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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 1 – Part 4 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 25, 2010
Unofficial notes

2:00 PM

We will discuss the Principles of creation, core of Original Divine Principle, table core contents.

If you do not have enough time, you can only do this.

God's blue print for God's life and universe, need a design and blueprint, time, technique.

All the created beings did not just happen, there was a blue print.

In order to understand man's life and universe, understand that blue print.

No matter what being, there is a purpose, there is always a purpose, need to use it according to the directions, otherwise it breaks, electronic store, 100 volts in 220 socket will burn, useless.

Need to live according to mankind's blue print, in order to live well, need according to the principles of creation.

Item, purpose is determined in the factory, human being at time of creation.

Europe there are 27 nations, all must live according to this blue print. Power, big cars, think they live well, someone is poor, he is not living very well.

All those who live well, live according to the Principles of creation.

Compare yourself to the people in the world, we are the people who do live well, maybe we do not have a home, difficulties, but we live well.

Some people have all, but do not live well, some are like sick people, emergency room, intensive care, those who are fallen, are sick from head to toe.

We are born, met True Parents, were able to know the path to live according to the Principles of creation, it is for all people, not just for members of Unification Church, all people in the world, God's word and blueprint by which God had created human beings, how precious it is.

Principles of creation should be carved in gold.

View of God: in Divine Principle, in other books, solve the problems of the world, view of God is most important issue.

Many people have discussed about existence of God: in ancient Greece, dealt with constituents of universe: water is essence of universe, boundless, air, fire, numbers, first material; these are determining the essence.

Aristotle said the form and material and the form became the original form??? Pure material was energy. His conclusion was kind of a dualistic philosophy.

Western philosophies: dualistic, energy, spiritual and material, didn't understand all.

Eastern philosophies: energy, chi in human body, chi must flow, chi is the truth of the universe, could not understand ultimate form of chi, 4 elements, Yin and Yang.

Middle ages: conflict, origin of universe: spiritual matter.

Modern world: separation between spiritual and material world, gave birth to democracy and communism, did not begin there, roots go back to the garden of Eden.

Science, physics, ultimate cause of matter is energy, said energy is basis, most fundamental element, need to be understood, where did energy come from; quantum physics, find it in God that Christianity talks about.

True Parents said, where will prove God's existence through science.

Human body most resemble God in the world, material, do not understand it really unless they can move forward medical science.

How does God exist? His characteristics? How to know them?.

Christianity cannot really explain God. Judgment, eternal, etc. not enough to understand; Gen 1:27 we are in his image, what is it that we resemble about him, what is it? That is why atheism came out.

Created beings come from God, some people say that creation is God, very unclear, in the end, need to understand God clearly.

In Divine Principle, clear view of God. No one could give a clear conclusion throughout history, could not understand.

Divine Principle view of God: god of dual characteristics, you described God as dual characteristics, have heard it so many times; you heard it, but you do not understand, cannot put it into practice, link it to yourself.

In short phrase: dual characteristics of God and the created universe.

Ex 3:14: I am who I am. When Moses met God on Mt Sinai, before he goes to pharaoh, median field, goes back to pharaoh, who is your God?.

Romans 1:20: no excuse, all the things God has created, reflect his eternal power and nature, fragrance of natural world, God is there, Paul shows us how God should be studied, theologians cannot explain, nature waits for sons of man to return, through spiritual world he could say that, third stage of heaven.

Cause and effect: law of existence, cause is invisible, effect is visible, resembles the cause, second law is law of resemblance, children resemble parents, linage, cause brings about an effect that resembles itself; artist or author can understand about him through his works, this is the philosophy he had, etc. because effects resemble the cause.

In the created world it is the same, resembles God, we cannot just understand him by looking at nature. Marx was originally Jewish, than Christian, then atheistic, was driven to this. He tried to find God, but could not. He looked at the material things; if he would be alive today, he would understand, science has proved more, is more advance.

If we do not understand purpose of energy, easy to fall into atheism; Marx struggled to find God, saw only material things, no spiritual world, became atheistic.

Principle goes beyond, certain law common to all beings; all created by God, he must be the cause of that law.

This is most core part of Original Divine Principle: chart: Romans 1:20, common universal law, six stages, man, animals, etc. six stage of God's creation: male or female, man or woman; man is Yang, female is Yin. Applies to other creations, animals, plants, molecules, atoms, particles, world of effect, cause must be also this way, we resemble God, who must have Yang and Yin; God is first cause, most fundamental nothing more behind it. First causal being is the creator, absolute being, unique one, no matter what name, first cause: in Korean: one God, Hananim.

If first cause did not exist, effects would not exist; world of effect, has laws of Yang and Yin, therefore in first cause they are there as well.

Whether is man or woman has mind and body, internal nature, radio has a problem.

Mind or body, Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, human beings to animals, if owner hates the dog, he will feel, has a mind like that, not the same, similar, also plants have plant mind.

Cannot change the blue print, all are the same, pine tree, blue print within the seeds, can multiply.

Water, sunshine…. Part is missing, problems of "écouteurs"….

Everything is energy, cause of that energy; Sung Sang and Hung Sang, first cause has within itself the nature? Original Sung Sang and Original Hung Sang.

God is like an infinite spirit, original body of Shim Jung and true love, God of principle, order and law, infinite energy, infinitely grand and small.

The original principle revealed by True Parents, didn't just arrange, figured it out, came from God through True Parents, he is the dual characteristics, internal and external form; did not explain the essence about it.

Original masculinity and feminine, man resembles God, woman resembles God, what is the difference between man and woman: sexual organs. Resemble God, created man and woman. It took True Parents a long time for True Father to explain it; in PWPA he explained and educated them for ten years; he started to talk about sexual organ, convex and concave; all the professors were embarrassed, laughing; not sacred or holy, talked about three hours, he talked a lot about that, every time he met them, they started to understand.

Chung Hwan Kwak was born in a Confucian home, looked at the floor, was embarrassed, even now, True Father said, Chung Hwan Kwak could not understand; in 1995 providence in South America, in Uruguay, in hotel, True Father invited leaders, highest theologians, scholars, politicians, educators, 1200 people were gathered, Oct. 28th, True Father was very serious, sweating, clothes soaked, his conclusion was sexual organs.

Women were sitting there, he came down from the stage, pointed at one, woman, they were Catholic, you resemble God, you are a woman; what is the difference between you and man; God has sexual organs. There must have been a female sexual organ in God. Another person asks how God can have sexual organs? Father yelled at him, surprised, went back. True Father was so serious to have people understand. From that time, around the world he talked about God's sexual organs. True Father has been educating people like that. Sexual organs are most precious.

Left it out of Divine Principle? True Father said, if I had put that in, I would have been killed before accomplish anything. Satan would have used that, Satan was controlling the world. Until now, he had to keep that secret until the time was right. Now the time was right, Original Divine Principle contains these words: God has both sexual organs within himself. Cannot teach about God if you don't know God. Messiah, True Parents, can do, God could not reveal himself.

Now we can know, original masculinity and original femininity refer to that. Seed of true love within the absolute sperm of the Father, within God, seed of True Love within God, within the original femininity, absolute ovum, true love, come together within God through the body, God is the first cause, no concept of time and space, two are within God, love each other within God, happens through sexual organ, give birth. To whom is this going to be planted, God is the Father, plant it in woman, Eve fell, so he was not able to plant absolute sex sperm in Eve, never occurred because she fell. Original body of the principle equals first cause.

Principle of creation comes within God, idea of creation was there, comes out of God, substantiated. True Father said: original body existed, before the creation.

Creation started with the Shim Jung as the motivation, externally to himself, before that love began, love cannot be experienced without a partner, needed an external partner to experience love, that's motivation for the creation.

Original body of existence equals world of appearance, Adam and Eve, owners of the entire created world, God is the original body of principles, human beings equals original bodies of existence.

God is mind, Adam and Eve equals body, moves according to the mind. Principles by which God conducted his creation.

God has Sung Sang and Hung Sang, Yang and Yin, dual characteristics, fundamentally he has seed of true love, absolute sex sperm, body within God, absolute body of true love, absolute sex ovum, need to become one, separated, extended from the same God, need to become one with each other. Our mind resembles God's Sung Sang, need to resemble his Shim Jung. Our body resembles God's external form. We live on this planet, skin color, height, large or small, but basically the same. Most important thing is to understand that we resemble God. Created human beings as his responsibility: he created them; human beings have resemble God equals our portion of responsibility, growing period.

Rice stalks: have you grown rice? Shell of the rice, plant the rice, buts come out, transplant it and multiplies, three or five, by ten, grows up, first it is white, in sun for ten days, turns yellows, flowers fall, within the hall of rice there is everything, liquid becomes rice, seed, just before that some fluid to become solid; our mind is like the hall of the rice, sweet fluid, eventually matures to become grain.

External form of God, there is principle and law and order, become people who live according to it. Mind and body resemble God's internal and external characteristics, our responsibility through growing period.

We need to understand in Sung Sang and Hung Sang in masculine and feminine are a unified body, not separate. Some philosophies ask if matter or spirit comes first, that is not the question, everything exists in God as a harmonious union. God's divine character, etc. if we live according to that law and order, and principle, also God's Shim Jung is there. In the principle there is Shim Jung, also there is no Shim Jung separated from law and principles.

We are able to become one in the world of effect. United body. Water, vapor and ice, are all water, in their essence; not a dualistic theory but unified theory, only-one theory. They did not understand essence of existence, because of the fall. Now we can understand, have same linage as God. Could not understand, or explain so far. True Parents do.

That is why God has sexual organs, he is my father, my parents, not vague. Human beings have not known God so far. 6,5 billion people today, all of them, if all knew God and resemble him, lived in their bodies, maintaining God's principles and order, all living the same kind of life, centering on God. Just become some one lives far away, lives a different life, world of happiness, peace. Same kind and heart as God, fight because we did not know God. Be reborn through God, return to him, have eternal world of peace and happiness.

Relationship between subject and object partners.

Existence and relationship, God exists, his characteristics, so what is the relationship between these? In 1965 in Korea there was a debate, Divine Principle was presented to intellectuals in Korea for the first time, President Eu lectured, they said there are quadruple characteristics, it is not so. True Father said, that it is not true, masculinity and femininity are attributes of Sung Sang and Hung Sang; Sung Sang and Hung Sang are primary characteristics, even in the mind there is male and female. Everyone has that, different degrees. Everything exists in harmonious union. All existence in dual characteristics.

Difference between man and woman? Sexual organs. Subject partner, who? No matter how great a woman may be, she is still a woman, no matter how incapable a man may be, he is still a man. Man is subject position. World will be destroyed if it would be different. The seed comes from the father. The owners are not treated as owners, Eve fell first, became owner of garden. Understand clearly, man is subject partner.

Man is subject, internal, woman is object and external. Why? Must understand. Father has the seed, Father gave birth to me, woman raised me. Seed of the father is internal, planted in the body of the mother, external.

Cause and result, vertical and horizontal, subject and object. Man and woman are in a horizontal relationship, not vertical. Father needs a woman, God created Adam first, took a rib from Adam, created Eve. God is masculine subject partner, first envisioned woman, first though about woman, created man would fit with conception of woman. Two came together and fell, tragedy, could not plant his absolute sperm. 

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