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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 2 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

2nd Conference: Reasons for studying Unification Principle

It's not only for Unification Church members, but for the whole world. No one wants to fight. All want to live in a peaceful world. 4 reasons:


A. How do we view God: to solve all the problems in the world at all levels, from individual to world levels, otherwise we cannot live happily. We don't have the content to attain that. Divine Principle teaches all truth to solve these problems. People didn't know how to solve the problems that we can now through Divine Principle. The whole world will come to realize that. The understanding of God is the first problem that needs to be resolved, as it is the most fundamental. Without that understanding, we cannot solve the problems. What is my purpose in life, what will happen after death? All people have struggled with these questions. When we understand God, we can view history and the universe clearly and all problems will be solved.

B. How do we view ourselves. The body is supposed to follow the mind, but depending on our mind, we will live a good or bad life. If we struggle within ourselves, the problems outside ourselves also exist in ourselves. We cannot solve the economic or political problems unless we can change the wrong way of thinking and living. Human Beings live in the family; if the family isn't happy, then the world cannot be happy. If husband and wife are not united, the society cannot be united either. In the world, there's family breakdown, which is even more serious than the country's breakdown. All breakdowns start from that. Illicit love and divorces make complicated situations for the children. Human Beings cannot go any further in that path. Even blessed families are breaking down. People in society think this is normal. Famous people have no discipline in love and even celebrate divorces!!! It shows how tragic the situation has become. No one can resolve this except for God. If we are separated from God, we cannot solve this. Our children are the future of our country. We need good morals, discipline in the way we live. Even people who say that are not living correctly. It has to do with the fact that sexuality is being sold like commodity. Free sex, homosexuality, swapping husbands and wives, it's all crazy. Even in the world of animals, homosexuality doesn't exist. Politicians need votes to be elected, so they support homosexuality, else they won't be elected. There has to be a change in the law, so that marriage is defined as being the union between a man and a woman. It shouldn't have been necessary to define that, but the proper value system isn't understood, therefore we have to do that. No one can control the youth. In the Bible, we read of Sodom and Gomorrah that were cities of immorality. In the 21st century, God cannot do that kind of judgment, but Aids is a judgment and cannot be cured. A famous person in Korea went overseas and came back with the HIV. He couldn't understand, as he hadn't had a sexual relationship than with his wife. So he got his wife to be tested. She went to a pool and got involved with her swimming teacher and got the virus which she gave to her husband. If we don't solve this problem, the whole humanity will be destroyed. In schools, the teaching isn't adequate in the field of values. They don't know how to establish a world of peace and happiness. They teach individualism and not how to become the leaders of society. We have 3 kinds of parents: those who gave us birth, the teachers who teach how to become a true human being and the leaders of the country. The leaders need to see their citizens as their own children, else they are not adequate. After graduating from school, there is labor unions that are not united with the management of the company. If they struggle, that affects the economy of the country. Racial discrimination: we are all created as God's sons and daughters. Only centered on God we can overcome the discrimination between races. How about the national borders? Who created them? There aren't any in the natural world. There is no national border in God's world. Even the most advanced countries in the world face this problem. Many religions exist and 78% of the populations follow a religion. To accomplish peace is religion, but there is no peace although they all teach it. It is rather a reason to fight. The new movements are called heretics and the older ones orthodox and this has been going on. Democracy and Communism as the ideology recognizing or denying God exist. Do what extent do we understand God? These two streams need to become one.

C. Also environmental pollution: Fishermen are experiencing changes that never happened before. The environment is changing quickly. The strongest countries in the world are trying to change that, but all are trying to defend their own national interest, so they cannot find a solution for all.

D. All are searching for peace. No one should die for lack of food. 60'000 people a day are dying of hunger, whereas other countries have too much and throw it away. God wants the similar standard of living for all.

E. Diseases can be cured through medicine and education in that field is very important, too. Developing science is a means to allow all to live in happiness. Education is limited to people with wealth, others don't have access to education.

F. Understanding about Spirit world. People with a materialistic thinking cannot understand this. At death, the body returns to earth and the Spirit continues on. At birth, we also enter another world. It sounds so natural. For materialists, there is no need to pursue goodness and happiness. Human Beings continuing to the next world is the reason for sharing. People become insane because of spiritual problems and go to mental hospitals in which there is no real cure. People who are not ready cannot live properly in the world that is becoming open with spiritual world. People who know that need to teach it. Leaders in the world are so important. Parliamentarians and presidents are important, but those who can teach about Spirit World are more important. The world hasn't realized this yet because of Satan. Even religious leaders have lived satanic lives. So the most important is to keep purity and overcome the issue of the fall. The time is coming for the Spirit World to communicate freely with the earthly world. People who understand that will become masters and owners in that age. January 13th 2013, the unity between Spirit World and Physical World, God's ideal will be accomplished.

G. Problems of existence and relationship: fundamentals of existence is the matter of philosophy. What's the relationship between God and humanity? And between God and the creation? Between men and women? All these are fundamental to philosophy. A lot of leaders have been mobilized, scholars, politicians, scientists, religious leaders have been debating these problems to find solutions, but have only found short solutions. A world of unity will not come about without the Unification Principle. That's why people need Unification Principle and it's our responsibility to teach it. As long as I live on the earth I will teach Unification Principle. That will give us a valuable life.

2. We need a true value system. What is right and what is wrong? What is true and what is false? If the values systems are different, there are different thoughts, opinions and judgments are different. Decisions and actions will be different, as well as lifestyles. We need to share a common value system. The family pledge is like that. I lived in Japan for 10 years. While Korea was under Japan, Koreans were forced to live and work in Japan. At the division of Korea, those people remained loyal to their country, so they established two different associations in Japan, although there is no actual border as there is in Korea. One Korea president tried to have both sides to get together for 10 years, but without success. They wouldn't sit together as they didn't share the same values. I educated them and it was a fight. It was important to resolve it in a meeting. They separated because of their hatred. They needed to resolve that to bring them into oneness. I called the seminar Unificationism. They wouldn't come into the room because they didn't want to become Unification Church members. I said that they couldn't become one, also mind and body, because they didn't have UP. They finally came into the room. We started with a prayer, but the North Koreans refused. The MC was scared and asked him to pray anyone. No one was praying but watching each other to make sure what the others were doing. No one left the room, so it was a success. Their old value systems crumbled through the education. They needed some proof that this event had happened, but they didn't want pictures. So I took them fishing and ask them to bring the biggest fish and take a picture of the fish, but some understanding what I wanted to do didn't participate. I got only one picture, a precious one in the future. At first, they didn't even want to shake hands. Now True Parents have created an association to get the two associations to become one in Japan. Now, they can come together through the common value system. North and South have the same ancestors. Why couldn't we become one in 60 years? The value system being different. Once the value system became one, they could embrace one another in tears. How to educate the people and create God's sons and daughters. It's not about bringing the people into the Unification Church, but to teach Universal Principles.

3. To create a united and peaceful world. It starts with the individual, as the fall also started with the individual. Returning to God is the starting point, with me and the unity between my mind and body. A man and a woman cannot create happiness if they haven't each realized mind and body unity.

4. Know the true me: who am I? Am I a true or a false person? What is the standard? Sons and daughters of God are true and of Satan are false. Human ancestors fell and became one with Satan. So everyone has to be changed through the lineage. If a princess is lost and gets into a bandit band and bears children of the bandits, they won't be the palace's children. Until now, Human Beings haven't understood that. This has to be taught clearly now, whether people want to hear it or not. Even if our lives are in danger, we need to say the truth. God exists; so saying he doesn't exist is a lie. To understand the true "I", I need to understand the UP.

Why couldn't this be done before?

3 reasons:

1. Everything was created by God and Human Beings have been trying to solve the problems without God. As we cannot see God, we've denied his existence and we've been trying to solve things based on our intuition

2. We've been centered on ourselves although we've know that God exists. Do we use our own knowledge or do we use the UP?

3. People don't want to affirm that they are fallen people. Without acknowledging that we have a problem, we cannot solve it.

Solving all problems starts with me. I'm the problem, being separated from God, and I'm the solution if I get back to God. There are two opposed purposes and motivations. I have an invisible mind that should be the subject partner of the body who moves in the direction of the mind. If my mind goes to the right direction, I'll be happy. If, because of the fall, my mind pursues evil, I'll use my body to perform evil deeds and experience sadness. Because of that contradiction, I suffer and leads to a path of destruction. There is no contradiction within God, so this contradiction happened after the creation. Human Beings fell into ignorance through the fall and lost the understanding of God. Individual problems became world problems. The resolution is internal to ourselves, not with the members but with the leaders. Understanding that the problem is with me, the members will follow me.

Human Beings lost God, original nature, God's ideal of creation. It can only be accomplished on absolute sex. Fallen human beings fell into internal and external ignorance. They don't understand themselves, their purpose of life, nature. The ignorance of the mind and of the body. Whether God is happy and blessing what I'm doing is unknown, as well as God's will. God's ideal, will and desire have to be mine and not the opposite. Many people in the west don't want to marry, as they see it as a complicated thing that restricts their freedom. Just having a relationship with anyone we meet doesn't lead to happiness. That leads to self-destruction. The birthrate is falling in many countries which leads to a serious situation. It cannot continue for a long time.

We have to teach people that this is not God's ideal. We have to prepare to take an examination to enter a good university and follow the rules of the university to be able to graduate. If we call ourselves people of God, we need to follow God's regulations. Even to drive, we need a license. We have to learn the contents of Original Divine Principle and practice it. Through the Word, we can become substantiations of the word of God. How would it be if we could see him? Everyone likes love. The origin of love is God. We cannot see God, or his love or his character. We can see all that by listening to his words and carrying them out. If we put a nuclear weapon on a missile and send it 4000 km away, it will explode and expand the matter all around. God's word in a vehicle of God's love and grace and it will explode in us and makes us happy, give us fire.

At the beginning was the word... (John). It has existed from the beginning of creation. God is using my body to extend this to you. I'm listening to God's word simultaneously and if I don't explode with the word you cannot explode with it either. I have to want to die to convey the word. I want to meet someone to give the word to people. A prayer is an effort to meet God. God has been waiting for 6000 years to meet people and give his word. God is moving his heart through me. We need to become that kind of people. People need to understand between good and evil.

Human Beings have to be in resonance with the laws of nature, which we can understand if we are in tune with God. Science allows to understand the world of phenomena, and religion the world of essence. These two need to be united. How can that be? Mind has to give the body the sense of purpose and the body has to follow that. They live for each other's sake. Likewise, religion and science live for each other's sake. Science tries to follow the value system of religion. Both are necessary and need to be in unity. There cannot be conflict and struggle, but unity.

In the ideal world, religion is not necessary. Unification Church was not created to be another religion. The religions have lost God's word and therefore are not receiving God's grace and cannot resolve the conflicts among all.

Christianity became the world religion by raising the banner of salvation. It should have become the bride and received the groom. It should be practicing the teaching that Jesus gave and practice the ideal family. But because it couldn't connect to the ideal family, the Christian value systems are crumbling. The core of Jesus' teaching to establish the ideal family with the model of Father – son relationship expanding to husband and wife and the family. He was crucified for saying these things. Even today in Israel, only 2% of the people believe in Jesus. He said "you should be the salt and the life of the world". Christianity has become secularized and has become rotten.

Also in our Church, if our leaders become rotten and secularized, we always need to check ourselves. The early members lived in wonderful ways. Are we becoming the light of the world? We don't want to be criticized and are afraid, so we don't teach what is right, and this is wrong. If we don't teach the truth, we can't fulfill our mission, just like Christianity. The ideal world of Adam and Eve should have become the Kingdom of God. But because of the fall, they created hell. Jesus compared them to wild olive trees that need to be grafted on the true olive trees. People should have received and attended Jesus. Judaism was to be the bride to receive God's son. As she couldn't receive him, he was crucified. Dying on the cross was the worst punishment given to criminals.

God sent the Lord of the Second Advent, but Christianity failed to receive him and the spiritual and physical foundations laid for 2000 years. All that was destroyed. As a result of the fall, Adam and Eve were separated into Cain and Abel. The 2000 year separation between Cain and Abel was lost through the failure of Christianity resulting in True Father to cross the tragic history of imprisonment and reestablishing a spiritual foundation through the world, going around it tens of times. True Father is desperate to accomplish God's Will. If there's a family foundation in the world, it can also be established in Spirit World. True Parents had to recreate the foundation on each level.

At 40, he was supposed to establish kingship in the world. It happened at 80. That's why True Parents had to establish the Unification Church; in fact it was the HSA-UWC. The association was created in order to recreate the lost foundation. The room was so small with such a big sign. The kids in the neighborhood once took the sign down and broke it. True Father said he wanted to take it down after 40 years. He didn't come to establish a church, but to establish a world without need of religion. The church is needed to educate people.

The youngest brother needs to accomplish what the elder brothers (Judaism and Christianity) couldn't do. Our heart is to teach the older brothers. The holy spirit can unite all people with True love. Without True love, it's impossible. Unification church is not our original name! The association became the FFWPU. The church's purpose is for individual salvation. The family is important. The 1st gen are all wild olive trees that received a graft of the true olive tree. So the fruit of those branches are the 2nd gen that belong to God. Without the 2nd gen, there is no hope. The roots get transformed and the old branches fall off.

Saying "I believe in Jesus" means to live like Jesus. Binging people from the Satanic world into a church to educate them (teach filial piety is the meaning of the Chinese character for church). We cannot just hang on to religion. We need to become sons and daughters of God by changing our lineage to God's (rebirth) through the holy wine and receive the graft through the blessing. We cannot receive the holy wine after the blessing. Jesus gave a rite of the bread and wine. If there was a medicine for Aids, so many would be lining up to receive it. But the holy wine ceremony is even more precious as it heals the problem that has lasted for 6000 years. We are to be true olive trees and cut ourselves off from Satan's lineage. This has to happen in all the countries. If only one person hasn't accomplished that, the country cannot be Cheon Il Guk. This is no longer a time of sowing but of reaping. Witnessing to people who we know, our family, our tribe. 10 million people of the Spirit World will also be under our dominion. We are Tribal Messiahs, sons and daughters of God. It's like a tsunami, very fearful, when the Spirit World and the Physical World are united. Only those protected by God will remain. After the preparation of the ark, no one else could get into the ark. We have to listen to God's word and not the word of the secular world.

There have been many extensions, but there cannot be any more. It has to be accomplished by Jan. 13th 2013. It has to be set up right with angels back into the position of servants and human beings in the original position. Salvation can only come through the blessing and True Parents.

Our view of the religion has to be changed. At the beginning, I could only write an application form after 6 months of probation. Now we don't even need to write an application, but people don't understand the value of the blessing. Now it's much easier because Satan's accusation has been lessened through the conditions. But the value isn't understood. At every holy wine ceremony, we just drink the wine. Just putting a drop on the tongue is so precious. Now our own homes are our Hoon Dok family churches where we teach our children how to become children of God. Each family becomes a church.

We go to the homes of the people and give them the blessing there, with True Parents' textbooks. So we establish an altar of the family church. There should be a small altar to put the holy wine, holy salt, holy candle from the opening of Chung Jeong Gung to get the light of God shine, the word (Principle, Cheon Seong Gyeong, Gateway, Owner of peace and lineage, Peace messages). Always greet at the altar before going out and resolve the problems before going out by reading any page of the book or when coming back. The solutions will be in the two pages that God makes us open the book. God will be in that most holy place.

Jesus is in Paradise because he didn't establish a family, as the Kingdom of Heaven is the place for families to enter. So no Christian has entered heaven yet. Jesus had to come back to earth, which he did through True Parents. The key is the family pledge. Even Jesus has been blessed. We received the blessing before Jesus and the 3 other saints. We are very precious. So it's so sad for God to see blessed families behave wrongly. We need to accomplish our responsibility to the end and understand that heart of God, not with the habits of the past. The gates are opened for us. We have to help Jesus accomplish his mission and not the opposite. Heaven has a great expectation and hope for us. Christianity today has lost the ability to take action.

They cannot solve the problems and have no answer to the questions in the bible. It's of institution and rituals, not trying to accomplish God's will. Before Spirit World can come to earth, Unification Principle needs to be taught to Christianity. But this is not happening because of narrow-mindedness. Anyone who can follow the way can receive the blessing. The ones who oppose us will lose their spirit. Luther's religious reformation was done at the risk of his life. But that spirit was lost. We need to ask ourselves whether we have become like that.

When we joined, everyone would communicating with Spirit World. One would speak in tongues, another one would translate that, another one would be carried by Spirit World.... Many spiritual phenomena would happen and the same song would be sung over and over again and couldn't stop singing. True Father would be soaked by sweat and tears. At that time, we were very hungry, lucky if we could eat 2 meals a day. We'd lecture the whole principle at once and only drink water instead of eating meals. We forget the incredible difficulties our seniors had, leaving kids behind to go witnessing for 3 years. We need to ignite this continent with the fire of God.

Science: Energy is intangible, it's the limit of science. Religion also came to its limits. Religion should give science a direction and science should follow that direction and serve the world.

The necessity of the appearance of the Unification Principle

Providential history from Adam and Eve to the present days, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus. He brought a new Gospel. Humanity should only have received it but they criticized Jesus and had him crucified. He returned with the new Word, which is the completed testament. God certainly through the ages has chosen central figure to give his words according to the development of the intellect and Shim Jung. Now the Lord at the second advent allows human kind to return to the original ideal; it's the last days. John 16: 12-25: Jesus want to teach much more, but couldn't as the people couldn't understand it. The time would come to teach plainly. This is the time. True Parents are teaching clearly, like rev. 10:10-11 promise, the new prophesy has to be taught to all.

The mission of the Principle: solve many problems and understand 6 fundamental things: build one universal world by building Cheon Il Guk in our own family, centering on absolute sex. 

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