The Words of the Yu Family

Workshop on the Original Divine Principle

Jeong-ok Yu
December 2008

In the position of the lord, Satan established and dominated human culture, dominating all human beings and all families from his false position. Through the Fall, God lost the realms of civilization and culture, and the original value of all the creation. At King Garden, Hawaii, True Parents have finally restored and proclaimed the original value that had been lost.

God has resolved all that was entangled historically through completing the providence of restoration through indemnity centering on the True Parents. Centering on Hawaii King Garden, True Parents brought the Cain - Abel realm into oneness in heaven and on earth through True Children who were born from True Mother with True Parents' lineage.

These education sessions, the first of which was held in King Garden, are not just Divine Principle education in the usual sense; they are to teach men and women properly and fully about God, who is the original source of the Principle....

From now on, education must not be carried out from the perspective of the fallen world. True Father said that he is giving us Wolli Bonchae-ron (The Original Divine Principle) to us from an original position free from the Fall. That is why we are having these workshops.

We have listened to Father speak, studied Divine Principle and become lecturers able to teach the Principle, but haven't become men or women of Divine Principle, because we didn't know the original essence of Divine Principle. Furthermore, God's sons and daughters were supposed to resemble that essence, but we couldn't become such people. We have met with so many difficulties because we did not understand the essence of Principle. This workshop is therefore not just to give Divine Principle education but to bring members into knowledge of the original substance of Divine Principle, which is of the greatest importance.

We have looked at faith from a humanistic perspective. However, from the viewpoint of Wolli Bonchae-ron we must have our faith renewed, form a new outlook on life and gain insight into the heart, based on original human nature. We have had education on these points. We've thought about heart [Shim Jung] from the viewpoint of Divine Principle, but since we have been studying Wolli Bonchae-ron we realize that heart is the essential characteristic that exists within God's substance. In order to resemble the original substance in our daily lives, heart must motivate our lives as it was the motive for the Creation.

We have listened to True Father's speeches and learned about Absolute Sex but many people have thought Absolute Sex is just based on the teachings on the Human Fall. I originally thought that education on Absolute Sex was to protect the fallen world from committing sexual sin, but I when I came to understand the fundamentals, I realized that God is the origin and substantiation of Absolute Sex.

Because we resemble the heart, love and character comprising God's internal aspect and our body takes after the form of God's external aspect, we cannot resemble God if our lives here in the flesh are not grounded in the Principle of Creation that is centered on order and law.

Therefore, the fundamental root of the most valuable life for a man and woman lies in God's unified being of masculinity and femininity existing as the Parent of Absolute Sexual Ethics. The children born from these parents must become the embodiments of absolute sexual ethics during their growth period and finally receive blessing from God when they become perfect Adam and Eve inheriting God's internal nature and external form. The core of this special education is to proclaim the completion of the liberated realm of the portion of responsibility in God's providential history on the basis of Absolute Sex. Father has said this education is more precious than any other providential education.

As a consequence of the failure to fulfill the human responsibility, God's responsibility has been left unaccomplished throughout history. True Parents have come as the original true Adam, True Parent and true Peace King and Queen, and in order for them to fulfill all the connected portions of responsibility in history and liberate God, they need to carry out the education session to proclaim the completion of the liberated realm of the portion of responsibility on the basis of Absolute Sex. I do think that through our successfully carrying out these education sessions, even God can be liberated through the portions of responsibility being fulfilled.

I've come to see that when people pay close attention to the lectures, they are renewed through the workshop. Many of the central leaders have testified that when they first came to attend the workshop, their hearts had been weary because they were worn out with the hardships of life. Sometimes, they had even harbored complaints because of the difficulties they faced. They had felt that though they knew about the Principle, it didn't concern them as deeply as it should have. What they learned through the lectures and the studies was that the Principle indeed belongs to them and that God is the embodiment of the Principle as well as our Father and Parent.

Thus they all came to newly understand the importance of this education, the goal of which is for us to embody of the Principle. As the lecturer, recognizing how they felt and watching them resolve to begin anew, I realized how well timed and crucial this education, which True Parents have permitted, is. Though being in charge of the workshop from five in the morning to nine in the evening is physically challenging, I feel joy in my heart to see the members resurrected. I feel deep down that it is God's grace and the guidance and direct work of True Parents that made this possible.

Some people said they felt and saw True Parents behind me working and guiding them, even though I am giving the lectures. This workshop, as True Father has explained, is the means by which True Parents directly guide us in their own words. I think this education session proclaiming the liberated of the realm of the portion of responsibility is priceless and necessary for humankind, not only our blessed families and leaders. I feel so much appreciation to God and True Parents for this. 

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