The Words of the Willitts Family

Peace Tour Vanuatu

Aila Willitts
December 2, 2006

The World Peace Tour IV events in Vanuatu went off successfully. At the Friday night event there were about 40 present and the next day there were about 100.

Bishop Henry Coaxum repeatedly said how blessed he felt to be a part of the tour. When asked why he joined the tour, he answered, "God told me to." Apparently, God told him two weeks before he was invited. Later, he said God had told him to join the American Clergy Leadership Conference and work with Rev. Moon. When asked whether he was in communication with his wife and six children during the tour, he said, "No. God told me not to call or even send email." People were moved by his dedication and obedience to God's calling.

The bishop also said that in countries such as Rwanda and Germany, he was invited to return do national tours.

Rev. Carlos Manuel Torres used his whole body to communicate True Father's speech. During the parts of the speech that speak of true love and God's hope and ideal, his face would light up and he would give a big smile. In this way he conveyed God's heart.

His personality is very different from the bishop’s but he is very powerful.. Rev. Torres said he was very moved by the attitude of the local people. He stayed in Vanuatu only one night, so we had less opportunity to get to know him and his experiences.

Ambassadors for Peace were moved by the two events and repeatedly clapped spontaneously. This kind of outward spontaneous response from Melanesians is quite rare.

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