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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 2 - Part 5 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 26, 2010
Unofficial notes

4:00 pm.

Circular motion, up and down, right and left, circular must go through three points; right center and left, front center and behind, circular motion, then becomes spherical movement, when circling in different angles.

Standard of absolute value is God, absolute value, true love, true life, true lineage, ex. A princess loves a man from the country side, love can transcend social barriers:

Right of equal status, right to live together, right to participate in work, right of inheritance.

Through true love we receive rights to be with God, participate, and inherit. All exists like that, in circles or close to being a circle, healthy person has a round person. If True Father would not have suffered in Hungnam (chemicals), maybe he could live up to 200 years. True Father was born with a special physical body. Satanic world tried to kill him, he could survive all. Her mother came from a very strong family, her siblings were very strong, could pick up a rail. The kind of preparation his lineage received. All existences have circular movement. Earth is round, universe is round, if it is not circle cannot be forgiven, ball is always in circle, one point is always on the ground. Take a straw and blow to a small fruit and keep it in the air. All existences have circular movement.

God's omnipresence

Page 46.

Man and woman, four position foundation, animals same way, also plants, accomplish God's purpose of creation, substantialization God's original form and substance.

Multiplication of life, takes place through Origin Division Union action. Life on earth, then spiritual world, successors on earth, and children, need descendants to carry on the work, we are eternal in spiritual world and want to continue on earth. Need to reproduce. Development takes places through Origin Division Union action. Plants, stamen and pistil bring about a seed, a four position foundation, centering on God, also animals, human beings. Spiritual world for animals and plants?.

I don't like cats, will there be cats in spiritual world? True Father said, they will not come to you in spiritual world. Everything on earth will be reflected in spiritual world. There must be nothing that you hate on earth, as lord of creation must love everything, God creates everything, loves and has hope for everything.

The reason all beings are composed of dual characteristics:.

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In order to exists, need energy, to have eternal nature, circle for eternity, requires three points, also to have eternal nature. Linear movement does not have eternity.

Conclude the laws of the universe (laws of heaven).

Principle of existence, dual characteristics, correlative being, why? Love, value and ethics, order established based on love, need subject and object (need men and women). No happiness and joy, without them. Same is true for God.

The principle of origin of existence: exist for the sake of others, problems if people live for themselves, start with giving not receiving, derive joy from that.

Principle of life of existence.

Life for sake of others, to love God, to love human beings, to love all things, enemy, to live a public life. Must love our enemies to go back to the original world. God is a public being, True Parents are public, no private life.

Law of development, give and take action, law of reciprocation, love and beauty flowing from Shim Jung, become harmonized union, always development three stages through Origin Division Union action (communism thesis and antithesis, struggle) our alternative, we criticize them based on their own theory.

Foundation of existence is the four position foundation, God's purpose of creation, absolute value, true love, life and lineage, absolute sex; Standard of absolute value is God; absolute value comes from absolute God.

The purpose of creation, motivation

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Motivation for creation, that is why there is a purpose: no coincidence, that is Shim Jung, central aspect of God; root of God's true love, core of God's character, Shim Jung loves the object, impulse of Shim Jung, emotional impulse of heart that desires to feel joy through loving the object partner; love need substantial partner; cannot withhold that feeling, absolute faith, love will come out, obedience.

Purpose of creation is joy; no joy in our lives, purpose is not realized, need joy 24 hours a day, sad suffering and frustrated in our lives, need to change, cannot go to our position in spiritual world, need joy, object must reflect subject partner; we were created in God's image, objects of goodness and joy, perfection, Shim Jung; Gen 1.28 resembling the subject. Experience joy, object must resemble myself. Do you like more daughter or daughter in law? Daughter in law will carry on lineage of your family, more important to you. In Blessed families, mothers should not treat their daughters in law poorly, new tradition. Three great blessings through four position foundation, comes joy: be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. Mind and body who come out of God, create a human being, one with God, reflects God, becomes his image, temple of God, be perfect.

Man and woman come together centered on God, go to spiritual world together will be one, Shim Jung world appear as one body. Family is training for love, need to understand value of family. One woman would go to the university to witness, brought in many students, take them to her home, take them to the matching, Blessing. One student, did not like the matched spouse, did True Parents matched you with a man or a woman? A woman. As long as it is a woman you have to accept it. Forceful, as long as True Father has matched you with a woman, there is no like or dislike. How about you?.

One leader shocked me one time, he broke up Blessing of his children, he answered, Blessing is eternal, human beings can change. Is that right? Something a leader can say? Blessing is eternal, two people must maintain Blessing for eternity. Heavenly person received Shim Jung education. Husband and wife, have good children, come all from God. Life of heaven, education of rules. Everything is based on order and discipline, if you don't follow can't be with God. Must apply principles in our lives, life of faith. Cheon Il Guk equals country in which two people become one.

Domination, knowledge and skills, health, physical power to do. Need bodies of God, to maintain, keep healthy, protect; True Father did it in Hungnam, cleaned his body. When bombs fell those close to True Father lived, those distant died. Also his sentence to be killed on the day UN forces bombed. Understand about three great blessing, God has given them to all human beings. Become God's body, he wants to live inside me, most precious blessing, I want to live with you, body moves according to the mind, second blessing for God to substantiate himself and love through man and woman, use their sexual organs, to create children; third blessing: dominate all things on my behalf.

Page 49, most precious is the Blessing marriage, giving a woman to a man and a man to a woman.

If there would be only one woman in Europe, even ugly, all men would fight about her. Inherit God's true love, live and lineage and absolute sex. Completion of the realm of liberation of responsibility. He always talks about absolute sex, need to talk about, is so precious. Liberate human beings and liberate God. Must be faithful, even if you loose your life. Must not go before God in shame. Absolute sex education needs to be emphasized over and over again.

The family is the basic unit of heaven: in garden of Eden, lost the center, all changed, need to maintain the center: top-center-bottom, right-center-left, up-center-down, front-center-behind.

Shim Jung, true love and character must overflow from within us, need principle, law and order; man and woman come together as a family equals basic unit of heaven.

Family is God's ideal of creation, the order of the family is the standard order of the universe; number 3 of heaven, earth: number four; number seven: family, seven is a lucky number, good number.

People have different character and personalities; one is an absolute number, two is stubborn number.

Number 4, be careful of health; five represents all things, material blessing; six: day that God created human beings, has to relate to people, be careful to whom he related to; real estate as a job, good witnesser; seven is a family oriented person; woman becomes good wife, wise mother; man equals seven, mother's boy, feminine; number 8: can go any place, always moving, speak well, lawyer, scholar, nine: completion, God has number one and ten, everything else Satan took. Nine is the largest number, biggest number; nine plus three is twelve: complete number, 12 disciples, 12 sons for Jacob, etc. 36 couples. Explain through the principle, useful for you. Do not open a fortune teller shop, use it for a good way.

Name has some significance. Determines a person's life and fortune in orient. Father has given us characters for the children according to Blessing groups, example 1800 couples, certain character for boys and girls.

The family is basic unit of heaven, the whole family must fulfill.

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One heart, unity, purity, pure blood, pure love, pure home, absolute sex; life must be unified.

Dutiful family way of filial son or daughter, patriot, saint and heavenly son and daughter of God.

Love with true love and live a life resonating with true love; love for our parents, resonate with their love, true love will echo within the family; many times children forget parents, live far away, but parents always remember their children, at every meal; many times children do not understand the parental heart, something happened, parents can feel that; resonate with true love, feel all, must become that kind of family.

True love infinitely invests and forgets, everything must start with investment; in Uruguay, True Father gave lots of money to central figure there, newspaper company, hotel, bank; later found out that he had stolen all; True Father did not want to go to the police. He worked hard; let's pay him for what he has worked for. Gave him money, treat enemy with love. True Father showed the example.

Everybody likes true love. If you meet a person to use him, that does not work. Family is training ground to develop Shim Jung and true love. All members of the family should have that kind of heart.

The center must remain steadfast. Sons and daughters in true family, we could not help the work of the True family, eventually come back to the center.

Same is true for all. We should feel sorry for heaven for True Parents;.

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The desire of man's life is to find the original homeland, where there is true love; our original homeland is sexual organ of my parents, eventually when going back we come to God, their owner is God. Must be reborn through God's sexual organs, restore the lineage; man has the seed, woman has the ovum, the egg. God is the original body of absolute sex, sperm of true father absolute sex and of True mother's ovum; meet in the uterus and true lineage comes from that. Seed and body of true love come together in the uterus, create lineage.

36C, 5 degrees C is normal temperature for human being, by making love, even 43 degrees C do not die. Love of the archangel does not go about 38 degrees. Temperature in woman's uterus changes. In the completed Adam, if God would have entered into his body would have gone to 44 to 53 degrees, only sperm of absolute sex remains, the healthy one, same in the ovum. True Father talked about October 14th Blessing.

All blessed families should go through the Original Divine Principle workshop before. Creates families who have nothing to do about the fall. November 11, Blessing of second generation, one child of 17 years old, very young, mysterious to see them receive the Blessing. He checked each couple again after the matching. Must raise up these couples carefully, like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. After that, Blessing is given which has no relationship with the fall. That is why give Original Divine Principle education. We corrected the textbook, this is new edition, you are the first to receive it. 

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