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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 2 - Part 6 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 26, 2010
Unofficial notes

6:00 pm.

Dual purpose, missed some, not recorded.

Why do we marry?.

To become complete, before marriage were are only half; children are watching, marry young, see third and fourth generation.

Many people marry without understand the purpose of marriage.

To resemble God who is complete, come out of God as his son and daughter, want to dominate God's true love, Adam is substantiation of God, Eve becomes wife of God, a man alone or a woman alone, cannot dominate God's true love, individual perfection, partner is the owner of one's sexual organ.

To perfect God and a realm of liberation of love, sons and daughters come together to complete God, position of God's child, then parent can rest; no parent without a child, no child without a parent.

God's image in spiritual world who have been the image of Adam and Eve, Jesus' role was the same; could not do it, passed away, then returned through Lord of the Second Advent for the purpose of completing God's purpose of creation, God in the future will be the image of True Parents; many people receive their spiritual directives, because they are substantiation of God; first love of Adam and Eve and first night would be those of God; become one with God through sexual organs; Adam and Eve are God's image in spiritual world who have been the image of Adam and Eve, Jesus' role was the same; could not do it, passed away, then returned through Lord of the Second Advent for the purpose of completing God's purpose of creation, God in the future will be the image of True Parents; many people receive their spiritual directives, because they are substantiation of God; first love of Adam and Eve and first night would be those of God; become one with God through sexual organs; Adam and Eve's sexual organs are substantiation of God's sexual organs. It is the most important thing within God's purpose of creation.

To multiply God's true love, life and true lineage for eternity.

God's body, to have an object partner of love, experience love, multiply his children in substantial form, would fill the earth and spirit world.

First blessing become holy temple of God, become husband and wife, have children through absolute sex, to have eternity.

Life of faith and our way of life are the same. If someone throws away their faith, throw away life.

Keeping the commandment is way of life. Why we must marry.

True Parents and Completed Testament Age.

Page 52,

God created Adam and Eve on the sixth day, wanted them to become true son and daughter, bride and groom, husband and wife, father and mother, his ideal of creation accomplish through Adam and Eve, three great blessings; individual perfection, family perfection and dominion, to become True Parents, portion of responsibility, God gave a promise. Adam and Eve did not keep the promise, disbelieved, after the Fall.

Old Testament Age to Jesus, he completed the Old Testament Age, came to fulfill purpose of creation, cross, New Testament Age, another promise, after he died, resurrected on the third day, Pentecost, disciples met him spiritually, put on fire, Christianity was formed centered on resurrected Jesus, persecution.

Lord of the Second Advent came, True Parents came, savior, Messiah, came as son of God. Judaism had messianic thought, did not recognize him, put him on the cross. All religions have founded by religious leaders who have promised to come back in the last days; comes as the savior; what is he going to save? The family; Satan dwells in the world, by changing the blood lineage, he becomes a true parent.

When God's kingdom is established, princes and princesses, he is True Parents, king of kings, he has to go through stages to fight against Satan; after 40 years of Unification Church, they indemnified all of Christianity, and Judaism, 4000 years. Needed to be settled, indemnify all in one single generation, in their own lifetime, 40 years minimum was necessary. Old Testament Age, New Testament Age all needed to indemnified, even Archangel put into original position, give the Blessing, recover all that was lost; Completed Testament Age age after 40 years of Unification Church history, purpose of creation, Completed Testament Age everything was promised to Adam and Eve will be done.

Declaration of True Parents, not as a president, teacher, he came as Messiah to save all mankind to wipe away the original sin; to guide people. He has to liberate all of mankind and bring them to the heavenly kingdom. We must consider him like that, not just another religious leader, he is the substantiation of God, our views of him must change today. In the beginning the HSA-UWC, why did he have to use the word Christianity? Not another denomination; criticized and attacked, he came on foundation of Christianity, Old Testament Age, Jewish people as chosen people, Lord of the Second Advent came on foundation of Christianity.

Unify it with true love. Completion was done through the Family Federation. Religion restores the individual, so that it can go back to the family. Christianity, would it have done its role as bride, now Family Federation of all the families around the world. If we receive the Blessing and live for our family only, nothing to do with God. Lost True Parents, were sacrificed to Satan. Such leaders and members, appeal to them with tears. Shepherd who loses one sheep to bring it back, have a feast. Each family is very important. How much are we living according to God's and True Parents' heart? Repent first. How much have I been keeping this word? .

Centering on the family completion, Cheon Il Guk, Family Pledge, liberated realm on earth and in Heaven, establish homeland, Cheon Il Guk equals country made by two persons coming together. Family Party, House where we can attend God, where he can live. Adam and Eve lost the standard God gave, have Hoon Dok to read father's words as long as we are alive. Continue to read textbooks of True Parents, that is the text that God gave us. School, our teaching material. Even if I am not on earth, it will be established. He gave it for the time after he is gone.

Proclamation the liberation realm on earth, king of cosmic peace on earth, education , transcends religion and race, nationalities, no enemies, must all come together through education of Divine Principle and true love. Only Messiah can give Blessing, true love, life and lineage and absolute sex. True Parents have appeared, families, sons and daughters, give the Blessing. True Parents of heaven and earth, and humankind.

Safe settlement in our lives. 2001, January 13, God's coronation of God's kingship. God established the creator's position; 12 years after, in 2013, January 13th, cannot be extended, everything must be completed by then, then 2002, he declared Cheon Il Guk, 2003, Holy Marriage Blessing, 60th birthday of mother; king of cosmic peace, opening Cheon Il Guk that day.

1960 April by solar calendar had their Blessing, at that time no coronation yet, no Cheon Il Guk. There was no foundation at all, married with Korean traditional style, fighting outside, police station, kept him there over night to find something. On the 12th April, next day, sixteenth of March, lunar calendar came back, had the heavenly marriage.

Satan tried to bother his marriage, tried to kill him in Hungnam. Restored the fact that Jesus has lost 12 disciples, 10 people were a team, fill bags of fertilizer; terrible situation, Father's team never missed its quota. True Father did the most difficult job and helped others who were with him. 1300 bags have to be stacked up, in the morning more energy than in the evening.

True Father always went to the farthest place first, did everything scientifically, found 12 disciples, how did he witness, the moment he went to the toilet, passing by someone, bump into someone, just gave one word like that to them. Faithful Christians, tried to keep their faith, tried to kill him, he challenged their faith, ancestors taught them, are you the Messiah? They were doubtful. Father asked him about your dream last night? That is how he witnessed to a person at a time, he witnessed at that place of death, crucifixion place, witness while he was on the cross.

This was his course in the prison, how easy for us to witness today. In 2003, Holy Marriage took place, opening the gates of Heaven. True Parents of Heaven and Earth, Holy Blessing ceremony. True Parents came, started as the king of Blessed families.

2004 created Cheon Seong Gung, went through it four times; checked everything was right, dedicated it to Heaven in 2004. All other religious texts lost their lights. Religious text of heaven has appeared.

Altar in the family is important, pray put your hand on Cheon Sung Gung. 2004, declared Ahn Shi Il, on every eight days, from 2004, May 5th, first Ahn Shi Il, Sang Hhab Shik Sa, pair coming together, victory of ten. Going to the sea, for eighty days he lived on the sea. To create live on the ocean, so that all humanity could go through. Human beings were given the condition, of having participated with him for 85 years. On August 28, came the tribal messiah, 268 surnames, tribal messiahs. Dedicated crown to Father and took it to him, Mr. Yu's tribe surrendered first to True Father; Washington world level coronation, 2006 before Cheon Seong Gung, June 13. 2007 jubilee, 2008 declared Original Divine Principle, 2009: era of liberating God. 2007, eight times seven, 7 July 2007, at 7:07 am on the right hand... Sabbath realm of he king, centering on absolute sex.

This year we have the proclamation of a new age, January 15th of last year, coronation of God as king of kings. Until now, Heaven has recognized all kings of Satan's world. Now no more. Obama was elected. Father went to US, to change inauguration to August, went to Washington three times, establish conditions, January 31st events, before the US president did the coronation ceremony of God? Translation not clear.

We must understand, Blessed families have the mission of tribal messiah mission, bless all members of our tribe, pray and give them the textbooks and autobiography. Read that, most opposed Christian will change. One minister came to me that he misunderstood reverend Moon. Wants to know his teachings.

Another person who is a leader of the laborers, sent gifts to True Parents, give the autobiography to tribe. The True Family is the Gateway to Heaven; all want to go to Heaven, read this book. True families open that gate to heaven. Declared the king of kingship give to all the families in the world. Cheon Seong Gyeong, third, fourth and fifth chapters talking about the family. Tribal Messiah, have tribes, establish Hoon Dok family churches.

All kind of leaders are there, of each of the European countries, representing all fields. That kind of movement, become God's country, convey God's word, teach God and spiritual world, True Parents correctly. Accomplish God's homeland, within three years, it can be accomplished. Spirit world is giving this directions. This is God's expectation. Last lecture of the third day, think about leaders of your country, pray for them. 

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