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FilJap-Minami Kysuhu Conducts Summer Camp

Adlemo Villareal
August 31, 2007

Dear True Families and Friends,

I'm happy to share to all of you about our first summer camp activity for the International 2nd Generation in Minami Kyushu.

To organize an activity like this ones really have a lot of challenges to tackle. It wasn't easy task as I have been experienced from the past activity that we had, because of individual's situation and respective schedule. I feel the necessity of having this kind of activity for our children to mingle with other 2nd generations. That is why even though it seems difficult to organize I've tried to initiate it.

First I started to share this idea to my wife but she is wondering if it is possible because usually during this season, families are visiting their loved ones. I made my initial survey to other couples. But I've got very cold responses. Telling me different personal reasons, like, they have other  things scheduled that are already set up. Other said, they have to go to their parent's house, as it is a usual tradition for Japanese. Some gave me discouraging reasons, like, some Japanese tradition on the observance of Obong season, that they are usually don't go to the sea for swimming and not even in the pool.

Just listening such things like these... isn't a good sign but I wasn't discouraged and instead I asked other Japanese to get their views on the matter. I think to ask some Japanese teachers would be a reliable source to give me lights on this discussion. That's what I did and I have learned that in this time almost the old generations are still keeping this tradition.

To this point I started to think how could I relate this ambition to other couples. I'm thinking the best approach and in what way how could I get them on the same boat. I remember our dear brother Dr Allan Cadano of Nagano Ken, thinking of his vast experience and expertise in giving advice. I have consulted him this matter to gain more knowledge on how this dream of mine be successful. I'm really thankful for his humble heart because despite of his busy time on preparing for his retreat, he was able to give me some advices that has been effectively proven on this recent summer camp.

The next person whom I consulted was our very own brother Ernie Lina. His wife is Megumi. They have already three children and at present her wife is on her pregnancy period for their 4th child. When I talk with Ernie about this matter, he's not so serious in his response. Jokingly he responded that "P'wede kaya e siguradong mag uuwian ang lahat sa kanikanilang pamilya".( Is it possible, since we knows every couples might be visiting their parents family too). But he added let's try Gambatte Kuya Dell!!!

The next person I talked was our genki sister Lalaine Imamura. Her husband is Shinichi. They have already five children, four girls and one boy. I've got a very warm response from her. She asked me immediately "kailan kuya?Saan gaganapin? OK kami diyan.

Then I also talked our brother Dino Fabro. His wife is Momoyo. They have already four children, one girl and three boys. Dino is really very unpredictable, he tells me OK kuya but 50% we could make it and 50% we might go to Nishimera, their parents house.

Then I send letter to sister Addie Kukita. They have only one daughter. Addie doesn't give her response directly to me instead she talked to Lalaine that she isn't interested to join. I tried to reach her to their phone but only her husband was able to talk with me.

Then I met sister Gek Lee Inoue, and discussed with her about the plan. She was very positive of joining, just waiting for further announcement for the meeting on the details of activity.

This was the first round of our planning. I don't see yet any clear possibilities that our plan would become possible to everyone. I'm thinking that I need to meet them all in one place to discuss about the importance of planning and our teamwork to make it up. I invited them one Sunday to gather in the church for the meeting. I thank all of them who attended the meeting.

On the meeting, I emphasize the vision and our purpose why we're going to have this activity. Since the time for preparation is very short I requested to every family that we should feel everyone has the role to do. We need to divide all the responsibilities for each family. It was scheduled on the 11th and 12th of August and the venue is in Takasaki Camp Jo.

The day after our meeting, early in the morning my wife got a call from Lalaine, informing us that they have to cancel because they forget to remember that they have Matsuri Festival for their children on that day. The following day comes and Dino is also informing us that they can't join too because they were asked to go to their hometown by their parents. Addie also confirms to Lalaine that her family can't join because she will be preparing for Chekoslovakia mission.

As I heard these things from them, I told to myself, my heart is in test. I talked to my wife and she told me "zannen deshita ne". I paused for a moment. I think I have to suggest another option for them and that is to change the date of schedule. Perhaps they feel how much seriously am I in working for this cause, they agreed with me to move the date of schedule. Now another problem arises because we have to cancel the previous reservation and has to find another one. Luckily, Imamura San helps us to surf in the net and he found this Kodomomura Retreat House. So almost everything is going fine with us after we got the reservation.

As the schedule draw closer, we tried to invite other UC members. But they have already plans so no one can accept our invite. Then we go a little bit farther to Kagoshima for sending our invitation to the family of Rose Ninomiya and to the family of Willy Mendoza. We are really very happy to these families because they have no other response but only YES! I could remember what was Rose told me; please keep in touch for the details Kuya for we can adjust everything including our "bulsa".

Meanwhile, when Willy made a phone call to me he asked me "ano bang dadalhin namin?" I'm thinking to invite also Sherryl family on the same day but our fax machine was suddenly broke down yet we cannot send fax anymore. What a coincidence! Sherryl have phone to Dino and she got the info from Dino. When Sherryl phoned to me I told her that I actually planning to call her but she already knows it because of Dino.

I'm so happy to know that they have chosen to come here. It was a great reunion for all of us, who where far apart for several years. I am really thankful for these families. I know we have our limitations in accommodating them in our place but because of our training from our True Parents, everything goes fine with them during their stay.

I hope despite of our shortcomings and luck of sense on how to attend our dear brothers and sisters, who were visited our place, may they still have the desire to visit us again. Your attendance and participation was very much appreciated. Thank you very much!. We're proud of you!!!

On behalf of brother Willy Mendoza, I apologized that they weren't able to attend to our first Summer Activity. Chances doesn't favor with them by this time. I know their deep desire to come down to Miyazaki but his job doesn't permit. Hoping to see them on the future event that we might be having for.

Sherryl and family arrived on August 12th night. Then the next day at around 8:30 in the morning I took them to Sun Beach for swimming until 12:00 noon. Then right after from beach we dropped by to a park near at Lalaine house for our lunch, that was prepared by Nakada San and my wife.

Together with Imamura San's family, Dino San's family we traveled in a group to the site. The family of Inoue San, Ernie San, Kukita San and Ninomiya San went there earlier than us.

The check-in begins at 3:00 p.m. Imamura San and I went to the office for registration. That was our first time experience and that's why we met many hassles that we don't anticipate to happen. Actually, we have found this camp site in the net thru Imamura San Their ads on the net is different in the actual because they are charging us 1000 Yen for children below 3 years old.

We complained for it and they made it free of charge at the end. But it took time before we've been able to get the pass. I would like to acknowledge the assistance of brother Inoue Kouji to stand as our interpreter. I would like to acknowledge also the good heart of Shinichi Imamura. He shows his maturity and good example of understanding blessed individual.

During the time when there are hassles it is very natural for fallen people to see other limitation and just to make complaints but I thanked brother Imamura, he never reacted immaturely and only single word he uttered "Sumimasen". Means Sorry for the troubles that he didn't actually meant it. This was a great lesson for all of us.

The accommodation was perfectly good for camping. Everything was available and very cozy. I don't know how to describe it perfectly by words. Anyway we’re going to post some of our photos for you to see them. Some people says: "to see is to believe".

Our activity on that day wasn't followed as per planned because our registration consumed a lot of time. We set up first our rooms and then we immediately go on preparing for our barbecue. At around 5:30 p.m. we started to our barbecue dinner. But before the dinner was over the rain has started to fall. It was a very strong rain, but the barbecue grill was housed with rain protection.

After dinner is Ofuro time. It has followed by a family gathering in one room for our closing prayer. Each family gave their inspiring words of welcome for everyone and some entertainment from the family of Rose, Dino and Ernie. There were singing and dancing portion. We ended the show at 11:00 p.m.

The next day, we get up at 5:45 p.m. Exactly 6:00 a.m. we had our morning service, Followed by some inspirational sharing from the family of Rose Ninomiya, then from the family of Sherryl Nakashima. Sherryl and Rose gave their uplifting sharing to all of us. And we also heard the very touching testimony of Gek Lee San about her life of faith.

After morning service we took breakfast and putting back all the things in proper order. Not everybody got the chance to speak up. I'm sorry for that but I hope by next time we can make up. We cut short the program to pave way for cleaning and arranging things before our check-out.

Check-out was 10:00 a.m. Afterward we put our bags and garbage in our car. Then we had our first meeting as a sort of evaluation for checking all the angles of our weaknesses that we need to improve.

Thank you.

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