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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 2 - Part 1 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 26, 2010
Unofficial notes

5:30 am.

Rev. Yu just had a phone call with True Father, he knows that Father is happy. Father prays for all of you. True Father prays for all of Europe this morning.

Yesterday, important thing: what kind of being is God? No philosopher or religion has correctly described him. True Parents are the substantiation of God and can tell us. Third World War is ideological, teach correctly about God. Fight it with truth. Human being can go back to God. Heaven is greatly interested in your victory in Europe. This moment is precious to Heaven to study Original Divine Principle.

Relationship of mind and body between God and humankind. Thinkers thought that God was far away. We are holy temples of God, receive him in us. Also: parent and child relationship, no secrets between them. Sons and daughters who came out of the original body.

If we had not fallen, we would live with God; but we lost God, and became soiled. Our lives are distant from God, dirty. We thought we knew truth, but could not accept new truth, Satan controlled us in this way. True Parents have given us new truth, how to put into practice, most important. God is our parent, how to become his sons and daughters? Need to do certain things, portion of responsibility for God and for man.

How do we become God's true sons and daughters? Resemble God, internal nature, external form, lineage, seed of true love within God, motherly body within God, seed and body come together within, through sexual organs, fruit is the lineage. True person? Standard? Become a true human being: resembles God. Saints and faith leaders could not explain the essence of God, they could not understand.

Sung Sang and Hung Sang, harmonious unity of dual characteristics, Yang and yin attributes, exist in union, unified body, mind and body, material and spirit are not separate, exist in God as unified body.

Shim Jung and character resemble God, fill container to put a 100, another 50, another 10; when we have a standard, what kind of a faith, live? Think in details how we live our lives, our mind has to resemble God, no limitation to the mind; God is omnipresent within me and universe; overflow within our mind; God's Shim Jung has to overflow, his character, too.

In earthly life is short, compared to spiritual life, precious time, live for the sake of the eternal world, fraction of a second; prepare everything, substantial bodies, fill our mind with God's Shim Jung and his character, no conflict, no war, no encroaching on other people's things; Shim Jung cannot bear not loving the object partner, love cannot be stopped, have it overflow in us, how happy, loving we would be; have that kind of mind with us; content is important not external form.

Law and principles and order, our life should resemble this, overflowing in us; speak with someone, needs to be according to God's law, principles and order; need to always be there, waking or sleeping; our life of faith is our life, maintain the word of God, faith and life cannot be separate, has to bear fruits.

Mind and body resemble God's Sung Sang and Hung Sang, Shim Jung and character must resemble God, our lives must resemble him, Hung Sang: mind of principles, law and order, meet a person can feel if the person has Cheon Seong, smell the fragrance; everything that God created has his own unique fragrance; lord of creation has his own fragrance; not fragrance of knowledge, power, etc. most important is fragrance of Shim Jung, true love.

Our essence is created to resemble God's essence; ugly outside, but everybody like the person.

Is there longing in your faith? Longing to meet God? How much do we long for our members who live in hell, the people and leaders of the country? Love them. Get up earlier than them, go to sleep little later than them. Our lives: represent God and True Parents; person who lives with God, God said to Moses: I will be with you; God does not have a body, establishes a central figure, he will be with him; God will be with you as leaders; cannot feel, but he is there.

His internal yang and yin, mind and body become one, harmonious union, husband and wife become one, resemble God in order to become one. Father and mother have to be that way, could not fight. In ideal world, husband and wife to fight could not happen. If mind and body struggle, God cannot be there; Satan brings about conflict, keeps God away. Mind and body live for the sake of each other, cannot be separated.

God's character, essential characteristic is his Shim Jung, resemble him, our essential characteristic should be my Shim Jung; God's should overflow in me; Shim Jung education is most important for members; leaders have loving Shim Jung, give words to the members, meet them, love them.

If member brings guests, how grateful you will be, reflect God's heart. You are not speaking to people, have God speaking through you; do not have own things in heart; have God overflow; true life, lineage, absolute sex.

Motivation of creation: original body of principles; he wanted to create; love, live for the sake of something, Shim Jung was the motivation for creation; God created everything according to a very detailed plan; wanted to give, love, could not control this, hold it back.

God existed by himself, started, Shim Jung exploded within God, creation began; absolute faith to have it right; must have Shim Jung as our motivation of life to resemble God; we create within the context of God's creation; important to lead our lives with Shim Jung motivation, eat, sleep, come, go; you have come here from all over Europe, when you received the notice, reaction not the same: some, too busy, other now is the time, happy. Motivation determines the outcome of the education session. God and yourself know your motivation. God's word is motivation ,each word are seeds of life for you. Knowledge, fame or power should not be motivation, basics must be motivated by Shim Jung. Meet a person, Shim Jung motivation.

God invested himself in creation, all elements in God, was taken out and invested. He started from scratch, just elements within himself, invested himself. Let's take a plastic hose, flower, pour it in there, stuck together, cannot get the flower, 100 meters, have to continue grains of flowers. More difficult than that for God to create. Desperate Shim Jung and motivation of love, creation would not have been possible. Run 40 km during the night; purpose and do it; motivation can do, motivation of love.

Meet someone at the end of the road, give life for an hour. Desperate desire to love; blueprint was within him (principles of creation) create our own character, even God cannot create it for me, God cannot do it for me. Resemble God's character, practice true love, Shim Jung. My portion of responsibility, invest myself. All Shim Jung, true love, invest it, develop it, live for the sake of others.

Service activities, many NGO's in the world, live for the sake of others, many serve more than we do. Their minds and hearts, motivation is different from ours. Ours is to develop our character. NGO's and our's are fundamentally different in motivation. What do we gain from that? We are creating character from that. Sacrifice, service.

God is absolute, unique unchanging and eternal. We have all values, absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal. He is one, absolute, no change. Our lives must be the same. Our thinking resemble God, absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal. True Parents do absolutely not change, their destination and motivation are certain. Do things when the time is right, plant seeds in spring. True Parents know time in God's providence, are ready. True Parents never change. We must create couples like that, absolute, unchanging, unique and eternal. True Parents teach us the way we have to live. Even fallen parents do not teach lies to their children.

Purpose must be clear. Earthly life is to prepare life in spiritual world. Purpose and motivation must be clear. Couples cannot fight. Children as well. First True Parents establish Kingdom of Heaven on earth, than in spiritual world. Make the path for all. If I have same mind as parents, want to participate in their work. Leave this place with this kind of heart. Take children and grandchildren. Pastor as an individual easy, with wife more difficult, with children even more difficult. Best way take wife to members homes and educate her. Her thinking changes, her life changes as well. Witness to our object partner, husband and wife have to mature together. Grow up together. Same position, go together, not easy to practice. Truth will make you free. Principle, practice it, liberate you, make you free. Our couple and family need to resemble God. No matter how difficult it may be.

True love, true life, true lineage, established on the basics of absolute sex, God is owner. Resemble God and inherit absolute sex, true love, life and lineage. Adam and Eve would have reached perfection, owner of sexual organ is my partner; God is original body of absolute sex, he is the original owner, wanted to have body, to have his sons and daughters; resemble God in that way.

Absolute faith, love and obedience: God had it, no doubt; his Shim Jung is motivation; love came from within himself, could not help but loving; in our motivation must have absolute faith, love and obedience, absolute owner. He created Adam and Eve, central existences of all creation, their perfection, God is absolute owner of the entire universe, through Adam and Eve. Couple is in that position. Wife and husband have absolute faith, love and obedience towards each other, become each other's absolute owners.

That is how I can become a true person, God's son and daughter.

God's portion of responsibility: to create human beings to resemble himself, at the center of creation, resembles his internal character; human's responsibility to grow to resemble God; God's Shim Jung and character must overflow in human being; Shim Jung world need objects; husband and wife, parent child relationship allow us to develop this, complete maturity. When man completes his portion of responsibility; God is completed. Human beings complete God, like between parents and children. Without children we cannot become parents or grandparents. Same with God. When children are qualified to be children, parents can go to rest.

God lost his son and daughter, pain, suffering. Children must be complete, this completes the parents. If children go astray, parents are sad, better not to have children, they may feel. Judgment takes place in the family; I want to get married to someone like my mother or father, this is good, but if they do not want to marry someone who is like their mother or father, this is tragic.

We need complete God. Title of this workshop, we proclaim liberation of responsibility, liberate God. This was within God's blueprint. Five percent of our responsibility completes God's.

We are the body of God, moves with the mind. God is my parent, I am his child. I have not been able to resemble him, qualification to become his child, become that kind of true person. This the core of all our teachings. Final destination is God, he is my parent, my father. Call "father" from every cell of my body, world of Shim Jung. First thing that human beings must maintain is absolute sex.

Fearful time to come. Fall: six thousand years were lost. Ask for forgiveness of God. The path of restoration, final forgiveness, establish absolute standard. Need this education to go with True Parents to the next stage. Understand God our parent who sacrificed everything for me. God is lonely father, waiting for his children to return to him, tragic situation of God. Have God's Shim Jung overflow within us.

True Parents don't convey just knowledge, speak the words that God wants to speak. True Father cried every day, aware of God's situation. Tears of God. 

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