The Words of the Yu Family

Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 1 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

Family Pledge

Content of Divine Principle allows to accomplish the content of the Family Pledge

Family is God's ideal of creation. God created angels and all things and finally human beings to reign over it. God's ideal of creation is to accomplish the ideal family, Kingdom of Heaven. Live centering on God, so Kingdom of True Love. We cannot accomplish true love by ourselves. Family is training ground in order to be trained in True Love.

We cannot fix this world before fixing the family first. Lineage based on absolute sex. Absolute faith, love and lineage: Adam and Eve should have accomplished that.

Nobody has understood that the family was the basic unit for world peace. True Parents understanding that, have given us the Pledge, which is the core of our life, the bone through which the family can stand straight and which allows to maintain the order. Constitution to accomplish Cheon Il Guk. We don't know how to love God; connection between God and us is realized through living the Family Pledge every day. Key that opens the Kingdom of Heaven, the prayer of prayers. Jesus came with the key to heaven, but as the people couldn't receive him, he was crucified and gave the key to Peter. The key represents the family. God cannot just receive any prayer, as he is a God of Principle. Our lives need to be lives of prayer, always breathing and being the substantiation of the Family prayer. True Parents gave the FP after 6000 years and there will never be such a situation again. We cannot recite it when we fight with each other. We need to be completely united. Going to Heaven is like going through the eye of a needle. We cannot just go easily. We receive training in the family so the spouses become absolutely one and the children too. We have to continuously pray and make efforts to accomplish that; it's not done overnight.

There are 8 points to it.

True Parents went to Kodiak and for 4 days, True Father make the analysis of the family pledge. In number 14 of the peace messages, there is an explanation, too. In the Original Divine Principle lectures, this explanation is most essential. True Father spent 4 days only explaining number 1! And asked us whether we are living this way. No one could answer yes! How can we accomplish the content. Each verse has such deep content. As we recite it, we do it slowly or quickly. There should be a few seconds before we say the next words. We need to think about the content as we recite it.

Cheon Il Guk is the country where two people become one. Internal-external, bride and groom.

1. As the owner of Cheon Il Guk our family: originally we said "my" family. But we may think in an individualistic way. Therefore True Father said "our". Everyone is the owner of their family. It expands all the way to the world, then Spirit World. Our life on earth is so important. What's going to make the people one in the family? True Love, God's love. Love gives and forgets that it has given. Based on that foundation, we seek the original homeland: where is it? Parents, grand-parents, siblings, relatives are there and give love. Our original homeland is where True Love is, God's love. Where do we seek for God? We were born as a result of our parents' love, Father as heaven had the seed of True Love and Mother as earth had the body of True Love. Both loves came together through the sexual organs. As a result of their love I was conceived, through the reproductive organs. Does God have reproductive organs? All living beings come from their mother. But the female needs the seed from the male. Within God there must be something that resembles the male and female. How can we be born from God? Seek after God's reproductive organs! We have to be born from there again. How did you create your children? The reproductive organs are the holiest place. Satan is very wise by making it the dirtiest place. Satan's lineage has to change into God's lineage and the lineage can change the world into what it is supposed to be. For Human beings to go the course, they need to follow the course of absolute sex and seek after God and God's sexual organs. Now the time has come to include that in the Principle of Creation. True Father didn't include that in Divine Principle at that time, as he would have been killed if he had at that time. Now is the time when he can finally teach that. The portion of responsibility is about maintaining the absolute sex. True Father asked us to teach it that way. If Adam and Eve had maintained that, then they would have accomplished their 5% portion of responsibility. Because they couldn't do that, they fell. God has a portion and human beings have a portion, too. Completing the 3 blessings is the completion of the portion of responsibility. It has to be done on earth first, with my physical body and then I can do it in the Spirit World. We are not rebuilding, but establish the ideal of God, which had never been built before. Our family creates heaven. It's not some place we can be sent to. The Messiah, True Parents teach about heaven, so we can create it by following their teachings and fulfill our responsibility. We live a life of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven. The owner: takes interest, responsibility. We must stand in the position of representing God, work hardest into accomplish the goals of the country. Even if the children just sleep, the parents have to be concerned about all. The owner of Cheon Il Guk: how much concerned are we about it? I should be most interested about it and take responsibility for protecting, raising and nurturing it. Our family is the owner. The pledge has to be put in our consciousness.

2. Attend is important: accomplished on the foundation of accomplishing verse 1, God being with us in the family, we are one with God. God comes to our family if we are united centering on love. Then we represent the cosmos. The center is one, not two. God is the incorporeal God and True Parents are the corporeal and are one. We are not just thinking of God and True Parents as a concept, but we attend them. We are filial sons and daughters. I learn from my parents. Who is the owner of my heart? The parents, God. The love of the Father and Mother comes from God. Centering on God, we do that in the family. Without that foundation, we cannot accomplish it. If we had not fallen, our parents would be God. Adam and Eve would be the substantial parents, generation after generation. God is referred to by all as the parent of everyone, because everyone came from Him and wants to go back to Him, when we leave our physical body. The parents sacrifice everything for their children, so the children have their parents in the center of their hearts, ultimately God. We need a peaceful world centering on God. God becomes our center and the center of our family. I need to love my parents with my whole heart. Such people come together to establish a nation, as patriots, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country. The country is an extension of his family. He loves the people of his nation as the members of his family. I have only one husband and I cannot love all the men of the country as husbands! If we extent our love beyond the nation, we become Saints. The saints don't just live for themselves, their family or nation. They sacrifice all of that. We've had saints, but now is the first time to have divine sons and daughters with True Parents. Life on earth is most essential to apply everything in the Kingdom of Heaven. There are laws in the palace, too and both laws of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Palace have to be lived by. Divine sons and daughters have to live their dutiful way, not just filial in the family. True Parents have accomplished all this, but we haven't done it yet, so they have educated us through the Family Pledge. The saints don't have a family. The 4 saints in the Spirit World received a spouse through the blessing with a wife alive on earth right now. True Parents can transcend the 6000 years history. We became blessed families, that's a dream, too. I remember 430 couples. One lecturer was very handsome and he was in the coma during an operation. He then went into Spirit World and all patriots came to ask him whether he had done more than other patriots. He couldn't say so, so he was very ashamed. He then said he had witnessed to many. But they brought the pastors of churches and he was ashamed of not having done better than them. He promised that he would do better if he could come back. He recovered and went to HQ church and started more churches in Korea than anyone else. What is our purpose in our life? Establishing the dutiful way of divine sons and daughters. True Parents gave the textbook for that.

3. Most important in Original Divine Principle, in Principle of Creation. 4 great realms of heart: Hearts of children through parents, hears of siblings, heart of spouses and hearts of parents. If all of humanity accomplishes that, then it's the realm of the royal family.

4. Fulfilling God's ideal of creation, 3 great blessings accomplished in the family. The family on earth and in heaven is the same family.

5. Universal family accomplishes their responsibility and every minute we need to unite Spirit World and Physical World, as this will advance the unity of our family and Spirit World centering on True Love. Cannot rest, but keep moving. Resting means retreating. Strive to advance that as far as possible every day. Do it for each other and encourage e o to work harder. Even the children help the parents work harder.

6. Representing God and True Parents, our family can perfect the family that can move heavenly fortune, family fortune, fortune of the country, fortune of the world that has to follow heaven's fortune, which is the heart of God. If we go the wrong direction, the more depressed we become and start to complain. We need to follow and move heavenly fortune, the heart of God. If our hearts seek the children, we'll sacrifice everything to seek them. God is like that. Because of inheriting Satan's lineage, we need the blessing, which is most essential as it changes from Satan's to God's lineage. We should have nothing to do with Satan now. The Messiah teaches us that we're going the wrong way. If we follow him, we can go the right way. We should give a lot of blessings. When we go to Spirit World, we can say that we gave thousands of blessings. Giving the blessing is the most precious thing, it moves God's heart. God will be waiting at the place we are going to give the blessing. He's been waiting for 6000 years.

7. We are connected to the culture of heart when we live for the sake of others. If we don't have the original lineage we can't

8. Completed testament age: age in which the promise given in the garden of Eden is accomplished: 3 blessings. There are billions of people who still have original sin. When all the people are restored and follow the original law, then the age of the blessing will be accomplished quickly. It's now. We have to believe in this absolutely and be one in love until January 13th, 2013. Then we'll be in the Spiritual union world, a world in which Spirit World and Physical World will be united: After that date, there will be incredible changes in the world. We've not been able to develop very much in the past years, but as the Spirit World and PW are becoming united, things will move very quickly. In verse 1, we talk of accomplishing the Original homeland 

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