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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Notes - Closing Ceremony Day 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 30, 2010
Unofficial notes

… Many people have given their entire lives to God, could not know True Parents'. We are born and met True Parents the time has come to learn about ODP. You are here, others have gone;

Convey the word, give the Blessing, and teach about God and True Parents and the spiritual world. What does it mean to be human? Must establish indemnity conditions? Most important, God and True Parents and absolute sex value. True Parents and the autobiography, Gateway to heaven, true owner, CSG, textbook and teaching materials. Have always Holy Wine and Holy Salt, Holy Candle, ancestors and descendants can live with us, have them with us, in our home.

Let's not live according to the past habits; in Korea, sometimes True Parents would come in the night, spoke to us long hours about what we have to do. Sometimes I called him; he told me tell the people to live according to True Parents' word. Please live a life of testifying to God's word. In Korea we invited the leaders and members, first time outside, Reverend Song was the first, insisting strongly. Difficult to go through translators, Mr. Elder was attending Kook Jin Nim in Korea, he sent him, and this is also Dr. Song's merit.

Right now, internally and externally everything worked out well, you received the grace of the first international workshop. I could study about Europe again, I could communicate by heart, could see that Europe can be blessed. There are many people in Europe have Christian philosophy and shed blood, if there is no Cheon Seong cannot receive. I'm sure you can accomplish many more things.

Peter was worried about being criticized when he was with Jesus, after he repented in the upper room; repented that they could not attend Jesus better when he was alive. On the basis of that heart, the Holy Spirit could work. Passionate heart of Jesus could overflow there. Christianity in Europe, past has to bear fruit, seed for the future, you are the seeds.

True Father is joyful about this workshop, when he prays he is focusing all of his Cheon Seong on this place. He has moved your hearts so that you can work for God's will. There are Ambassadors for Peace who participated in the Blessing and came here. The significance is very great, later you'll understand.

Have this heart; please work hard now for God's will. Most expensive would be just to have one strand of his hair; we are living together with True Parents, bear fruit for them, bring result; pray that have confidence, with the authority of God. Blessing will be upon you, return much glory to God in the country of the ideal kingdom that we are trying to establish.

True Parents are waiting for my report, I will do about your participation and Cheon Seong; I will take of your hearts with me. Thank you very much, let us truly be grateful for True Parents. 

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