The Words of the Shin Family

A Girl Student Bobs Hair as the Token of Admission to the Unification Church

Tong Wha Shin
December 14, 1969

Tong Wha Shin

Recently in Seoul church, a young girl student, named Tong Wha Shin 19 years old, sophomore, The department of Korean Literature, Sook Myung Women's University bob her hair by herself, on the night of December 8, 1969 and appeared in church on December 14th, as a token of becoming a member of HSA-UWC.

She has been under the guidance of Mr. Sohn Dae Oh, former chairman of Korean Collegiate Association for Research of Principles since admission to the organization early 1969.

Asked the motive to bob her hair, she denoted as follows "I have two reasons to have done so, one reason is to show the boldness to my parents who are too anxious about their daughter and the other is to sublimate toward the natural, high dimensional world from the frail position of female." 

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