The Words of the Uraguchi Family

Report: Hiroshima GPF Mobilization

Febbie Cabiles Uraguchi
August 26, 2008

Activities in Relation to GPF Hiroshima on Oct. 5

1. Akitsu mini GPF Orientation Seminar last Aug. 17, 2008 there were 17 participants attended and they promised to attend Oct. 5 GPF in Hiroshima

2. Weekly meeting together with GPF-J Hiroshima coordinator and International family adviser.

3. Fund Raising Activity " Ohayo gozaimasu Yorushiru Onegaishimasu" this is in the church during the Sunday service I made the donation box and approach one by one those who are attending the Sunday service with our mini GPF picture exhibit while holding my donation box.

4. September 7, "Cake Fair" my American partner will bake cakes and we will put on the ground floor of the church to sell as our fundraising.

5. The whole month of September will be the GPF awareness month so every Sunday of this month we will put up Exhibit on Global Peace Festival at the ground floor of the church. Pictures of our past mini GPF, FJMGP flyers, brochures from internet to be printed and other materials and banner will be used as an exhibit. The purpose of this exhibit is for all members in Hiroshima church be aware of the Activity in Hiroshima GPF on October 5, 2008 so that all members no matter what nationalities are; Our heart, spirit and mind will be united into one centering on the event on Oct.5. Through this we can invite and challenge the spirit world to cooperate for the success of the event both international and Japanese spirit will be involved.

6. Another mini GPF on Sept. 21 will be held in the combined towns of Akitsu and Yasuura. The GPF-J Hiroshima coordinator will join us on this day.

7. Now we are checking out other towns where we can held another mini GPF. One of our goals is to conduct mini GPFs in all towns of Hiroshima continuously even after Nov. 15 to organized FJMGP in each towns of Hiroshima. 

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