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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 8 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session


Central doctrine of Christianity.

Because it isn't taught very often, we need to look at it very closely. Heaven's heart is to go through the whole Divine Principle. You can then understand in what ways your understanding is lacking and fill in the gaps.

The value of the person who has fulfilled the purpose of creation.

God is one with a person who has fulfilled the purpose of creation. God is like the mind and the true person like the body or the temple of God. That person has the sane value as God.

All Human Beings resemble the infinite characteristics within God. AS everyone is unique, that person has unique value.

God created Human Beings as the model for the rest of the creation, with spirit self and physical self and through Human Beings, the Spirit World and PH become one. Because of the fall, everything was lost.

Who is Jesus? A perfected man has cosmic value. Centering on God, Jesus had parent-child relationship with God and he has the value of a person who has fulfilled the purpose of creation. 35 years ago, in the evening, I wanted the take a bath in Mapo church. A girl entered a bus and 3 theology students wanted to influence them. She said Jesus is dead, because you believe that Jesus is dead then god is dead, too, so I don't believe in God. The seminary students couldn't respond anything to that.

We must be able to criticize the different philosophies of life.

Jesus is the right hand of God, not god himself.

Many people of faith have willingly died for the sake of the world. Why should Jesus pray for himself? Even if we kill just one person, the consequences are terrible. So what about the son of God.

Jesus shed tears of blood. He was the embodiment of the word and fulfilled the purpose of creation, acquiring infinite value. After the fall, the whole creation was lamenting and its value was found again with True Parents at King's garden in Hawaii. No human being had been able to understand its value. The value of the creation is created from a true person.

Before Abraham was I am: he was the true father and ancestor from the standpoint that he was the first to become a true man. True parents are to become the ancestors of all of humanity. The world has believed all kinds of things about True Parents. Thanks to the autobiography, finally, everyone gets to understand how great they are in resolving all the problems of the world. Only The Messiah can do that. It must be distributed to all families. It's just one volume, but it's a record of God's life.

We can ask the people whether they want to go to heaven or hell. If they want to go to heaven, give them the families, gateway to heaven. If they are not interested, they can give it back. Everyone should give out 430 books. We can also give them 1 page at a time through internet. Now everyone has a computer. The advance of science was accomplished to multiply God's word, even one page at a time. It's better than giving a whole book.

We have True Parents and Spirit World on our side, but if we don't do it, there's no miracle that can take place. If we don't shout, they will shout and it'll be worse. We had lost our spirit of the early days and we have to change at this time!!!

We should always have holy wine on us. When we meet someone, if she has good ancestors, we feel like that. Give that person the word and do the holy wine right there is good. At least give a flyer or a name card. When True Parents call you, just go. You may not be able to go any more. We don't know when they go to Spirit World. If we cannot accomplish their instruction, we'll regret it.

True Mother has accomplished her responsibility with giving birth to 7 sons and 7 daughters and she had to give 5 of them. If we decide we don't like her, we cannot have life in the Spirit World. If we sin against the father, we can be forgiven, but not against the holy Spirit. 

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