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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 1 – Part 5 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 25, 2010
Unofficial notes

4:00 PM

God is our father, within relationship between external and internal form, attributes in Sung Sang and Hung Sang there is Yang and Yin. Yang type of internal nature, more aggressive, Yin is more passive. External form, Yang part is sticking out, eyes are sticking out, and breasts in women stick out. It is because it comes from God. One in narrow on top and large on the bottom and vice versa; sit together harmonious. Subject equals man, object form becomes a woman.

Man and woman have different voices, same reason we have these attributes, some men have characters like women, and sometimes women have a lot of hair. Woman have male hormones, men have female hormones. As woman grow older start to take leadership position, female hormones decrease, and male hormones do not.

All humanity is born through woman, even the greatest men, God thinks that women are great, without them no life would come into existence. God has harmonious union of dual characteristics, principles, law and order.

Absolute sex comes from God, men resemble father, become substantiation of absolute sex and women the same. Both Adam and Eve are supposed to resemble God's original body of absolute sex. All life comes from God, based on absolute sex. Keep commandment. Resemble God's Shim Jung, law and order, resemble our father. God is my father, my parents, not vague object of faith. He gave me birth, raised me. God is the cause.

A substantiation of God's absolute sex, know the parent, attend the parent, God. Understand God as my own parent. Not just as concepts, but to attend God. God is my parent. God is my father. Need to feel God's love. True Father is completely consumed by desire to love God. Who would comfort God? Only True Parents understood. Worked to liberate God from his pain.

During my life, I meet someone who loves God as much as I do. Who? No one else who has this kind of heart, find the person and train him, he would be satisfied. True Parents in Hungnam prison, experienced Shim Jung of God, become one in the loneliest and sad place, God is in that kind of place, can understand God more deeply.

People of faith have to go through many difficulties. To understand God as a person of faith, have relationship of Shim Jung with God, more than relationship of faith. Bible says to be always thankful and pray. God is my parent and my father. Don't call God Father as a servant of servant, some in position of adopted son, some as son of concubine.

What is our position? Need to understand, from what position I call him Father. Need to offer deep Jeon Song, attend him in our lives. God is original form of Shim Jung and true love. Original body of Shim Jung and true love, of goodness, truth and beauty. Intellect, emotion and will come from God. In school, this is taught, nobody can explain their origin. They exist in Sung Sang of God; come from there. Externally realized become actions of truth, beauty and goodness. Come from God, original body of principles; law and order. He is the origin of all these.

True love, life and linage, were inside God. God does not have a substantial body, we do have, need to realize these. Conscience always pursues goodness, owner is the original body of conscience. Also of life, science cannot create life, create more cells, but life itself cannot be created. God is self existing, absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal. He is self existing, omnipresent. Many spiritual people come to me, sometimes debate with me for two days. Omnipresent what does it mean? Our mind is it in our head, in our hands, it is in the body. Cannot define exact location. Mind can function without human body. When mind leaves body, go any place, because it comes from God.

Owner of universe, exists everywhere, not within a particular object, can exist any place in the universe, function anywhere. There is no place where he is not. Because human beings fell, as a result cannot understand. Infinite spirit and power, he is the original body of power, infinitely large and small, has infinite power and small power. If God had a body, how would he be? How tall? How heavy? 60 or 70 kg? His body is different than ours. Both a king and a beggar can live with God, infinite spirit and infinite power.

When I was a pastor, in my prayer I started "God of love", one day a voice said, "how did you find out that God is the God of love?" God asks me if I used the term just as a formality, I copied others, I did not really know. When I feel that he is a God of love, then I can pray that way. One day, God asked me do you really know my Shim Jung? There is nothing in the fallen world that resembles it; I lost it through the fall.

If you want to know, go to a parent who has lost only son over three generations. Parents have nothing left to live for, no self respect, cannot eat, eyes are swollen, hang on to their child, find that kind of parent, that is the only way that I can show my Shim Jung. Father asked me did you find that parent? No, I met a mother of that situation. In the army, the third generation only son had to go to military, he died during active duty, mother was incredibly sad, had to take remains to her. Mother in her store fell on the ground in pain, she cried for several days, could not live normal live for several days. That is the heart of the parent who has lost their child.

As a child, I watched cattle, one day in the rain I saw a woman in the forest crying at a grave. Her child was there, she could not leave the grave. God lost a great deal more. He lost his children and his ideal of creation. On TV in Korea, there was a old man in singing contest, from North Korea, came down, married, sang well, daughter and son, that son kept asking please buy me a motor cycle. Father said no, before he went to university, his mother promised him, she bought it for him, rode it, on a bridge, a car stopped there, in the night, he didn't see it, crashed into it.

Father got the news, talked about his experience live on television. When a child dies, the parent's heart cannot forget him as long as they live. Everything reminds them of their child. Someone who sings or resembles like his son, ran up to him. In a restaurant he ordered all the food that his son loved, couldn't eat it, left in tears. Suffering of a parent who loses a child.

True Parents have sent five of their children to spiritual world, can you understand the sorrow. Some said, True Father did not even cry. True Father was in Chung Pyung, he was going to Hawaii. Father came to offer flowers and prayed, Hyo Jin nim's Seunghwa. He could not follow his son. Father became distant, then the hearse could leave Chung Pyung. Three days later, True Father sat in silence in front of TV, not watching, could not shed tears before that time. After my report Father sat again in front of TV.

True Father's heart of a parent. When True Father took Hyo Jin Nim to Pantanal, to establish conditions. Father was there with Hyo Jin Nim, Father called him to the front of the plane. Said to him: I wanted to raise you up to be the greatest person in the world, I couldn't do, please understand my situation. Tears were like huge drops, made noise when dropped to the floor. Hyo Jin Nim went back, True Father continued to shed tears. He could not do anything for him when he was alive.

Even in the world we have fathers who collapse completely when they lose their child. Satan has attacked True family, we needed to protect the True Family, but we could not do it. They protected us. They protected us false people of fallen linage, sacrificed her own children for us, Satan has attacked the True Family in full force. We received what True children should have received. All couples were created to protect True Parents and True Family. We were not able to live that way.

We have wives and children, cannot bear to see that our children are hungry. We loved our own children more than True Family. True Father completely sacrificed their own family. Satan tried to killed True Parents but could not. But he could take five of their children. Satan went into the true family. All the things of the satanic world entered the True Family. Some accuse: Satan attacked them, we were too busy worry about our own children, didn't know that True Father was protecting us. When True Children have difficulties, understand that we did not fulfill our responsibility.

We have to change our way of thinking. Everything has to come out. Nothing can remain hidden. Human beings did not accomplish their responsibility, True Parents paid that indemnity. Think deeply how we are going to experience Shim Jung of God. Absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal, quite nature.

One heart, one body, one ideal, one core, active nature, love without partner does not function. Active with partner, harmony, unity and peace.

Absolute owner of absolute faith, love, obedience, people hate the word obedience, but necessary. Husband is absolutely obedient to wife, becomes the owner, owner of her sexual organ. Same for the woman. Otherwise we are false.

True love, life, lineage, true family: husband and wife become true husband and wife, have children, centering on absolute sex, resemble God's absolute sex.

God's appearance: divine form and nature, God's common characteristics, all resemble God internal and external, Yang and Yin, all have it equals form; individual characteristics in God, by species, lions, within species, human beings are different, are individual truth bodies, even twins are different.

Divine nature: Shim Jung, logos, creativity: Shim Jung equals essential characteristics, root of God's true love, without it true love is impossible, fallen men cut off relationship with God, false life, love, lineage.

Adam lived more than 900 years after the fall, but lost true love, live and lineage, from God's point of view he was dead.

The Archangel was a servant to help create the universe. God's motivation for creation was Shim Jung. Because the Archangel is a servant he does not have human portion of responsibility. Human beings become perfected with Shim Jung, even the Archangel would come under them, attend them as they would God. Love of the Archangel equals false love, not motivated by Shim Jung. Shim Jung is core of God's character, live for others, substantiation of true love, people of character, why? Now we can see that it is to resemble God.

Logos is law and order, necessary, mandatory, creativity: basics is Shim Jung, resemble God's Shim Jung, motivation must be Shim Jung.

Just for profit is not good motivation, need to create with Shim Jung.

From now on you need to see, listen, speak with Shim Jung. Knowledge, faith and power are limited. Shim Jung has no limit, from highest to lowest place. God is original body of Shim Jung, does not only exist in good places.

Correlationship: O-D-U action, four position foundation, all the concepts in the Principle of creation existed in the beginning of creation, lost at the fall, True Parents discovered and teach them to us.

Principles of Creation is the blue print, it existed within God, if we do not live according to it, we are dead, have no value.

Sung Sang, inside it: We should not analyze God but understand him.

Internal Sung Sang and Internal Hung Sang.

Internal Sung Sang: intellect, emotion and will, come from God. We do not know them, because of the fall.

Philosophy tried to understand essence of existence: have these terms: they explain, but ignore its origin.

Center is emotion, father said they do not exist separately, are united in God, exist within each other, are a harmonious union within God, make up the character.

Within intellect there is will and emotion, in emotion there are intellectual aspects. In fallen world we try to differentiate things, but all exist together. Within God, resemble God, do not have separate intellect, emotion and will. Think in a unified way.

Emotional function and sensibility: feel emotion, just like God, joyful, angry, sorrow, loneliness, all exist within God, when he lost his children, he was very sad, he lamented, Christians cannot understand that God has emotion. More intense. Will functions to pursue, make decisions. When God makes a decision, needs to be accomplished, needs a partner equals human beings.

Internal Hung Sang: form elements: conceptions, general ideal, rules, numbers.

Conceptions, specific representations, very detailed, general ideal: abstract images, pursue values.

Rules: laws of value, laws of nature.

Origin of individual's nobility, dignity, why? We come from someone who is noble, dignified, divine.

We are not just a high level animal, seed is different, we are not like cows and horses; in communism: people were killed.

Essence of the universe: God is original being.

Matter of spirit? Not either one alone, it is the Sung Sang and Hung Sang who are the origin of matter and spirit.

Dual characteristics, not dualism, harmonious union, unique one.

Matter and spirit, harmonious union of both is the essence. There is only-one theory. Only-one ideology, not democracy or communism, it is Godism, parentism.

These two have their roots back in Adam's family, because Adam and Eve could not become true parents.

Right wing or left wing? Two arms, both are part of the body. Head gives the directions to both wings. This is philosophy of God, Jesus, True Parents.

Relationship of Shim Jung was cut off by the fall, need to be reconnected to God, our way of thinking is different from the world.

Woman you were raised, married, woman goes to the man's house, because the woman does not have the seed, woman is called the child's palace. Daughter in law should serve parents in law first; her linage is connected to her own parents.

Must go back to God, in the fallen world, people divorce, live with someone else. We must divorce ourselves from Satan, to not have any connection to him. Live according to our original nature. Inherit that again from God. Only one ideology? North Korea has ideology, Father told them that Juche ideology was wrong; the North cannot unify the south on its own. He had to say it while Kim Il Sung was still alive.

Fundamental law of the universe, parents and child, only-one ideology. God is not a conceptional being. 

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