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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 4 - Part 2 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 28, 2010
Unofficial notes

8:30 am.


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The meaning of resurrection.

To live again, because a person dies, receives new life, need to understand about life and death; concepts of life and death; life equals physical body functions and stops at death; concepts in the Bible: death: Adam and Eve died in not obeying to the commandment; Jesus: "let the dead bury the dead"; people who are cut off from God are dead, Shim Jung relation is cut off; a person who is under the dominion of Satan, no true love, dead; after eating the fruit, Adam continued to live for 900 years with his body, but was cut off from God; name of being alive but you are dead; he who does not love, abides in death; wage of sin is death; life and death in the Bible refers to a person's relationship with God's Shim Jung; concept of life: to have a relationship with God's Shim Jung, resemble him, unified body with God, alive; believe in Jesus become one with God's Shim Jung; Seunghwa ceremony equals send the living to the owner of the living; funeral equals send the dead to the owner of the dead; those who believe in me shall never die; believe in True Parents and word even if we die, we will have eternal life.

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Resurrection: those who are in Satan's dominion return to a state where they are reconnected with God; resurrect through a process, not overnight; Shim Jung level is high, means you become one with God, reestablish the severed relationship with God. Compare yourselves to five days ago, you have resurrected, believe in God's word and carry it out; externally no change; internally there is a change; Jesus' disciples, no chance before and after believing in him; you all listening; some are resurrection a lot, some a little, some barely; open the lit of the bottle so that God can put water inside. Listen carefully to be resurrected.

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The death caused by the human fall.

Some religions believe that humans live in their body for eternity. Death came in the world because of the disobedience of the commandment, eating the fruit. Resurrection is needed because of the fall, state of spiritual death, cut off from God's love. We are not designed to live for eternity in the flesh. God's blueprint, everyone, without exception will die. We are born to complete our spirit selves before we go to the spiritual world. Death caused by the fall; descent from god dominion of God into the evil dominion of Satan. Through holy wine ceremony and Blessing, the Messiah is needed by everyone, receive resurrection.

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The providence of resurrection.

How does God restore people from death to life? Restoration; recreation; principles of creation, providence of resurrection return to the original blueprint: believe in God's word and practice it; human portion responsibility; principle, on base of physical body, merit of the age, completed through three orderly stages.

Hope of those in spiritual world is to be resurrected; they do not have physical bodies anymore; God's providence always begins on earth. All must resurrect; those who are dead in spiritual world and those alive on earth; who is more desperate? Those in spiritual world for thousands of years they suffer.

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The providence of resurrection for people on earth.

Age of the providence to lay the foundation for resurrection, 2000 years; formation stage resurrection; completion stage resurrection, now: time of great transition, must receive God's word, believe and practice, central figure.

Christians: believe in the following: God, creator, Father; Jesus; Bible is God's word; Unification Church equals Christian.

Old Testament Age, justified by the work; New Testament Age, justified by faith; Completed Testament Age, justifies by attendance; there can't be completion in ignorance.

To the Kingdom of Heaven, only families can go; Jesus came to open the gates of Heaven, could not go there, left the keys to Peter; we are building the Kingdom of Heaven, it is by family unit, cannot go there by original sin. We must go to the original body within God. Jesus was the son of God; True Parents said the best thing that he said that God is my father and I am his son. Just a few pages in the Bible are Jesus' direct words; but True Parents words we have thousands of volumes of True Parents' word; nobody did this kind of thing before. Must not be ignorant as John Baptist was ignorant. More difficult for someone in spiritual world to listen to God's word through the body of someone else.

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Spiritual phenomena in the last days.

Hundreds of billions of people in the spiritual world, a person has hundreds of spirits behind you; there are ten of thousand people her to listen to this word; I am also talking to you they are also for the people behind you, their hearts must also be taught; they have been waiting for thousands of years for this time; time is so precious for God; understand that heart of God, if not we will go back to the ways we have lived before.

Many people will be opened spiritually in the last days. 6,5 billions in the world, some chosen to lead the others, they are John Baptist; easily confusion arises. First resurrection describes in the Last Days saved. Not just 144.000 will be saved, cleared themselves of original sin. 12x12 equals 144000; vertical 12 generations and horizontal 12 generations; first resurrection.

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The providence of resurrection for spirits; must return to be resurrected, very difficult to do. Returning Christ has disciples, you, Jesus and Christians return to receive the Blessing, many works spirits have done with you; unless they go through us they cannot resurrect and go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Returning resurrection of spirits who abide outside Paradise.

The returning resurrection of Evil spirits; works have the effect of punishment to those on earth, indemnify their sins; help them to set indemnity condition.

The theory of reincarnation examined in light of the principle of returning resurrection.

Buddhism: reincarnation, is related to returning resurrection; John the Baptist and Elijah, had the same mission.

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The unification of religions through returning resurrection.

In the end time must be the unification of religions; members of the same family can have different religions, fighting at family gatherings; how to do? Through the returning resurrection; how to unite them, that time is coming; must be able to testify. 

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