The Words of the Sisserson Family

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"High School of the Pacific" a UTS student's Summer Sojourn (Margaret Sisserson - October 2008)

Teaching Character Education at Palau High School (Tim and Margaret Sisserson - April 29, 2011)

Abstinence Education on Palau (Margaret Sisserson - February 10, 2012)

Workshops in Palau (Margaret Sisserson - February 13, 2004 pdf)

Foundation Day and Cosmic Blessing 2014 in Palau (Margaret Sisserson - February 20, 2014 pdf)

Update on the Sisserson's and our support for the nation of Palau (Tim and Margaret Sisserson - September 9, 2015 pdf)

Charlotte NC's Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony not stopped by Hurricane Irma (Margaret Sisserson - September 10, 2017 pdf)

Charlotte, NC Family Church celebrated Chil Il Jeol and Chil Pal Jeol (Margaret Sisserson - August 12, 2018 pdf)

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