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New Garden, Original Life - What's Been Happening In Hawaii

Yu Jeong-ok
October 14, 2008

At the Chuseok celebration in Korea in September, Rev. Yu Jeong-ok spoke about the conditions True Parents have been setting in Hawaii since last year. This was the providential background to the first "Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History," held at Hawaii King Garden under True Parents' direct guidance in October this year. As these special Principle workshops are continuing in Korea for all members, we hope Rev. Yu's account will provide valuable insights.

Rev. Yu is in charge of the Hawaii providence and the new Divine Principle education program.

True Parents came to Hawaii on March 9 last year. They gave the name Hawaii King Garden to the new house there. In the past, the name "garden" has been given too many buildings, but this is the first time "king garden" has been used. Father said that if the Fall had not occurred, from the outset the Garden of Eden would have become King Garden. Father also said that a new providential era has begun centering on Hawaii King Garden.

It was at that time that he declared the shin munmyeong. One can think of shin munmyeong as having more than one meaning. It could mean "new civilization," and, thus, the making of a new start. But Father said, this shin is the shin meaning "God.'' So this is a new civilization beginning with God at its center. Up to now, Satan has been at the forefront of and has been in control of all civilizations. From now, God will become the direct Lord of the civilization, standing at the forefront to pioneer it. It is that kind of a new beginning. This is the providential history of King Garden, Hawaii, that began last year with True Parents' declaration of the jubilee year.

All the providence that has been unfolding since then has taken place through the International Leadership Conferences held in Korea, then in Japan, the one in Washington, and then back in Hawaii. In order to prepare a new, peaceful global regime centered on True Parents, in July 2007, people from the nations that were victorious in World War II -- the United Kingdom, the United States and France -- were educated in Korea, and in August 2007, those from the defeated nations -- Japan, Germany and Italy -- were too. In September, the Abel UN was launched in the U.S., and on November 1, 2007, True Parents came to Hawaii.

As soon as they came, Father told us of their schedule during their stay. His plans were to set conditions on the first day of his arrival, to go around the island on the second day, to go out to sea and offer more conditions on the third day and to visit the tallest summit in the world, Mauna Kea, on the fourth day. At that time, we informed True Father that the weather on the fourth day would not be fine and that the plan for that day should be switched with that of the third day, but True Father replied that the plans must not be changed.

So, on the third day he went to sea and on the fourth he went to the mountain. Mauna Kea is very high, about 4,200 m above sea level. Father prayed there. When we reached the summit, it began to snow. True Father prayed about two things. On the tallest summit on the planet, he prayed to God for forgiveness. It was a prayer offered with tears and beseeching; True Father prayed to God on behalf of sinners, all members of the human race who, descended from the Fall, did not know God; though True Parents had come to earth and taught them about God and the Principle, they still did not know God or recognize True Parents.

He then offered a prayer of tears and gratitude for the grace shown by God as He watched over and stayed with him in his work to pioneer the path through the darkness, thus enabling him to come so far and offer such a prayer to God in this place.

After doing this on the fourth day, he had originally planned to leave on the fifth day but decided to stay one more day. When he came to the morning Hoon Dok Hae, he stood at the front without receiving bows of greeting.

First True Father stood, then True Mother stood, then Shin-joon nim stood, and Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt was placed as a representative of all the clans of humankind. Next, Korean, Japanese and American representatives stood in line, and finally all those who were present were placed to represent all of humankind. True Father then conducted a ceremony to bequeath Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong (the peace messages). First Father bequeathed them to Mother, then Mother to Shin-joon nim, Shin-joon nim to Mrs. McDevitt, and from Mrs. McDevitt to the Korean, Japanese and American representatives, and finally all the members present there as representatives of all humanity passed on Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong to others until a complete circuit had been made.

On the sixth morning too, True Father said he would offer a prayer before receiving bows, and he said, "From today shin shimjung gwon (God's realm of heart) will come into being. For the perfection of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam, God's realm of heart will come into existence." So the shin shimjung talked about here does not mean a new heart, but God's original realm of heart. True Father held this ceremony to mark its beginning.

True Father also carried out an important ceremony at King Garden on January 13 this year. Father came to Hawaii on January 9.

The first thing he said on arrival was "I will go around the island and plant trees. So prepare trees and shovels." We were very curious as to where and how many trees he planned to plant on the island. We bought as many fruit trees as we could and made preparations, but three days passed without Father saying anything more. At first it had seemed as if he would go out and plant them the very next day. January 13 was the anniversary of the Coronation for God's Kingship, and although the official celebrations for it had been held in Korea before Father came to Hawaii, on the morning of that day Father held a simple ceremony cut a cake and briefly prayed. He then said, "I will plant trees today."

We planted trees in front of the King Garden house. Trees were planted to the east, west, south and north of King Garden. Father determined which trees should he planted to the east, west, south and north, and finally instructed that a fig tree should be planted at the center. Fortunately we had a fig tree ready, so we planted the trees and Father prayed.

At that time, Father and Mother each planted an avocado tree, and Shin-joon nim a mango tree. The prayer Father offered was one of blessing, through which all created things could finally show their true worth as originally intended at the time of the Creation. The Principle tells us that when the human beings fell, all things also lamented. If the original Adam and Eve had perfected themselves, through them all created things in the universe would have exhibited their true value on the basis of the ideal God held at the time of the Creation. This was lost through the Fall, and for that reason True Father took some time for this special prayer.

Special conditions to restore God's Lordship over Culture

The place where the satanic world's most developed technology, art, culture, immorality, economy and politics are intensely concentrated is Las Vegas. There, True Parents walked a difficult path unknown to anyone and fought with Satan, finally emerging as victors. So on April 3, in Las Vegas, True Father offered a special prayer, the core of which was that God's cultural realm had come into being; even though Satan has owned all cultures until now, henceforth God would be the Lord of culture. 

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