The Words of the Yu Family

Notes from the European Original Divine Principle Workshop - Day 1 and 2

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24, 2010 - January 25, 2010
San Marino

Translation by Tim Elder from Korean into English, Rev. Yu spoke very fast….

Sunday: January 24th, 2010

There were celebration and seminars in Hawaii King Garden in 2007… True Father always establishes gardens connected to events of historic importance. There is the East, North Garden etc. The Original-Divine Principle seminars started in Hawaii, where the highest peak of the world rises – Mount Kona is higher than Mount Everest if measured from his foundation at the bottom of the ocean. On top of his peak True Parents offered in tears their prayers. Now after entering Cheon Il Guk the time has come to teach the Original Divine Principle which is not stressing so much the Christian aspect which was necessary during the course of restoring the lost foundation of Christianity. Thus teaching the Divine Principle to non-Christians will be easier, it addresses people of all faiths and good conscience. Our elder brother Yo-Han Lee who was is now over 90 years old listened to Rev. Yu presentation and was really impressed.

Monday: January 25th, 2010

Lecture I

We need to have a family so that we can feel, have a substantial experience what love really is. The family is also the most vital organ of society and nation -- if they are in trouble then we should look into the families, without fixing the families we cannot save the nation or the world. The family must be centered on absolute sex, love and lineage. The parents must safeguard the sexual purity in the lineage. In order to do that we must pledge to do so and this is the reason to say the Family Pledge. In the Bible it says do not swear, but we must say this pledge. Even animals have a skeleton and so they can stand, the bone structure of the family is the Family Pledge and it also allows the family to stand upright.

The constitution of Cheon Il Guk is not some laws but the laws of the true family of God. We cannot see God and do not know how to relate to Him. The Family Pledge connects us with God and that is the reason we should recite it every day, it opens the Gate of Heaven, it is the key. Into heaven we cannot get by our desire alone – we need a key. Even Jesus spoke about the need of a key to enter the heaven. This key is the God-centered family. We can pray but God will not be able to answer if we are not praying in unison with the law of heaven contained in the Divine Principle. The Family Pledge is the prayer is the prayer of all prayers.

But we have to LIVE the pledge, we have to become the substantiation of its contents. In a way we can say the Family Pledge is the result of all the battles fought by our True Parents, it contains everything what they have accomplished. If husband and wife or siblings are fighting they are not qualified to recite the pledge, first unity must be established. As long as we are connected to the fallen emotions of this world we have nothing to pledge for. We cannot go to heaven by just praying a lot, we have to substantiate the Family Pledge. We receive training in the family – how to become absolutely one. Let us get rid of everything inherited from Satan, and let us fight to establish the foundation of the Family Pledge.

When Father arrived in Kodiak and spoke about the Peace Messages he dedicated 4 days to establish 1 part of the Family Pledge and he asked me and others if we live that. No one could say Yes and we very ashamed. Every verse includes much to think about what we need to accomplish. If we do not understand the Family Pledge we do not understand the Peace Messages, so precious is it.

The first verse speaks about Cheon Il Guk centering on True Love. Some speak slowly, some very fast – but we should be united in spirit with every word. It could take a full week to discuss the content. The 14th Peace Message gives some explanation. Cheon means the unity of man and wife, even Jesus said that 'when two or three people come together, I shall come among them…" We do not speak about True Parents family but our own family who needs to do that. Everyone is the owner of Cheon Il Guk based on the three generations.

We need to experience the absolute true love of a mother, and of a father. Then we can think my existence came about because of them. We are the result of the sexual organs of this couple centered on God. Who thinks that God has reproductive organs' This is serious – all living beings come from a mother but the female needs a seed from the male. So within God there must be something which resembles the reproductive organs of the male and the female. Also theologians have to think about that -- how can God have sexual organs. But without that we cannot exist and not establish the Kingdom, we need this pure sexual organs to come into existence.

With what did you create your children – with your hands. But because Satan used the sexual organ to make man fall, we curse the sexual organ. The lineage will us bring back to the world which should be. So the sexual organ is a vital part of establishing the Kingdom. We need to seek in God where this love came from. And this is also the core of Divine Principle. I asked True Parents, why did you not include this content into the pledge. Father said because I would be killed for it. We need time until the time is ripe to do so. It is our responsibility to safeguard and maintain sexual purity the leaders of society do not understand this. Without that our 95 percent never can be fulfilled. That responsibility is central because without it Heaven and Earth cannot become one.

What is the original homeland – the world of creation. The kingdom needs to be established on earth, like the mind needs the body. We need rebuild what has been restored, destroyed. Who is teaching us about that/ it is the Messiah. All families members have to cooperate to establish the kingdom on this earth. God is not building it for you. It is human responsibility. We as the owner of the nation. When other people are sleeping we, the owners cannot sleep. We represent the responsible parents. The children may be sleeping but the father cannot sleep because he is responsible. The owner must take an interest in it. How much are we concerned with Cheon Il Guk. When we are the owners, we have to have most interest in it, personal interest "how can we raise the original homeland." Put that in your conscience.

Verse 2 to be realized needs that we achieve Verse 1 and only after that we can come to fulfill verse 2. We cannot shout "Oh God, come in our family…" God will not come. But if we establish verse 1 and 2 God will come automatically. The good spirits will be drawn to us as it is God. Always attend God and True Parents in your family. Parents which are the cause of our existence are the natural center of attention. Think – I am born because of my mother and father, their unity. We should not think of them as separate beings. If the first parents had not fallen, they would be one, and the following generations would live in unity.

Everyone would refer to God as "father", all generations of a family would call him "father". The parents sacrifice everything for their children. We love the parents with all our heart because they sacrificed everything for me. We have not been able to establish a peaceful world because of the separation of husband and wife. The united couples can establish a peaceful world. Patriots are willing to sacrifice everything for the kingdom, the nation of Heaven which we call Cheon Il Guk. As patriots we have to love all the people living in the nation. We cannot love all the men and women of the nations, we need to love the ONE we are married with. Many people think of the Four great saints who wanted to establish this world who sacrificed their live for that purpose.

We must be able to follow the laws of Cheon Il Guk here on Earth as in Heaven. How we live here, we live in the Spirit World. We have to follow the laws of the country and the laws of the Heavenly Palace. Only the person who can do that it the "divine son" or the "divine daughter". The divine child lived according to these laws. We think that we have accomplished all this. No, not true – only True Parents have accomplished that, not we. True Parents gave the Blessing to the Four Saints, this is an incredible thing. One brother who died of cancer and went to the Spirit World was asked by the spirits over and over again "what did you do on earth" and he said that he gave lectures about VOC. They were not satisfied and asked and asked the same question until he begged God to return once more to the earth so than he can do seriously pastoral work. God made this possible, he returned to life. Slowly the brother recovered and regained strength. In the years after – and he is doing that until today – that brother established more churches than anybody else.

Every day we should unity with the Spirit World as our partner, we need to center to advance the unification of Spirit and Physical World. We cannot rest or retreat. We have to invest into the advancement of the unity of both worlds. If the parents and children, husband and wife cooperate, the unity will grow.

Verse 6 says that we represent the True Parents. Even the family fortune is very big – if the nation crumbles, our family will be destroyed. To follow God means to inherit the heavenly fortune. If God walks to the west, we have to follow. We need to find the heavenly fortune which is contained in the heart of God. If parents lose their children, they cannot sit but will search them until they find them. The heavenly fortune is not for our church, but for all people. God has so many things to you but we cannot hear because we speak different languages. Still we think it is the right way to speak different languages. If you are going to the Spirit World you should be able to say "Oh, I have blessed hundreds, thousands of people to become Gods children". This person will be the most appreciated person in the Spirit World. There is nothing more precious than to pass on the Blessing which we received from True Parents.

Once we live for the sake of others, the Culture of Heart is established.

Verse 8, why we speak about the Completed Testament Age – it is the age of the Blessing, the age to receive directly Gods World. The people in the Spirit World still have original sin. Only when all are restored and liberated, the Kingdom will be easy to establish. We need to establish a Blessing movement. The Spirit World Union will be established in 2013, after there will take incredible changes in this world. We should prepare for that happening. True Parents already prepare for that, they look forward for that to happen. ….

Lecture II

The Unification Principle is not only for our own members but for all people. No matter how big our number, how many member we are, the most important thing -- no one wants to fight, everyone wants to unify. If we want to continue this way there is no chance. There are 4 reasons for the need of the Principle – we need to resolve all our problems. The Principle teaches how to resolve all conflicts in the world. The conflict came about because of one couple, later it produced a multitude of different problems. The first step towards conflict solution is to seek God. The answers will change our lives. Every single person in the past, present and future struggles with the same fundamental problems.

Change first the view, then the behavior change will follow. Let us examine the human structure in the mental sphere. The body follows the mind, reflects the mind. The first step includes a change of mind and heart. The solution to world problems lies within ourselves. Usually we think 'oh, how terrible these politicians are…" This is completely wrong way of thinking. We need to look into our hearts...

The present family breakdown is more terrible than a natural disaster or economic breakdown in a nation. Right now mankind has reached a state where it cannot go further on. Even blessed families are breaking up but people in the fallen world think that this not a tragedy but "normal". Just look how famous actresses live, they have no center in their lives, no rules. No one can resolve this chaos except God.

If we are separated from God we cannot do anything against it. We should become true sons and daughters of God and raise children in this spirit. This is a very serious task. All these tragedies have to do with the sexual organs. Satan know how God wanted to create the ideal family, so he destroyed to instruments to do that by destroying, defiling the sexual organs. There women marrying women, man a man. All animals look for the opposite sex, and all of creation acts principled in matters of sex. San Francisco is a metropolis of homosexuality and politicians who want to be elected they need their votes and cannot oppose them even if they thing that homosexuality is wrong. We face the most serious problems in that context.

Nobody can control young people not to engage in sexual activities. The 21st century will not be judged like in the Bible, but there are sexual transmitted diseases which wipe out mankind. Example: a Korean business went abroad, later after returning he went to hospital was tested HIV positive. He made it very clear that he had only sex with his wife, after some more tests his wife was found to be HIV infected. They discovered that in the absence of the husband she went swimming and had an affair with the swimming teacher. Actually, the wife had infected the husband. The schools have violence problems because the children do not know what the purpose of life is. They become restless and upset easily, tend to violence because being ignorant of the value of human life.

Racial problems cannot be if people accept each other as a child of God. Borders, who has created them. In nature we see no borders established, there are only different climate regions etc. There are conflicts of ideologies like Communism versus Democracy, or atheism against religions, etc. There is environmental pollution – what is the solution? If the temperature of the ocean changes there will be serious problems. All summits had no or little result because the biggest nations dominate the others and care only for their interests, not for a global solution. There are countries which throw away food, and others who cannot provide basic foods. In poor countries there are also intelligent children who do not receive no education and live a miserable life due in ignorance. The ignorance harms even more since people are unable to pass in a state of peace into the Spirit World.

True Parents have opened the gates to the highest region, people who are not properly prepared have incredible difficulties in their life hereafter. How we live here on earth is more precious than positions of president of a county. Even religious leaders have lived in line with fallen nature. All these issues are related to the question of absolute sexual purity. The time is coming, do not be confused, be prepared! The new age is coming! Let us teach the fundamental principles of live. We need to be the masters of the new age.

The Unification principle needs to become known in the world, I and you we should teach the Principle as long as we live in this world. The Principle alone can establish absolute value centered society. Clarifying clearly what is a lie and what is a lie, what is true and what is false. I was in Japan for 10 years but many Japanese still do not know what happened in Korea during the colonial rule. All the separation of families, the division between North and South. In Japan the Koreans fight each other, even True Father could not bring them together for many years. so I had to give lectures to both groups.

At the beginning they were very suspicious about what I am doing. In the seminars I taught them the Principle and they were accusing me of trying to make members. So they moved out of the lecture room. Then after some negotiations, they returned but nobody wanted to pray, nobody wanted to close their eyes – they were so suspicious. After giving the first lecture, again nobody wanted to leave the room. At the beginning some people even refused to shake hands! The 2 groups after listening and accepting our Principle it was no problem anymore to communicate with each other. For 61 years they could not become one because they had different value system, ideologies. As soon as they listened to our lectures, the door was opened.

For creating a peaceful unified world we need to teach the Principle. The Fall came about with denying God. Each individual, mind and body has to unite. If man and woman are divided, conflicts multiply. Another reason is to know the "true self". Ask the question, who you really are – are you a true or a false person? Are you a daughter of God? The princess in the palace who has an affair with a bandit and bears children – whose children they are? Children of the palace, or are they children of the bandit? If people do not want to acknowledge that they are the result of the Fall, that they carry this faulty lineage in themselves.

Absolute necessary to affirm 'yes, I am the result of the Fall" We need to face our contradictions, resolve the conflict in us and with the people around us. Selfish mind is the mind of Satan. If we continue to live centering on that evil mind, we cause misfortune and sadness. The fall also means that we fall into ignorance. So human beings first lost God, second the original nature, third the ideal family and creation. To restore is the only way to accomplish a peaceful world. We face problems of physical as well as spiritual ignorance.

We do not know the nature, character and situation of God. We do not understand God clearly we make a lot of problems. Mankind tries to make their problems, emotions and so on the one of God. They confuse things constantly. Also sexual desire cannot be repressed because it originates in Gods. So sexual problems need to be solved in line with Gods Principle. Religious people tried to avoid these problems by refraining from sex. But the world grew with fallen people. Everyone wants to marry though divorce is rampant because it is part of their original nature, inherent nature. More than to prepare for university young people should prepare for married life.

If you want to drive on the highway you need a license. Just to know how to drive well does not help, you must get the license. Otherwise the police may arrest you. Study how to live a true life! Like a missile the Word of God transports you to the ends of the universe. The lectures serve as the fuel of the missile. The Word created the world -- says the Bible. If I am not moved by the Word, you will not be moved. We need to know how to convey the emotions of God. Sometimes when I speak with the power of a missile, the listeners are moved. The lecturer needs to be moved first, that is the precondition to pass on the Word. Not because I speak well, but because God moves my heart this seminar can be successful. Also science tries to find the basic value system, though we are a religion we cannot fight against science. We try to establish a world where there is no need for religion because all people are connected to God.

2. Lecture:

Christianity is standing in the position of the Bride, but in reality is not able to stand up to that providential mission. Christians should teach about Esau and Jacob, that God is the parents, the ideal of the true family, etc. Christianity should be practicing the core teaching of Jesus but is not doing so. Christians do not really understand how to practice. Jesus wanted to establish the husband-wife relationship but had to remain on the bridegroom-bride level. He could not experience marriage substantially. The Jews considered God so holy that they even did not dare to write His name, they left an empty space. When Jesus spoke about the "father" they considered it a blasphemy. And they also accused him as "illegitimate child". The churches today tend to be secularized – we have to change that.

They early church leader led not a very comfortable lives, we are doing so but it is not right. We must teach Christians what is right and what is wrong. Jesus was treated as the worst criminal when he was nailed on the cross. Like the Jews the Christians could not receive what True Father was preaching. God and the Messiah were sent into the wilderness when True Father was sent into hell in prison. A most tragic situation! Until today True Parents try to regain the foundation by making again and again a rally or speaking tour. They themselves spread the Word which actually Christians should have done. When True Father reached the age of 40, he should have completed his mission.

The first church Headquarters was so small that only few people could sit down inside, the neighbors took down the sign at the door and treated it with contempt. We asked, why they such things!? The Unification Church is in the position of the younger brother, so we have to gather together the elder brothers. We do that with the Holy Spirit which manifests True Love. Without true love we cannot unite Christianity.

Now the HSA-UWC sign has been taken down and was replaced with the FFWPU sign, because it stands for individuals position but we focus now on the family level. We are all wild olive trees, the first generation. There are still the roots, but if we nurture the shoots they can produce good fruits which manifest in the blessed children, the second generation. We need to bring/offer the fruit to God, and if the second generation does not stand upright we and the world have no future! We need to educate Christians that they should not just believe in Jesus but become like Jesus. Believers should resemble the image of Christ!

We have to change Satan s lineage to God s lineage step-by-step. The Holy Wine is a medicine created by God. But we cannot say that it is a "medicine" because the government authorities would come… There is no commission which investigates the Holy Wine. But if people would go wild if they would realize the impact of the Holy Wine, they would do anything to get it. So the ceremony is very sacred and very precious. If in a country all people drink the Holy Wine but a few are not taking it and stay on Satan s side, the Cheon Il Guk cannot establish thoroughly.

Counting all your ancestors together who are in the Spirit World and if we liberate and bless them, we can stand on top of a nation of 1 million people. Imagine this, what a blessing it means for you this will become. We should not lend our ears to the world on Satan s side, but keep us prepared like Noah before the predicted Flood came and destroyed everything. True Father said that there will be no extension of the providence, like it happened several times in history. Until 2013 everything has to be ready.

When I joined the church we had a 6 month probation period before we were allowed to sign the membership form. Now everything is so easy, we do not even to sign any paper for receiving the Holy Wine. When we put only one drop of the Holy Wine on our tongue the Spirit World is so eager to get it. We have established home churches, what do we do there? We have to teach the Word, also to the children. Hoon Dok Hae we do as a whole family so that the children also get the Word. We do not say "please come to our church. No, we give them the teaching in their homes, also the Holy Wine. We read the textbooks in the family, pray in the family, establish an altar in the homes. Even if the home is very small, there should be an altar, maybe only a desk. This is the place where the Holy Wine and Holy Salt are multiplied. Use the materials we have, for example the Peace Messages. Pray with the children at the altar, and make them stand at the altar. Train yourselves and train your children this way. The altar is the most holy place in the home, and the children should learn to respect the altar. If we live the same way as others, God has no place to stay.

Are we living like a family blessed by God? We must not become a family which brings sadness to God.

Through receiving the Holy Wine, the gate the Heaven is opened to us. One leader complained that he works so hard in America, and that the Christians are not responding so well. Father said, "who received the blessing – you or Jesus?" Of course, we are in a more fortunate position and so we should take care of Christians. Christianity lost the capability to understand the providence they lost sense of direction and dwell on rituals and traditions. The first Christians were singing when faced the lions in the arena. Tens of thousands were martyred. Even Martin Luther started the Reformation by risking his life. But today, who is willing to die for their faith? We should help them to fulfill their responsibility. We want to give the Blessing so much, because the early Christians gave so much. People who oppose us will be removed further and further away…

In the early years we were singing the same song over and over again, because members were completely overcame by the Spirit, they sang the same song a 12 times, sometime members were moved from one place in the room to the opposite side by some invisible spiritual power. At that time we had maybe only one or two meals a day. That is how it began. I saw the dog eating and I said you have food from your master but I have nothing and I grabbed the dog at his ears to make place but he did not want to move from his bowl. When the wives went pioneering, in one case the wife went to mission and left the child behind. The husband served in the military and had no other chance than to run home to take the small child and bring it to the military camp secretly. There he was making cloth from the military dresses for the infant. One day his superiors found out that there is an infant in the army, they wanted to fire our member but finally one officer took the child to his home. Such and other incredible stories happened. We live a very comfortable life in comparison!

In each age God has established a central figure and gave him his Word. Many parts of the Bible are in figurative language but there was the promise to speak no longer in pictures rather to speak clearly. In regard to the capacity of his audience Jesus also said that they "cannot bear more to hear". True Parents speak very concretely not in pictures and fulfill also the Bible in regard to "prophecy to many nations".

When all people of the world become blessed Cheon Il Guk will be established. With Satanic people in our midst the ideal nation cannot be established. Christians think that the ideal world comes about only by belief in Jesus, but that is not true. Salvation does not come this way! Salvation is Restoration! To recover the things which are lost, only the Principle explains clearly the path – salvation comes during the Second Coming. The Principle truth True Father discovered by fighting millions devils in the Spirit World. It was like going down 10,000 depth of the ocean to pick up one grain of sand at the bottom. Piece for piece of the great truth has been collected with that much effort. Almost impossible to imagine these difficulties!

We look at the picture and say "true parents…" with not much noticing their significance. I listened to the Principle ten years after the liberation from the Japanese rule.

3. Lecture:

The creation of beings did not just happen, there was first a blue print of the being before it was created. Before we understand a being we must understand WHY it was created in the first place. Nothing can live and behave as it wishes but in congruence with the purpose of its creation in the first place. We should be people who live in accordance with the Principle of creation. Do not evaluate people according their wealth in terms of money, or status and power. These do not count in the Spirit World.

All people in the world should live in the context of the Principle of Creation. Father said that the Principle of Creation is so precious that it should be engraved into plate of gold. The time has come that scientist are finding evidence for the existence of God. Their explanations open the gate for the teaching of Father. And whom do we and all things resemble? The Unification Principle is a clear picture of God.

The Bible only answers the question of Moses with “I am who I am”. The Israelites where in great trouble when they were asked “Who is actually you sending?” What could they say? They could not explain about God. Later came the explanation that Creation reflects the Creator, as St. Paul wrote.

First were established the laws, like the law of cause-effect. There is nothing with a (hidden) cause, origin. Our children resemble the parents or some ancestor. We cannot understanding nature really without knowing God and his purpose. People who deny God cannot understand nature deeply and profoundly. Karl Marx could not understand that matter has an internal aspect which makes things work. His thinking is still accepted though it is wrong. God rules creation according to his laws which he created. The process of creation passed through 6 stages until human beings came into existence. The first cause is the fundamental cause which moves everything else. The concept of the “Intelligent Design” makes clear that the blue print exists in the mind of the creator before it receives substance. The dog likes to be owned. It has such a mind, of course it wants an owner who loves him not hates dogs.

Pine trees in Korea are the same as here. They do not change deliberately, they are such for thousands of years and thousands of kilometers apart. God has a body but we cannot see it, there is a mind and body within God, the original Hyung Sang and Sung Sang as stated in the Divine Principle. What is the difference between man and woman? Is it the nose, ears, mouth? We identify the sex of a person by the form of his reproductive organs! The professors were very shocked when during our lecture on the Principle of Creation about the sexual organs! At the beginning they could not understand why Fathers speeches always included sections about the concave and convex. Father said that even Rev. Kwak did not understand why he was doing that - at events in 1995-1998 he spoke at conferences with top politicians in the USA and South America – people were shocked and wondered what that is that all about?

Father “reduced” the wives of dignitaries like prime ministers to the “sexual organ”. If mother hers Father talking she thinks it is quite natural, she is not upset. Into the woman the seed would have been planted by God, if Adam and Eve did not fall. The body which carries the mind must also keep the Principle, function in accordance with the Principle. Our responsibility is to make our mind resemble in God. We do not speculate “what was first – the hen or the egg?” because everything exists as a harmonious entity in God originally. Our theory is a “Unitarian” philosophy. Because of the fall we are ignorant of the original existence. We should not be vague about Gods existence because it is our parents!

We cannot fight each other because we have the same parents. Why do people fight? They do so because they do not know God. Without God there is no eternal peace or happiness. When there is couple and the man is not able to make any money and the women is well employed and makes a lot of money, still he stands in the subject position. If women own everything then disaster is immanent. The seed for the children – from whom does it actually come in the first place? Thus it is a question of ownership. Why the father is in the internal position? Because the father gave the seed, the seed is internal. The female body is external. God first envisioned women, then he created man so that he would fit to woman.

If man and woman unite with the time emerging the woman becomes more masculine and the man becomes more feminine. We resemble more and more the harmonious original entity within God. Even the greatest man comes from the womb of a woman. Without women no life comes in existence. The key is harmonious interaction, the Principle law and order. The original body of absolute sex which comes from God, both of them must become the embodiment of the original body of absolute sex. We cannot say exactly what the mind looks like, the components are unknown. When the mind leaves the body is going somewhere, we can sense the absence of “something”.

Where does God exist? There is no place, where God does not exist. He has eternal life and infinite power. Measure him – how many kilograms would he weigh? He has not a body, because anybody could control God and that would be the end of the world. God is an infinite spirit and infinite power. One day I heard a voice in my heart asking “How do you that I am a God of love? Do you just use that term because you do know otherwise?” I was not able to say his name for a long time, I was so upset. God had to wait so long for the creation of his children and in one night everything was taken from Him. When he lost His only son God had nothing worthy to live for.

Try to understand the inner heart of such a father! This is the only way to understand Gods heart. I met not a father but a mother, whose had a son in the military. The only son of three generations was killed while on duty. When the mother who worked in the market place and heard about the death she fell to the ground, she was absolute desperate, crying for several days. One day I heard a woman crying in the forest. It was heavy raining but she was at the tomb and scratching the earth in pain, she would not leave the burial ground. So, even fallen humans have so deep emotions about the loved ones.

When the parents lose their child they remember as long as they live. I heard about this story which was broadcast in TV: One father had lost his only son in an accident. Afterwards he went to a restaurant where his son usually went and he ordered all the food his son used to eat and left the restaurant in tears. When Hyo Jin Nim died and True Father heard about his death he sat three days in front of the television, he could not concentrate on the contents but also not move away. I asked why do not come out. He said that he cannot sleep. One time when they traveled in the air plane from South America, True Father called Hyo Jin Nim to him and said that he is so sorry that he could not do the things usually fathers do with their sons like fishing together or going to the fun park. And then he cried deeply, and Hyo Jin Nim went to the rear of the plane and also cried. When the true son died the father said, “I could not do anything for you during your life on earth…”

The first 120 couples should have protected the True Family from Satan s attack but we did not live this way. We loved our own children more than True Children while their parents battled against Satan. Those who know True Family know what I am talking about. They were attacked by the satanic world. When our children do wrong we start to excuse “Oh, you know but if even the true children do things like that…”

Every being resembles God and also resemble also an individual aspect. Even twins do not completely resemble each other. Not only the species as a collective resembles some aspects of God but also the individual of a certain species resembles individual aspects of God. Only through Shim Jung love we can become people of good character. If we are not motivated by innermost heart we do not create quality things. You can see that with food – parents feed chips and other unhealthy food to their children. This is very superficial care, they are not really investing their heart when preparing food for their children. They would give wholesome food to their children instead, if they were motivated by true love.

God is a God of character, and we should become people of character too. Also the emotion has individual aspects. We like different things, and we feel great emotions for different things. If God becomes angry the whole universe will shake. If God is joyful the whole universe will dance. God lamented so loudly when He lost his children, He was so lonely because he had nobody to share his emotions with. He lamented more than anybody in human history. Nowadays they say “man is a social animal” or a “high level animal”. Only because we move like horses or sing like birds…. We have been created as sons and daughters of God. The animal-concept is the work of communists who deny the spirit.

The head gives direction to both, the right wing and the left wing. Left and right receive the same order, the same amount of love. Through the Fall the flow of love from the Shim Jung heart was cut off. Our relationships are different as in the rest of the world because of this Shim Jung based love. Does the woman come to man, or does the man comes to the woman? The woman goes to man to find the seed. She goes to the man s house and attends the in-laws. When both parents become sick – whom does she attend - her own parents or the in-laws? The Shim Jung is pulling her towards her own parents.

4. Lecture:

Had Adam and Eve become one with God, during their intercourse the sperm of Adam would become one with God. Which is correct-marriage blessing or blessed marriage? They should have asked God to give permission to use the sexual organ. God would have given his blessing for them to come together. God uses the body of Adam and Eve to make them come together. He created them in a way to share love. He wanted to love substantially with a physical body. He wanted to multiply children using the body of Adam and Eve. We cannot see some things but not everything. For instance we do not see germs, if we sit at the table and see the germs on the plate we would not eat!

God made it this way that we do not see everything. If we would hear all the sounds which are around us, imagine how you would feel. If we could see the minds of other people you could not stand it! The precious we cannot see –God, Shim Jung… Do you hear your heart beat? No, usually not. If you would hear the beat for some hours you would go crazy. We are blinking our eyes, we do not realize it. We are not conscious our breathing if we do not concentrate on it. We should not display the sexual organ in public, it should not be visible. Nowadays they expose it for commercial purpose. Eve gave the most precious to the servant. Such a precious thing has been used in the wrong ways. You must educate your children about the importance of the reproductive organs, university education is not that important. Parents have often the wrong priority. If our second generation cannot stand upright, God has no hope. We have tens of thousands of blessed children…

Did you ever see a monkey become a human being? In all eternity it will not happen. Their seed is different! Man stays man eternally, monkey stays monkey eternally. God does not love the monkey same as human beings. The seeds of the species are different. The discussion about evolutionism has to stop. God created actually evolution. Only in the context of God's creation the word of evolution can be interpreted correctly. The Darwinists challenged the concepts of the Christians about creation. The Christians do not know the impulse and purpose of creation. God created, and created, he could not stop from creating. Go to the bookstore and look – all the contents have to be changed! Only the natural sciences can remain, all other books have to be exchanged. Through the Divine Principle we can solve all the fundamental questions. When human beings are perfect they resemble God, but they are not God.

God thought about all details of the human body before creating. He gave us hair to protect the brain from the strong sunshine which could do damage…

Why does True Father ask us to take off our close in bed? Father asked couples to do that some time ago all of the blessed couples. He kept asking which of the couple that practices. A few couples did so to make Father happy. One couple did that until one day their grandchild came in and saw them like that and started to laugh, and laugh. We have to live a life of absolute sexual morality. In the Spirit World people who did illicit sex go to the lowest places. In the Spirit World a degree like Ph.D. is of no importance. We have to learn the fundamentals of life, so there we should gain perfect knowledge.

When True Father goes into the Spirit World he will unite it very quickly, the four Saints wait for him and will assist him. But first True Parents have to substantiate the Ideal here on Earth. When Father enters the entire Spirit World will be mobilized. When Father goes around he touches all the furniture and he says, “I do not know if I will be ever able to touch you again.” He is very desperate at the moment. He is speaking to the furniture right now. As long as we live we must be serious to give ourselves to God. Will your children take your place? Nobody can teach them the contents as we can. Become true parents for your children! 

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