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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 5 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

The fall of man

God knew of the fall happening but couldn't intervene.

The root of sin, the original sin, the eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

Many thought it was a literal fruit. They ate it although they knew it would kill them, and they were only the two of them and had plenty of other things to eat. So it cannot be literal.

Also God being a God of love he couldn't have tested his children with the consequence that they may die.

The tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden. In the 66 books of the bible, that tree of knowledge is only mentioned once. The other tree is mentioned many times. It symbolizes the completed Adam, whether in the old or the new Testament. The other tree symbolizes Eve. The fruit symbolizes her love. In Korea, there is an expression saying that eating a woman means taking her chastity. Whether she accomplishes or not her responsibility or not, she can bear good fruit or evil one.

Who took Eve's chastity? The identity of the snake, who could converse with people, knew the will of God, had the wisdom to tempt Human Beings (those with more wisdom can tempt those with less wisdom), was living in heaven, was powerful and transcended time and space. We understand it's a spiritual being, the Archangel. We are said to be heretical by the Christians.

The fall

Before becoming a serpent, it was a great dragon, the morning star (Lucifer). There were 3 archangels responsible to transfer things to Human Beings, Lucifer for God's love, Gabriel for? and Michael for wisdom.

Before the fall, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. Job was a righteous man and said he wanted to hide his iniquity like Adam.

If we are grafted onto the true olive tree, we can become a true olive tree.


AIDS could destroy all society. The only absolute solution is absolute sex. So we need to keep the flag of absolute sex up. Adam was a teenager. Now many teenagers rebel against their parents in the last days. Because of the fall, women mature more quickly than men. Many men live with their daughter or women live with a man much younger. A father said he made love with his daughters for he had to give them away anyway, so he may as well use them before.

Celibacy in the catholic church contradicts the fact that the followers can marry gen. 1:28. God doesn't want celibacy any longer. With the Messiah, everyone must receive the blessing. It's the most fearful sin.

Why did the fall occur?

The Archangel lied to Eve. She should have asked God about it. They had already been involved emotionally in the garden of Eden for some time. Adam should have intervened, but he wasn't aware of what was happening. She felt ashamed after the fall and wanted to get back to God. She realized that he was supposed to be her husband. She should have gone to God with her suffering and repented for it and feel sorry for God. Instead of that, she went to Adam and caused him to fall. If we have difficulty, we shouldn't go horizontally, but vertically. Sometimes when someone comes to you for counseling, you have to deal with that person with absolute sex. Eve touched Adam and excited him and caused him to fall, with the motivation of going back to God, whereas the motivation for the spiritual fall was lack of love.

God was so lonely as he couldn't share his heart with anyone.

The power of love is greater than the power of the principle. During the period of growth, the possibility of falling existed. To prevent the fall, God gave the commandment, which was only necessary during the growing period. After that it was ok. God would have given Adam and Eve permission to consume the fruit after reaching perfection. Both would have become owners of each other's sexual organs and the true life, love and lineage would have multiplied through them.

The consequences: Good or evil for desire, love and actions are determined whether they are centered on God or Satan. Everything God created became owned by Satan. There was change of blood lineage, possession and the realm of Shim Jung. We have to give everything back to God, so it can change back to God's position and it can come back from God. We must love God more than our own family.

The 3 great liberations from Satan through the blessing, living a principled life (cutting from the fallen nature) and establish Cheon Il Guk. These are not just words. It has come to pass.

We are always on the dividing line between God and Satan. The problem is in us, not outside. What we think, how we act and behave, our motivation defines good or evil.

Sin is forming a common base with Satan. It starts with thinking.

Adam and Eve inherited all things from Satan. How to get rid of fallen mature is the most essential thing. It happens by going the reverse way of the fall.

There is no freedom outside the principle, no freedom without responsibility and no freedom without accomplishment.

Freedom cannot have caused the fall. Unprincipled love made Human Beings cross the line and caused the fall. It's a mistake, not freedom.

Why did God give freedom?


Toynbee talked of 26 cultural realms. Now there are 4 left and they are starting to become one to go back to the original world. 

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