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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 1 – Part 2 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 25, 2010
Unofficial notes

8:30 AM

Why do we study the Unification principles?

Not only Unification Church members need for our lives of faith. It is not for us alone for all people, God's word. Many people have own country, develop, no matter how rich or strong, what they need, political systems, economical, but most fundamental is philosophy. All want to live in a world of peace and unity. But where will it be accomplished? What kind of problems need to be resolved.

First: To resolve all the problems in the real world, on all levels, from individuals to the world, need to be resolved to live in happiness, peace unity. Do not have content, cannot bring about. Unification principle are great and important. Many problems, how to resolve, now, Reverend Moon has brought the principles, problems can be resolved, realize they need Principles.

We need to understand God clearly in order to understand world, problems, we do not understand God. The first issue that needs to be clarified is God. We will all die, we struggle with this, not only me, but all human beings, to resolve that for our children, need to resolve that. View of God, view of life, marriage, world, history will change. This is the a priori.

Second, is the view of life, how do we ourselves? We are human beings, how are we structured, invisible mind and visible body, not everyone realizes that they have it, subject and object relationship between mind and body. Good or bad mind, depending on that body can lead good or bad lives. Unity of mind and body, are in conflict, struggle, fight, problems are internal to us. All struggles exist within ourselves. All problems we experience, it is not because of bad policies, but because human beings have wrong kind of thinking, leading wrong kind of lives.

Human beings meet and live in a family. If families are not happy, society and country cannot be happy. No unity in the family, no unity in the nation. Now there is family breakdown, countries are breaking down; but basic unit is the family, they do not understand. Breakdown is caused mostly by divorce, affairs, illicit sex, adultery. An original son and daughter cannot be divided. Humankind has come to an end, we are talking about family breakdown. You are blessed families, you have not experienced it, sometimes you also break down. People think it is normal to change partners, they do not have any idea how bad divorce is, sometimes they celebrate, how tragic society is. For some it is natural to divorce and get married to someone else.

Human beings understand God can resolve problems of the world. First clarify God, then family and life, our sons and daughters, future of our country, serious. Need good morals, discipline of life. Even people who teach this do not live correctly themselves, moral deviations in society, youth problems.

Satan wants to destroy true love, homosexuality, swapping husband and wife. This is completely dangerous. Homosexual marriages, even in the world of insects this does not happen. This is Satan using God's creation in order to destroy God's ideal. People have to understand the right way. Politicians need votes, get votes from homosexuals. Politicians opposed by homosexuals cannot be elected. Change in the law to allow homosexual marriages. Our leaders of today do not understand value system.

Youth degradation, family breakdown, no one can control the youth, how God has to deal with it, this is how Aids came about. Bible: Sodom and Gamora, cities of sexual impurity. The family of Lot gave a warning, came out, judgment. God cannot do it, Aids was a warning, no medicine to cure.

In Korea, one person his friend was a leader in society, go overseas on business, health checkup in hospital, tested positive. Never had sexual relationship with other woman, tested again, still positive. Maybe bring your wife, tested her, positive, how did you become positive? She got involved with her swimming teacher, gave to her husband. If we do not resolve this Aids problem, all will be destroyed. South America, Brazil spend a lot of money for condoms, no way to deal with it. True Parents' gave the principle, establish order and discipline of love, will be resolved.

School discipline, reason, they teach knowledge, do not teach them how to become human beings, they graduate, have all their own standards, do not how to make peace and unity. In schools teach about individualism and selfishness, do not raise future leaders; we have three kinds of parents: gave us birth, teachers, leaders of the country. A person who looks at people as his own children, qualified to be a leader of the country. This kind of values are not taught in schools.

Labor and management problems: workers, little management and president of the company, have to become one, workers want higher pay, create struggles, problems for region and society, economy, etc.

Racial discrimination, all are sons and daughters of God. No discrimination, centering on God, can overcame barriers between the races. Need to resolve this to peace and unity.

Borders between nations, were created by whom? In nature there is no international border. Draw a line on the ground. As long as these exist, no peace and unity.

Religious conflicts, within Christianity, 78% of world population have a religion. Try to find peace, goodness, unity. Should be living in peace, no struggle, actually because of religion there is struggle. Sects and denominations are struggling.

Ideological conflicts: democracy or communism, atheism and theism, 200 persons here we are within the faithful. To what extent do you believe?

Two streams meet, is there conflict or do they become one? Time we live in.

Environmental pollution, benefits from civilization, could not prevent pollution, climatic changes, species are changing, water, air, serious situation, need to be resolved. Countries need to get together, but could not resolve, selfish.

All people want peace, need no war, no hunger, 20 million people die every year of hunger. 60000 persons die every day of hunger, there is much to eat, do not realize this, we have to eat. Live with a dollar a day, some countries throw food away, some die of hunger. God is the parent, wants all to live without hunger. Diseases, medicine opens the way to live with health. Education is important, no funds. All need to be able to study.

For the sake of peace of happiness, they need to be educated, not one person, but centering on Unification Principles.

Third: problems of spiritual world, you understand. But some have materialistic ideas, do not believe. All have to die, our bodies return to the earth, spirits go to spiritual world. In mother's womb, cut off, when we die, we go into another world. Materialists do not believe. But in that case, no value in this life. Our conscience understands to pursue goodness, idea of happiness. Need to prepare for next world. Many people suffer from spiritual problems. Cannot cure in hospitals. Problems with spiritual causes, need to be resolved on the spiritual level.

True Parents opened spiritual world. When the two worlds will start to communicate, many will have problems, those who know need to teach others. Leaders are important, you understand about spiritual world. Need to teach about eternal world. Such people are more important than political leaders. Because of Satan, people could not realize it. Religious leaders need to teach, most important teach about absolute sex.

Final challenge of religious leaders: sexuality. Absolute sex value system.

Time is coming when the two worlds will communicate freely, do not be confused. Those who are prepared will become the masters. That age is coming, become owners of that age, True Parents teach us for that.

January 13, 2013 spiritual world and physical world unity will come, God's ideal, not just human beings, but also God.

People could not deal with these problems.

Fourth: problems of relationships, fundamentals of existence, limitations of philosophy, things that we cannot see, do also exist, what is relationship between God and humanity and creation? Mind and body, man and woman, etc. All need to be explained.

Many leaders have been mobilized to resolve these problems, debated them, temporary solutions have been achieved, but no fundamental solutions. Need to resolve them in order to establish God's ideal. That is why we study Unification principles. Without them, no world of happiness, unity. Key is the Unification Principles. Need to all humanity. As long as I live on this earth, I will teach this principle.

Second reason to study Principle is to establish true values. Scholars say that there is confusion of values, we need system of values. Unification principle is necessary to establish it, what is good and evil? What is false? What is a lie what is the truth? Value systems are different between husband and wife, parents and children, different thoughts, different evaluations, different opinions, different decisions, different actions, life styles, cannot become one. The important thing is to share a common value system. How to do?

Between husband and wife, parents and children. Family needs common value system. Family Pledge. In Japan for ten years, they may not understand, Korea was under Japan, second generation Koreans are living in Japan, Koreans living in Japan are loyal to the North, some are loyal to the North, Mindan. International border between North and South Korea, but in Japan there is not the same boundary, but they fight each other. Difficult to bring them together, do not share the same values.

I educated them. Met North Koreans, took them to a hotel, educated them. Those who followed me were afraid, dangerous, something had to be done. In a single meeting needed to be decided. Need to understand reasons for their divisions. They wouldn't come in the room because they thought I wanted to make them unification members. I went out and talked about mind body unity. They did not want to pray, North Koreans. The emcee was afraid, prayed. No one was praying, watching each other. No one left the room, success. Education could start, they were serious. Their values started to crumble. I promised not to take any pictures, but I needed proof. Let's all go fishing; two hours, biggest fish, take picture with the fish.

They refused to shake hands between North and South. Fought before, but now they shed tears, try to become one. True Parents created association to make them one. Based on common values they can become one.

Middle East has a religious problem, Abraham's children, True Parents can resolve. Unity of Korea will become base for unity of the world, we will have the same ancestors, same language. The central problems: different values systems, thoughts, religion. Answer is clear: once value system is clear: can unite.

Europe: need to clarify values. Create citizens of God's kingdom. Principles of True Parents will establish common value systems.

Third: create a united peaceful world: happiness, unity; never done before. Where is the peaceful unified world coming from? From the bottom to up, with individual to world; fall began with individual, solution starts with individual. Has to start with unity of mind and body. I have to unite my mind and body. If husband and wife whose mind and body are not united come together, no peace and unity.

Realizing peace through true family.

Fourth: need to know the true me. Who am I? Ask yourself: who am I? more important than your name is: are you a true person or a false person. What is the standard of a true person: sons and daughters of God equals true, of Satan equals false.

Fall equals one with Satan, false linage. In a country, princess loves a bandit in the hills, she belongs to the bandits. Children will be children of the Mafia, not the palace. We look like human beings, but are not original human beings, because of blood linage.

Whether people accept it or not, what is right is right, need to be taught, risking our lives to teach the truth.

To understand the true me, true I, need to study Unification Principles.

Why was this never resolved before?.

First because tried to deny the existence of the creator, tried to solve problems without him, fall equals denial of God.

Second: believe in God, but try to resolve problems base on our own thinking? You? How to resolve a problem, with your own knowledge? Problem is with me.

Third: people do not like to acknowledge that they are fallen. Cannot resolve the problems. People struggle with all kinds of problems.

People do not want to affirm that they are descendants of the fall.

Human beings are the problems, starting point of problems and solutions is with me. I am separated from God, I am the problem. If I go back to God, can start to resolve the problem.

We are contradictory, two purposes, motivations, conflicting purposes. Invisible mind and visible body, mind should be subject partner, body should move according to them mind. Original mind from God, go into that direction, we'll have goodness and happiness. Evil mind, Satan. Evil deeds, misfortune and sadness.

I have original and evil mind. Fallen human being is contradictory.

Why did God create such a being with contradiction? He did not, happened after the creation equals fall, ignorance, did not know God, lost God's ideal of creation.

Need to understand resolution is internal to ourselves. Guiding our members: problems is with the leaders. Good leader, people will follow. Human beings lost three things: God, original nature, God's children, lost God's ideal of creation equals ideal family, true love, absolute sex. Way to restore this restoration, peaceful world.

Fallen human beings have spiritual ignorance and external ignorance. They do not understand God, their own mind, environment, do not understand purpose of life, were created with mind and body, ignorance on both levels.

Lost God's love, heart, character, situation. Does he like or bless what I am doing? What is God's will. God's will, desire, has to be mine. People do not know God's will. Why do people marry? Sexual desire cannot be repressed, comes from God, needs to be expressed centered on God. People think that marriage restricts you, complicated. Right now birth rate is falling, people do not want to have children, 100 years from now, there will be no nation, no one wants to marry, no children. Cannot continue longer than a hundred years.

We have to teach people that this is not God's ideal. Need to prepare to go to spiritual world, just like prepare for university, regulations and rules. Have to follow them. Just to drive need license, no matter how well you may drive. Who is giving you that license, comes from God. Cannot see God, substantiation is True Parents, they give it, need education, live according to the content of education. Put these words into practice. Your purpose to come here, to study God's word, become a better person. Can't see God, how wonderful would it be to see God.

Everyone likes love, cannot deny God. God's word, include God's heart, love, laws and regulations, practice become image of God, resemble God. Missile, process, transporting war head, explodes. God's word includes God's love, Shim Jung and will, principles and law, can receive all those things in listening to his words. Words equals missile. God's word enters you, explodes inside of you, resemble you, spiritual fire of words.

John: word was in the beginning. Today you receive God's words, exists from the time of creation is conveyed to you. I am studying, listening to God speaking with you. I have to first explode with the word, meet someone to convey the word. If the word is not alive within you, members will not be inspired. Person's hearts are moved, prayer equals desire to become one with God, union with him. God has been waiting for 6000 years, now first time he can reach another person. God is moving his heart through me, become that kind of a leader, become alive. What is good and evil? We are ignorant. What is for me is good, that is how people think, but this is wrong.

Religion has recovered spiritual knowledge, because of fall we have religion. Universe, laws of nature, seasons. We ourselves have to change clothes when spring come, everyone is preparing for spring, cycle of nature. Human beings have to be in resonance with law of nature. We do not understand have lost connection with God. Science is trying to overcome.

Religion and science try to overcome ignorance, subject and object relation, need to unite. Mind and body, subject and object, live for each other. Mind has to give the body value system, sense of purpose and direction to go. Religion has to give sense of purpose to science, move by this. Exist for each other. Need both, not just religion or just science. Both are necessary.

Original world, religion is not necessary, trying to establish a world without religion. State of religion of today? Cannot fulfill responsibility, emphasize next world, ignore this world, are not dealing with material reality. Have lost heavenly fortune, cannot work together. Religion cannot resolve problems.

Thirty minute break. 

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