The Words of the Yu Family

Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 4 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

Parents of Heaven and Earth Cosmic Realm of Sabbath is Eternal Theme

True Mother had to be raised up after being born again through True Father. This was very difficult for her, as she didn't know the path she had to go, with 14 children. Her path was 100's of times more difficult than other women's. She had 4 caesarian sections, at the risk of her life. This is also new in Original Divine Principle, like the fact that the love making of True Parents is 53 degrees in order to burn everything not good, those are two new contents of Original Divine Principle for this session. In the garden of Eden, Adam just left Eve and she was alone with Lucifer.

God is our True Parents with both male and female, in the subject position. God is the mind and True Parents are the body. There is a big age difference between them. He is like the mind and she is the body. There cannot be any discrepancy between them, just like there cannot be any shadow between God and True Father. Jesus came as the substantiation of God but he couldn't plant the seed of True Love. True Father had to first find True Mother out of all the women on earth. All represent True Mother. All men have seed, but they are Satan's seeds. Jesus also had God's seed and he regretted the fact he couldn't plant it. True Parents have come in these deep circumstances.

If True Father is the mind and True Mother like the body, there must be complete coincidence and through them we can be reborn and restored to the original lineage. There can only be one set of True Parents from whom all others will come. Through Adam, God substantiates himself. We become substantiations of God, but we don't become the True Parents. The body cannot be the mind, although it resembles it. True Parents came to restore the whole of human history. I was in Hawaii. In December every year there was a meeting with 1000 clergy and representatives. True Parents always attended, but that time he couldn't come and sent True Mother and said to her: I raised you up purely to offer you up to God. I worked hard to accomplish that. True Father came as the original body, doing all the fighting with Satan. True Mother was like his shadow. If mankind were to deny True Mother, there would be not path for salvation.

Like the Bible says about rejecting the holy spirit. In 2008 there was the helicopter accident. True Father said that 3 generations of True Family were on. We didn't understand why he said that until we got that, as True Mother was created by True Father, she is like the 2nd generation. She couldn't relate to True Father as normal wives relate to their husbands. It was so difficult. True Father could never fight with True Mother for that reason. When True Mother's heart was so heavy, he had to leave her for some minutes. After January 15th 2009, if someone opposes Unification Church, they will not proceed any longer. A new era has started.

That's why we can make this education now. Every second is precious, even the time of sleep is precious. We cannot give Satan a chance to come into our heart. By True Parents we are 27 nations and 200 people who are like the True Parents for Europe. It's the only way to go. Can God betray his wife? No. All the restoration through indemnity was set by God. Now is the time to reveal everything, even if we can't understand some of it. The blessed families should form a fence to protect our blessed children, but as they couldn't, Satan attacked BC. Every blessing was given, increasing in numbers, and simultaneously a Federation was created. The unified settlement of Parents of heaven and earth was established 13 years ago. If we live according to this word, the time to realize what True Father has spoken will be realized. The proclamation has been accomplished by True Parents.

If we have absolute faith love and obedience, we can enter True Parents' realm of victory. Nothing is hidden between True Parents and us. They are like the mind and our blessed families are like the body. True Parents lived to accomplish God's will. We were blessed by them and we must live according to their command. Satan continues to follow us because of our fallen nature. Our original sin was cut off, but the fallen nature, only I can take it off. God says we are his children but Satan shows our fallen nature, claiming us through that. If we leave the name of True Parents, we are attacked by Satan. If we go through the realm of death, Satan cannot follow us there. Heaven needs to separate a child continually. If we only worked as hard as True Parents, the ideal world could be established within 6 months.

But we are sleeping. Moses struck the rock twice, so he couldn't go over the Jordan river, so only the 2nd generation could go on. They went around 7 times and the walls crumbled down. We need to march around to save people otherwise they'll be destroyed. Jesus had that heart on the cross.

3 great realms of heart and three great kingships

If verse 3 isn't accomplished, the other verses cannot be accomplished either. God has 2 attributes of dual characteristics of yang and yin within himself. God is the original body of Shim Jung. These are substantiated in Adam and Eve only once. So he could only create Adam and Eve; it was their responsibility to multiply them through their children. The Shim Jung of God was to be understood and grown by Adam and Eve. There was not textbook but only nature to teach them things and get them to grow their heart of Shim Jung. God couldn't raise them up directly, as they had their portion of responsibility. When children grow, they keep asking questions. We have to teach them in a way they can understand. For ex: where do I come from? If the parent says, you are not supposed to ask that, then the gap will grow. The mom has to show the belly button and indicate where it comes from. When a little older, the mom will say I picked you up under the bridge.

Older, the child will understand that the bridge was actually the leg (same word in Korean) and will understand that his mom was wise in her answers. Adam and Eve must have been very curious, chasing animals, checking out flowers, asking why the flowers had spines. Lucifer was in the parents' position there, giving answer to the children about all the questions. He should have said that God made all that for his children, for tens of thousands of years. Then Adam and Eve would have experienced so much gratitude for their parent God. The character of True love would have been fulfilled within Adam and Eve, as a brother and sister. Growing up, they would have seen the animals reproduce and felt something in their heart about that during adolescence.

Also their bodies were transforming and they watched the animals giving birth and raising their offspring. Nature was their school. We go to school but don't learn that kind of things. We learn them in nature. Adam and Eve need permission to get married from their parents and have a sexual relationship. They could feel the heart of parents through the nature, seeing the animals feeding their children at the risk of their lives. They could understand their portion of responsibility through nature and the Archangel was there to support. There are 4 aspects of Shim Jung and it cannot be felt without an object partner. When Adam and Eve complete the 4 great realms of heart, they are complete within God, too. If you could understand Korean, you'd get the content 100 times deeper. You could understand Shim Jung not like a concept but deeply in your heart.

The child completes the parent. Joy results from completing every level of Shim Jung. When Adam and Eve realized they have different sexual organs, then the Archangel was supposed to tell them correctly about it in a principled way, letting them know that God wanted to meet them right there, in the middle of their coming together, explaining their sexual organ belonged to their partner. He was supposed to support them, but he made them his own instead. Eve's greatest blessing is Adam and Adam's most precious blessing is Eve.

Therefore it is a blessing marriage. God gave his blessing. Homosexuality and lesbianism is wrong. We need absolute sex education and we must affirm that this is the only way to go back to God, raising the flag. When the Japanese tourist go on a trip, they raise the flag to follow the guide. We need to raise the flag of truth. Adam and Eve completed God and God could feel joy through them. They also need a substantial body to experience Shim Jung, so they need children, too. Adam and Eve had two roles. Only they can complete God's heart and they have children, who complete their hearts. It takes 3 generations to complete the realm of Shim Jung.

These are the 3 great kingships: grandparents representing the past, parents the present and children the future. In the substantial world, the grandparents represent God, the Spirit World, and we need to attend them as we would attend God. We cannot just leave them alone because we don't like them. The 3 great kinships represents the family. The whole world including the Spirit World is the royal family. That has to be accomplished in order for verses 1 and 2 and 4 to 8 can be accomplished. When we say family pledge, we need to think of the words deeply. God created Adam and Eve and they had to substantialize the word by creating their own character, thus becoming co-creator. How about their children? Adam and Eve had to help them grow to the blessing.

As God couldn't help Adam and Eve or True Parents directly, in the same way Adam and Eve and True Parents couldn't help their children directly. God didn't help True Father and rather opposed him. True Father had to subjugate Satan in a way we cannot understand. There was a time when True Father was ill and had to wear an oxygen mask. Even so, he attended Hoon Dok Hae. Sitting there he talked about the new elected Korean President and said the Washington Times had to support him, although he wasn't qualified. We came back but he said he wanted to go there himself and took off his oxygen mask.

He shed tears and apologized for shedding tears in front of his children. He is supposed to show us heaven and only shed tears during his prayers. He is 90 now. We have to stand up in their place now. The Archangel had to help Adam and Eve until they finished raising up Adam and Eve's children. The elder 3 blessed couples, True Parents' spiritual children, had to fulfill the role of the Archangel and help them raise their children, supported by the other blessed couples, from 36 on, who formed a fence around them.

We don't understand the meaning behind the number of each blessing. That's why Satan has attacked True children directly, because these couples, even among the 3 first ones, didn't protect True Parents. True Father had to leave his own children behind and continue his mission. In 98, True Father was in South America and shed tears in front of the station, wondering what we had been doing in the past 30 years True Father had spent in the USA. We are truly sinners in front of the True parents and True children. Centering on Hyo Jin Nim, True Parents couldn't take care of their children. In the plane, True Father said this to Hyo Jin Nim, that he wanted to raise him up as the best son, and shed tears before Hyo Jin Nim. He educated us, the blessed families instead of his children.

Once, he returned from a tour and the True children were sitting at the table, waiting for their father to embrace them, but True Father asked them to go to the other room with their dishes so that the leaders could sit there. Once Kook Jin Nim asked whether True Father was the father of Kook Jin or the Father of the 36 couples. True Father said he'd understand when he is 20. But at 20, for his holy wedding he still didn't understand. He understood this later and told True Father that he wouldn't have caused him so much suffering if he had known that earlier. True Father was in a rally in South Korea and let Satan attack his family. He said to the leaders not to let the True children go outside during that time. But Heung Jin Nim went out and had the car accident that cost his life. Jesus' disciples couldn't understand Jesus before he guided them during the 40 days after his resurrection. Then they understood and became the foundation for Christianity. We have to be attending True Parents substantially during this time and we need to become alive now.

God's ideal family

If the husband, as Subject, unites with God, he can complete the wife who is the object position. If she unites with him, she completes the husband. If she prevents him from becoming one, for example by criticizing him for not making enough money, this cannot be accomplished. They complete each other. The husband must attend his wife as he did his mother and the wife her husband as she did her father. In this way, they attend each other and complete each other. This is the age of attendance, not only of God and True Parents, but also within the couple. Each one represents God, and it takes our entire life to do that. The fulfillment of the siblings' ideal: if the older brother in the Subject position unites with his parents, he can attend the younger brother in the Object position, as he attends his parents and they can unite.

Both represent the parents and attend each other, thus becoming true children. It's the method of perfecting and completing one another. We complete each other through attendance. True husband and wife are unalterable. They are children of God and then become parents. Whatever problems there are, even if heaven and earth change, the lineage is there and the parents are the parents of their children for eternity. But in the fallen world, people just get divorced, the children are abandoned and become a problem. It's the biggest problem in the world and Satan is making things get so entangled and complicated. The blessing is eternal. This can never be changed. The blessing can never be received again. Some have more fun after one spouse goes to Spirit World, but this shouldn't be so. An older 83 year old woman said that she made sex with her husband in Spirit World every night. Before he died, he couldn't even go to the toilet by himself. But now he comes as a 20 year old and it's so wonderful. Another one said to his wife that he couldn't come often because he was too busy in the Spirit World. If one spouse goes to the Spirit World, don't think of getting married again. The order is made like that.


The purpose of life is to fulfill the 3 great blessings, not just to make money, training in the family. The Shim Jung is composed of the 4 great realms of heart, as children, sibling, husband and wife and as parents. This has to be expanded throughout the world. This is man's responsibility. The perfection of Shim Jung is that of spirit mind and spirit self. It can only be done by maintaining absolute sex. Adam and Eve had to keep the word, but as they didn't keep the commandment, they made God sad, by not fulfilling God's word. We sometimes justify ourselves using God's word as an excuse. This is not correct. Our life is to sacrifice ourselves to make our spouse happy, living for the sake of others.

The level of our maturity depends on the standard of our Shim Jung. The people who long for others are alive, those who don't are dead. Longing is within God. Parents longing for their children, husband longing for his wife as he longed for his mother, wife longing for her husband as she longed for her father. As they sleep together and the husband expands his arm to his wife and the wife goes away, this is not right. If he wants to love her, this is a longing given by God. Are we living that way? If not, we have to repent. Why do we have a sexual organ? The owner is the spouse. God must be able to experience joy through all the women of the world. Husband can feel sorry for not giving his wife more love. There is not order and discipline in love; there is total freedom in love.

The family is the basic unit of heaven, in which the 4 great realms of heart and 3 great kingships are established. There are kings in our ancestors and children represent the future kings. True Parents are the true teachers and true owners. They come as the substantiation of God, as his body. Without true children, they cannot be True parents. This is the 3 Subject Thought. It all comes from God through our True Parents' teaching. They were born from God.

1. They must live according to the heavenly tradition of sons and daughters of God, the tradition that all citizens of the Kingdom of God must follow and God wants to establish on earth.

2. They also need to educate mankind God's words.

They have to do that on earth before they go to Spirit World. It's the textbook of how to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, even in the pre-natal stage and throughout the school education. Our tradition must be the same all around the world. If it's different, we are not living according to the true tradition and we must repent and become new people who resemble True Parents. There's also the 3 great object thought connected to the 3 great subject thought. Only those who do the will of the Father go to heaven, not only those who cry out "lord, lord". Jesus' words apply to us, too.

It's not enough to say "Father, Father". We need to establish the Three Great Blessings, Four Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. Husband and Wife will live together maybe 50 to 70 years at most. In that short time, we need to follow the way, even if it's so difficult. This is the last revolution of Human Beings. If we become that way, God will want to be with us. If we are not that kind of person, God will not be able to come to us. We have to change completely. After the crucifixion, the disciples were brought back together for 40 days. Then the holy Spirit came into their hearts and they were ready to die, filled with joy. That's the way they changed. We need to change during this Original Divine Principle workshop. True Parents are suffering and God, too. We cannot avoid suffering, too. We must be determined to be different after that workshop and never return to what we were before. Unless we have that mind, we'll never be able to do God's will.


Purpose always has value when it is realized. It's the value of the original world of creation, not that of the fallen world.

Value: can be defined in a context; The Subject partner has a certain desire for the object partner centering on God, and the object partner satisfies the desire, then there is value resulting out of it.

Example: the husband has desire for his wife and the wife feels bad and doesn't want to satisfy his desire, there is no value.

There is a knife with the purpose to rob a house or to operate a sick person. The purpose for which it is used will determine its value. The paper can be used to throw in the garbage or to write God's words; according to the purpose its value is different. A marble house may have less value than a wooden house if it is used to plot against the country, whereas the little house which is used to save the world will have great value. It's the same for Human Beings. The body must live according to the mind's commands. If I live my life for the sake of the family, I'll be a filial child and the family will take care of my body when I die. If a patriot lived for his nation, the nation will take care of him, else his grave may be destroyed. The purpose someone lived for determines his value. This starts in the family. Heaven and earth will be sorrowful when that person dies. Your affiliation has to be very clear and will determine whether God or Satan will take you at death. We have to be tribal Messiahs. Blessed people who are hiding their blessing, we need to get them to come out.

The standard is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. The standard of the meter is in the Louvre. There are all kinds of rulers, but the one that is closest to the original one is the best. We have to understand the absolute standard and conform to it.

At Jesus' time, all the official following the law treated him as a heretic. Who followed the standard? The people who were with Jesus had value, not the officials. The same applies to us. We are with them for eternity. We cannot change the history. They came as the substantiation of God's word. If we listen to and follow that word, we are truly blessed.

Original emotion intellect and will (chi Jung eui)

The are within God's SS. Our three faculties of E, I and W come from God, and have to be based on Shim Jung. If we just take the intellect without Shim Jung, it's not truth, like communism. God created out of love, not out of struggle.

Love and beauty

My parents gave me love and my character and Shim Jung come from their love. The mother's ovum is the wrapping around the father's seed. The mother is closer to her kids because she created and raised me.

The beauty expressed by sons and by daughters are different. Daughters will want to help and the sons will watch. If a family doesn't have a daughter, they can experience it through their daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law respects her in-laws more than her own parents and the in-laws love her more than their own daughter. The most filial son and daughter will subjugate their parents with love. We are living in the world, but are not people of the world.

Good and evil

If living centered on ourselves, it's evil because it fulfills Satan's purpose, repeating the situation at the fall. Satan can lead a person away through the thoughts. Who is going to be chosen to be president of a company? The person who looks good, is intelligent, and has abilities. Those are also the ones Satan will choose first. It's the same for the 2nd gen. Satan wants to take away the best kids. One leader had all his children taken away as they went to the best universities. He understood that the value of absolute sex is essential.

Righteousness and unrighteousness

What is done for the purpose of God and goodness is righteous. The opposite is unrighteous.

Process of the creation of the Universe and its growing period

When God begins creating he has a purpose and a time period to accomplish it.

There was a process of creation and a growing period. If God had created Human Beings as perfect, they wouldn't have fallen. If there were a fall for perfect beings that means this would happen forever. Adam and Eve were in an imperfect state and therefore fell. The process of creation took billions of our solar years. The fact of saying there was evening and there was morning, first day means there are 3 stages, like Origin Division Union, and there's a new beginning in the morning, formation, growth, perfection. It's called the indirect dominion and therefore there's the need to have a commandment to accomplish the responsibility through the principle.

Adam and Eve's children would also have to go through the same process. Only at the 3rd generation could the children be directly dominated by their parents. True Parents realized that Satan was attacking his children but couldn't intervene. If Adam and Eve had perfected themselves, they would have been in the direct domination of God. There was no way of being tempted by Satan at that point. Different seeds give different plants, also depending on the soil. But they grow according to their blueprint. Creation sprouts, gives new fruit and the cycles happen automatically. Human Beings' body is like that, but our character grows through portion of responsibility.

God cannot intervene in that. We become qualified as God's child and become owners of the creation, with creativity. We are a co-creation and can take part in God's creation. If we don't accomplish our responsibility, God cannot change that. The completion of the children means the completion of the parents. Adam and Eve are greater than God in the sense that they can fill the earth with their children if they fulfill their portion of responsibility! No matter how difficult it was, True Father had to fulfill his portion of responsibility absolutely because he knows this and he feels God's pain. Restoration through indemnity must also be taught clearly and put them into practice.

Only the True Parents can teach us that tradition and they are the only True Parents of humanity and for the future. Even True children cannot become True Parents. We must not follow people who don't follow the principle, even if they bring people from death to life. So the portion of responsibility has to be understood clearly.

On the foundation of absolute sex, the portion of responsibility is accomplished. This is the core of the Principle. If we don't fulfill our responsibility, God cannot fulfill his purpose of creation. It took True Father 40 days of fight in the Spirit World to understand that and the process of the fall. 2 times, all denied his conclusion. Finally, the Archangel had to acknowledge and God approved. From that point on, Satan surrendered and bowed down to True Father. Divine Principle is not just a humanistic view. Some people need to hear Original Divine Principle 3 times to understand certain points. The Shim Jung world is unlimited, there is no end to it and to understanding it.

Incorporeal and corporeal world.

Incorporeal world has no shape, but it has substance. As we cannot fathom it with our physical senses, many oppose it and deny it all. Satan denies himself by denying the Spirit World. That time for natural subjugation of Satan has come now. We need to have True Parents and God in the forefront. From 2007 March 17, God is the owner.

How does Spirit World relate to us? There is a specific relationship.

Human Beings resemble God with mind and body. Mind, incorporeal and body, corporeal. The corporeal world is limited by time and space (hangye) the incorporeal world is unlimited. I went to Israel in 2003, December 23rd. A person was supposed to come pick me up at the airport. I didn't know where to go. Everyone else was leaving. Then a woman came and asked whether I was Rev. Yu. She said she had forgotten about me. If there's no one to guide us, we are lost. Both worlds together is the cosmos (cheon ju is a new world that True Parents created).

Many new words were made for new concepts. My existence allows the two worlds to come together. I am a microcosm of the cosmos. That's why we have a spirit self and a physical self that dominate the incorporeal and corporeal worlds with the 5 spiritual and physical senses. A museum's exhibitions have value when I look at them. At the fall the spirit self died; it's like a baby that dies at birth. The spiritual senses cannot function and don't know the beautiful world of the spirit.

When I was praying True Father gave me special words. I bowed to them and my cells cried out of joy or of sadness, because I was so moved by the words. Several years later, I told True Father about that and he told me I should have that kind of experiences at least 3 times. In Spirit World, we cannot hide anything. We live according to what we lived on earth. True Father never lied to us. Continuously he said things, but sometimes we get tired and don't listen.

We are so ignorant about Spirit World. If we become parliamentarians for 5 years and sell everything to be elected, we are so happy. We don't prepare enough for the Spirit World. We're living in ignorance and need to open our eyes. Air is filling this space. We cannot see it, neither can we see all the electromagnetic waves that are crossing this place and filling this room. The True Parents have given direction to create a device that can show the Spirit World. In the last few years, so many devices were developed to communicate like cell phones, TV and others.

So how about the Spirit World broadcast company? We can for example get Kim Il Sung to talk to Kim Jeong Il, or Stalin to testify about the Spirit World! Then the building of Cheon Il Guk by 2013 would be very easy. When that time comes, people will change their minds. The purpose of this education is to change our minds and not to get back to our old habits, even at the cost of our lives. We need to make a new start.

The spirit self is like the fruit. If the owner doesn't give it nourishment, there will be no fruit to be sold in the market. The owner must take care of the orchard. This is my responsibility. We must wait for it to ripen, so it has good taste. Human Beings have the fragrance and taste of Shim Jung and we want True Parents to come back because we miss them so much as they are the original body of Shim Jung. We are connected to them by the feeling of True love. People who are spiritually open can feel that. I filled up many booklets with True Father's words. There are still many secrets in them, that cannot be revealed yet. Maybe after I go to Spirit World, they will be revealed.

If there were no Spirit World, there would be no need to create the spirit (Bible quotes).

3 life stages of human beings

Mother's womb: Through the navel, all the nutrition goes to the baby.

In 1965, True Father said that Adam had a belly button; it was the topic of his sermon that day. Last year in October 08 True Father solved this question in Alaska saying that everything is born through a mother, therefore we have a belly button. So Adam and Eve also had parents.

How do we have to live our lives on the earth. We could teach that for years. True Father said it was so difficult to find it out like finding the right grain of sand in the deep ocean. But he still found it and after having fought against Satan for 43 days, Satan finally accepted it and was subjugated. Adam and Eve had to confess their sin. WE need to research for ourselves how we can apply this principle to our lives and then we can feel gratitude to our True Parents for giving us this truth and we make it our own. True Father gave these words with sweat and tears.

After 9 months, the fetus is complete and comes into being. If it is formed wrongly, it will suffer its whole life on earth. At Heung Jin Nim's hospital bed, True Father took off the oxygen mask and ask everyone not to cry as to claim the victory over death. All, even Satan's children cry at their children's death. So True Father couldn't do that. The first time in history True Father sent his son to Spirit World just before taking off the oxygen mask. True Parents are able to match someone just with a photograph, transcending all barriers. Only people who have received the blessing can have the Seung Hwa ceremony. A sister didn't have a partner, so she couldn't have the Seung Hwa. It's sending the living to the owner of the living. Even having been blessed with a straw would be ok. We have received a wonderful spouse and cannot even practice.

In the early days, one pioneer went back home for his father's death. He took his father's name stamp and wrote the application for him. Thanks to that, the father could go to a good place. He sometimes goes to his son and predicts things. So we have to give the tribe the blessing. The people who die don't even understand that the spirit goes out of the physical self. If there's a guide, it's easy. We must all become harmonious and fearless, as the complete image of God.

God's love and truth are life elements (yang), including absolute sex, as well as the vitality elements (yin) allow the spirit self to grow. Form spirit is like a bean, in the form spirit world; life spirits go to paradise and divine spirits go to the Kingdom of Heaven, but only as families. Therefore Jesus couldn't enter the Kingdom of Heaven, although he worked on earth as the son of God. When listening to God's word, the life elements, we can understand where we are at and believing these words and putting them into action, we can grow spiritually and as we give the spirit elements to the body, the body can act more and five more vitality elements are going to the spirit... If we don't live according to God's word, we don't produce vitality elements. Human Beings must become the substantiation of absolute sex to resemble God.

Once we lose the physical self, the fruit, the spirit self cannot mature any longer. Ripening our love before going to Spirit World is thus essential. Only True Parents can teach that kind of things. How much has our spirit grown? If we go to Spirit World before having become divine spirits, we need to come back through another person, which is extremely difficult, even more than moving our own body. Fallen man needs religion to have a framework to develop the conscience. Wearing all kinds of jewelry and having houses are not the essential thing. Growing is essential. If husband and wife fight, what happens? If we have a wound on our skin, even after healing, we can see it. So don't commit actions that wound your spirit. We need to have the impulse that wants to love limitlessly.

The importance of physical life (p. 64)

Just witnessing and praying and believing in Jesus is not enough. Experiencing and perfecting True love in the family is the key point. We received the blessing before Jesus and need to have the heart of wanting to help Jesus. If we have sin, we need to indemnify it on earth. The most fearful sin is illicit love; then comes murder and suicide. They are all at the bottom of hell. If husband or wife committed illicit love, they have to indemnify that. If the wife committed that sin, she has to love and respect her husband 7 times more than anyone she loves. And when she dies, she has to tell her husband what she did and her husband and children need to understand and forgive her and establish a condition for her on earth, so she can live in Spirit World in a proper position.

How we live on earth impacts how we live in Spirit World. You can see my palm and when I turn my hand, you can see the back of my hand. They are two sides of the same hand. The two are not separated, just like our two lives. We are living right now in the Spirit World with our spirit self and everything we're doing is recorded right there. My life on earth impacts my life in Spirit World. All we take to Spirit World is our spirit self. According to the antenna in our spirit, we meet our ancestors and the doors will open. Everyone will see the video of our life. None of the saints that have followed Jesus for 2000 years is in heaven. We need to take them there. If the Spirit World didn't exist, we wouldn't need to live a life of goodness.

The importance of the spirit self

My life is entirely recorded in my spirit self. My spirit looks like my physical body. All the things I've done and seen are recorded. Living in the fallen world is fearful. I determine myself whether I go to Heaven or Hell. Most go neither to Heaven nor to Hell; they didn't believe in anything and didn't commit evil actions. Whether we use our knowledge for ourselves or for others will also determine my future.

Spirit mind and physical mind centered on God's purpose make up the original mind, which remains eternally with the spirit mind after physical death. Centering on truth, physical and spirit mind unite and form the conscience. It's centered on what it believes is true. The standard of conscience is different because the understanding of truth may be different according to the ideology people follow.

The original mind is internal and conscience is external. They both seek after goodness and form the mind.

Evil mind is the unity between spiritual and physical minds centered on Satan.

Necessity of faith

Our physical self and spirit self have a relationship of Object and Subject. In order to weaken the physical mind, we do conditions of fasting and prayer, and thus make our spirit mind stronger. If there are no vitality elements going to the spirit, the spirit is in a state of death. As Saul was going to Damascus to persecute the disciples of Jesus, Jesus appeared to him spiritually and asked him why he was persecuting him. Saul became Paul and understood that he had committed a terrible sin and that there were two laws within himself. Jesus had already been crucified. Paul understood that Jesus had ended up becoming the lord of suffering, although he had come as the lord of glory.

He emphasized the redemption through the blood of Jesus who was crucified. Christianity is influenced by the 13 books that come from Paul. We are treated as heretics by the Christians because Christianity has not understood the truth about Jesus. We must teach the word, even if we have to go the way of the cross, just like Jesus. In Cor. 2:8 he said they wouldn't have crucified the lord of glory if they had known who he was. Paul is lamenting in Spirit World because the wrong logic he gave at that time is causing so much suffering now. Paul wasn't an apostle of Jesus, but he proclaimed himself an apostle since he didn't follow Jesus while on earth. He is the self-proclaimed apostle.

If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves...

How do we separate ourselves from Satan? Denying myself, giving up everything that I'm motivated on myself. God loves as he cannot help it. We must go into the Principle. The calf follows the mother and the mother will give it milk until a certain point. Then the mother will not give it any more milk. Living a principled life, like God's, is the only way to separate from Satan. Leaving Satan's lineage can only be done through the blessing. There are 8 stages of purity that allow Cheon Il Guk to be established in the place where absolute sex and a life centered on God is practiced.

3 kinds of judgment:

judgment of character, public work and public money. A senior couple went to Spirit World. When he received the blessing he couldn't go to Korea, so he received the blessing through the telephone. The wife went to where he was and he waited for her at the airport. She was wearing all red, a color which he hated. They had several children. The husband tried to educate his wife to the international level. The husband started hating his wife and went to USA, became sick and went to hospital.

She also wanted to die and one day she received a phone call of her husband about to die. She knew she had to resolve everything before death. She held his head and he was in Spirit World. There he saw a sign judgment of character. He cannot climb up the slide as he always slips down. He saw her as the most beautiful lady and he wanted to embrace her but couldn't. So he went to God and said sorry that he couldn't love her and asked God to give him life again. Then he had the judgment of work. There was nothing although he spent his time doing the mission, but it was Satan's work. Then he went through the judgment of money and he thought he could pass that but once he went to hospital and he received money from True Father to pay his bill instead of using it for the mission he had received it for. He woke up from his coma and promised that he would not use any of the money in his wallet for private needs. He went around Korea and gave his testimony to all of the Korean church.

3 great laws:

Preserve the blood lineage, do not violate human rights, do not misuse public money. Public money is like poison. True Father said he gave a lot of money, but no one ever brought money back to him. Someone asked money from True Father and True Father gave him more although he must have known that this person would misuse it.

True Father went up a hill and he put a handkerchief before he sat down, although he was wearing working clothes. He will always report to heaven before doing anything. He sometimes sleeps in the bath or on the toilet as he is so tired. We must understand True Parents and share their heart.

Do we find our own way to heaven or are we sent there?

Did I live for my sake or for the sake of others?

Did I love my enemy? How many of the 6.5 billion people of the world love me? Some people cannot even write a single name. Whether an old person or a young child. It's the first time God is meeting a person through me. True Parents speak for a long time sometimes. A person liked the speech, as he thought it was short. But True Father said that some of the people present need to understand God's word and it's their only opportunity to listen to God's word, so he cannot stop speaking. Also my ancestors and descendants are influenced by that.


The principle is food for my spirit. If I don't talk with God, I'm talking with Satan. I should be talking and thinking with God all the time. Always making prayers of repentance. We must never complain as this is poison for our spirit self.

Judgment: everyone has to hear God's word, therefore True Parents went around the world many times. If we believe God's word, we have to practice it.

Living for the sake of others will not fail the judgment. It means sacrificing oneself. The character is also that way. We must live according to the blueprint God established. Then we can go to the next world with joy and gratitude.

All the content from now on came about because of the fall. So we won't spend too much time on it. If there's no time, you can just go over the table of content. 

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