festival organized by the third son have nothing to do with the desire of the Rev. Moon and the Universal Peace Federation. I have an official statement of the Federation where it is recommended to contact the group does not participate," he said.

As the American and Paraguayan Pesoa Field handlers Victoria SA, said they are acting "as if they owned the company, under instruction from third son."

"They act outside the will of the Reverend Moon. Use funds without authorization of the father," he reiterated.

It is jealousy among children, members allege

The president of the Global Peace Foundation, Thomas Field, responded yesterday to allegations made by the regional director for Latin American Federation for World Peace, Shin Dong-Mo. The defendant, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, could not do because, aides said, just talk to the press scheduled twice a year.

Field said first that the Global Peace Festival is legally established in the country and has nothing to do with the church founded by Reverend Moon.

He requested a clear distinction between the church and other group undertakings.

On the complaint of attempted possession of acquired land in Puerto Casado, Field said that everything is in order and that any legal claim you want to do about it should provide the documentation and related litigation in the courtroom.

Questioned the allegations "because a minister who speaks and has very little credibility," he said.

Asked if there is any crisis in the dome of the church, Field said that each child is working in their respective areas and there jealousy between them, so that certain problems arise. He insisted that the third son, the elder (are 13 children), visited Paraguay since 2008 and is working on the real purpose of his father to form an inclusive organization, without sectarianism and racial or religious preferences. 

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