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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 10 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

Worldwide course of Jesus

The course of Moses was the image course for Jesus.

Jesus was saint among saints, the only one without original sin, the son of God. How could he be born without original sin?

Centering on Jacob and Esau, the external restoration was made.

Judah was the 4th son, from Lea and had 3 sons.

When Jesus was 24, he spoke to his mother to give him a bride, John the Baptist's younger sister but Mary couldn't organize that. When he was 30, he asked again, but as this wasn't done, he left home. One relative got married and Mary helped and Jesus went to eat with his disciples and pleaded once more for her to get him married. She asked him to get wine for her. She must have exasperated him and he expressed his sorrow wondering what he had to do with her. Later, when she and his brothers came to see him, he asked who his mother and brothers were. Nobody understood his will.

To a woman of Samaria whom he prayed for water he said he had eternal life; he meant he had absolute sex sperm for eternal life. He wanted to give his sperm to the woman who had been prepared by God.

Jesus told the disciples about Judas who was going to betray him. But the disciples didn't even stop him. In the garden of Gethsemane, he went up with 3 disciples and asked them to pray with him, for he was so sad. He shed tears of blood. They were sleeping while their master was about to die. He woke them up and went to pray. If they had all prayed prayers of blood, God would have been able to protect them. At that point, Moses and Elijah could have appeared and the people who came to get him would have bowed to him and followed him. Finally he was arrested and tried.

First there was the religious trial by Caiaphas. Peter should have testified to Jesus as being the Messiah instead of denying him 3 times. So Jesus was tortured. Pilate's wife knew that Jesus was without sin and he didn't want to kill him. So he suggested to choose between Barabbas and Jesus. He hoped for Jesus to be chosen. He washed his hands. They took off his clothes and put a thorn crown on his head, making fun of him. He had been tortured so much that he didn't have the power to carry the cross, so a black man carried the cross, therefore black people are strong.

Mary was supposed to open the way in front of him as he went to Golgotha, but she fainted. He was on the cross for 6 hours. The fact of feeling pain was not the problem, but the fact that there was nobody else to comfort God, the Jewish people would have to suffer for that sin and his disciples follow the same way. If the people had known what they were doing, they would never have done that. Who among the Christians understand him today?

To solve Jesus' Han and comfort him, True Parents crowned Jesus in 2003 in Jerusalem around Christmas time and again in 2004 in Washington, as a representation of Rome of 2000 years ago, for this was Jesus' plan to spread God's word around the Roman Empire.

Everybody needs God's messages. Let's send out True Parents' messages through internet, bit by bit and get people to understand Divine Principle.

The will of God to realize his ideal of creation has not yet been realized in 6000 years of history in the family. It's been God's desire through the Principle of Creation. When this is accomplished God will be happy and we'll all be experiencing joy together. In human history, there are many views of history. There has been no view centering on God. True Parents are here, they have clarified all the fundamental views.

Mary could conceive Jesus without original sin thanks to the separation from Satan that had been taking place vertically throughout the history of restoration. There are many vague ideas of what happened in the garden of Eden and of what will happen when Christ come again. That ideal has not come to pass and many people have given up. We must be grateful that True Parents were sent to earth and could clarify all this. Many Christians have been ready to die spreading the word for 2000 years, but none of them was able to meet the lord.

We are sitting here on the foundation of their sacrifice, of the investment of our ancestors. The Messiah is also the king of kings and he will realize the will of all of humanity and of God. It only happens once in history and God knows that the True Parents have come as the substantiation of God. All the providential content is being brought to a conclusion. There needed a foundation to bring a victory at the time of Jesus, but because of the faithlessness, he couldn't liberate God, humanity and creation at that time. Liberation is the hope of all.


In Korean Christian churches there was a song about Jesus coming in the clouds. Only God determines who the Messiah is, not the 6.5 billion people. 2000 years ago there were two kinds of prophecies about the Messiah's birth: Daniel prophesied about Jesus' coming in the clouds and Isaiah on the earth. How did he come?

Rev. 1.7. talks about the Messiah to come in the clouds, but it's also says that they won't be able to see him until after 1000 years. But in 2 Peter 3:10, it says that he'll come like a thief in the night...

We teach that the Messiah is coming in the flesh and we are called the heretics. The meaning of clouds: the clouds referred to are not the literal clouds. A cloud represents evaporated water, which is cleaner than dirty water from which it evaporated.

True Parents have been persecuted, ridiculed. Jesus talked of the clouds to prevent people from believing in antichrists. Also to encourage Christians to do God's word. If it were written exactly, who would die to do God's will? To have a passionate witness. There were lions that had been starved for many days and they used the eating of Human Beings as an entertainment. The Christians were glad to go through that in order to meet Jesus, any time.


We don't know but God reveals everything to the prophets, like to Noah about the flood, to Lot about Sodom and Gomorrah (were destroyed), to Jonah about Nineveh (was saved)

In March 1st 1919, the Korean leaders of the independence movement read the declaration of independence from Japan. Yo Gwan Seung who was 16 got killed for distributing the Korean flags all around the country. That's how she ignited the Koreans to be proud of their culture and identity and not to let themselves be oppressed by the Japanese. That's the time True Father was conceived.

All the people in Korea and in other countries rejected True Father's revelation and that's why he had to go to prison. If the allied countries had attended True Parents at that time, the satanic world would have been ended soon. Now we must do the work they would have done when they were younger. True Father is the original body of love, life and lineage. God has been sorrowful that the lineage of Satan has been transmitted and it's time to educate the people according to that in order to bring peace and unity on earth. The lord has opened the way of unity for the world. We only need to follow his path.


The lord is already on the earth and we all have to help True Parents bring the Providence to a close.

Jesus said he'd come in a tribe of Israel, before the disciples would go around all the towns of Israel. He will not come to Israel, as that nation killed God's son. He'd come to the victorious country (victory is the name that Jacob received from the angel at the ford of Jabok). He will come to the nation that has victory in faith, as it is explained in the parable of the vineyard. Through their trespass, salvation has come to the gentiles.

Rev. 7:2 and 7:4: country from the rising of the sun. There is an east for every nation, but at the time of Jesus, the East designated the furthest East Asia, where there are 3 countries usually referred to: Korea, Japan and China.

The thought of filial piety was at the entrance of every village. It's essential for the people who receives the Messiah to have the heart of filial piety in front of God. Korea also understands the meaning of birthright. Originally Adam was going to inherit everything from God. But all was lost to Satan. So God chose Abel to give it instead. The most important is the lineage of the first born. Even the oldest must bow to the young child if the young child is in the lineage. In communism, everyone is comrades, separated and without parents.

God has nurtured the understanding of lineage in Korea. Korea also understands the importance of family, living up to 5 generations under one roof. It wasn't easy, but they lived like this. Individualism is destroying the family now. Therefore we do the family pledge. God has been trying to restore the family in the providence. In Unification Church, we establish blessed families with many blessed children. We should have at least 3 children to leave something for the world. Now the original family with absolute sex is getting lost also in Korea and all evils have gone into society and the family. True Father who has been cursed and accused by the world is the only one who matches people. It's a homogeneous nation for the same language, lineage, culture. From that nation, the Messiah can then go to the world. 30 years after going to Israel, the descendants intermarried and lost their foundation of tradition and homogeneity.

As the whole world is waiting for the Messiah, there are 5 conditions required from the nation:

1. 40 period of separation from Satan

2. Japan persecuted Korea as badly as the Romans persecuted Israel. The independent fighters in Korea invested themselves for 40 years to fight against the Japanese occupation. The Japanese said they'd protect Korea and, seeing how UK was ruling the world with power, they wanted to do the same. Just by taking Eve, one woman, Satan took the whole world. The Japanese took the best crops and the families on the farms didn't even have enough to eat. After liberation, True Father was already 26 years old. He led a life of blood and sweat. From 1945 to 1952 it was not accomplished and the Korean war broke out, the whole world (16 countries) participated in the war. There are war cemeteries in many places. MacArthur could liberate True Father. How can he repay these young people who gave their lives for a country they didn't even know.

It's because it was the Messiah's country that they went there. In 1960, True Father created the little angels troop to show Korean culture to the world. Many leaders were against that idea, as there was not enough to eat. He wanted them to perform for the queen of England and Rome. This year, the 60th year after the break out of the war, True Father wants Dr. Pak to bring the little angels around the 16 nations and some others to give thanks. If the UN forces hadn't helped, there wouldn't be any Korean nation now. The country is also supporting this effort. 1953 was the cease fire. North Korea is preparing a present for True Parents every year, this year, too. Are we better than them? If the enemy turns around, God will embrace them. They have the greatest gymnasium that they only used once for the North-South meeting. They could just give the order to gather people for the blessing. The North Korean would just follow Kim Jeong Il's orders whereas South Korea wouldn't. Now True Unification has to come through lineage, not like E and W Germany or Germany and France. When the husband and wife from different countries are blessed, and they watch a football match of their respective country, the children will ask them not to fight over it!

3. From 1945-85, 40 years, finishing with True Father's imprisonment in Danbury. In 88, the Korean Olympics had so many countries participate. In 1990, True Father met Gorbachev and asked him not to kill people any more. In 1992, True Mother made her world tour.

4. Nation of sacrifice in order to divide good from evil.

5. Behind Cain there was Satan's movement: from the French revolution, evolution theory, communism; behind Abel there was democracy with creationism, but not clearly like in the Divine Principle. Cain and Abel were separated and have to be united again by True Parents. We are expecting great things and changes to take place this year on the Korean peninsula. We have started the Original Divine Principle education in Korea. True Parents can also resolve the religious problem in the Middle East. All that was prepared by God was lost in 1952, but it can be done again now. Panmunjom is composed of 3 Chinese characters with 8 strokes each. That's where heaven and Satan are separated. In 1991, True Father said that the chuje thought was wrong and that God is the subject. A normal person would never have been allowed to speak like that. True Father didn't go there for his sake but to tell people and Kim Il Sung the Truth.

Because of that relationship that was established during his life, Kim Il Sung had this transmitted to his son Kim Jeong Il that he needs to talk matters concerning Unificationism with True Father only. One person going to North. Korea took the picture of Kim Il Sung in his bag and was chastised for doing something so impolite. The picture of Kim Il Sung with a South. Korea leader was hanging outside, in the rain and North. Koreans thought this was so disrespectful, that someone should stand in front of the picture with an umbrella. In Japan, there is a church kindergarten where they teach True Parents' tradition from the time they are 3 years old. They know more about it than their parents, as they teach in a very strict way. The kids educate their parents. Kim Il Sung is the father on Cain (Satan)'s side. True Father is the father on Abel's side. Kim Jeong il will not be able to pass his power to the 3rd generation as God only recognizes until the 2nd stage (fall took place then). Now the North. Koreans need food and clothes. When the automobile factory was inaugurated a few years ago, a Korean leader said that we must support North. Korea, but they got angry as they are proud and don't want to look like beggars. So we just need to take it to them, like Jacob's and True Parents' strategy. By participating, we can become owners and support them. There aren't many paved roads, so we need trucks with very wide tires.

6. Object partner to God's Shim Jung

7. Sorrow, suffering and joy: therefore we sang the 3 songs representing these 3 feelings of Shim Jung. The garden of restoration shows the sad heart of heaven. How much can we feel that? We must shed many tears to embrace God. If there are 100 members, we have to understand the hearts of all of them and praying 1 min for each one would last 100 minutes. That's why True Father spends so much time praying. When he prays for Jesus, True Father just cries for him. In the west, the birds sing; in Korea, they "cry".

8. Korea is the nation of morality.

9. Culmination of all civilization

10. Messianic prophecies must exist to indicate that the country will receive the Messiah, not just from the country itself, but also from other countries.


The unification of Shim Jung is difficult to achieve and has to be done through absolute sex added to semaeul (new community)...

This is the first time True Parents invited directly to a seminar and gave a certificate. All the other certificates put together don't have so much value like this one. When things get tough, read this certificate again. It contains the tearful circumstance of God. I request one more thing of you: it's not just a paper. Understanding God deeply is the most essential, what kind of parent and Shim Jung. God has sent us True Parents for us to go directly ahead of us. Many great people have believed in God but haven't known him. We have been able to remain with True Parents until now and received this very special word from them.

Convey the word and give holy wine and blessing to people. Also teach them how they have to live as Human Beings, through their original mind. The most essential thing is God, True Parents and the absolute sex value. Read all of True Parents' words and textbooks. We must always have holy salt, candle, wine and True Parents' books in our homes. When I gave this education in Korea, True Parents sometimes came by and told us what to do. It was all very precious. True Father said to teach you how to live according to True Parents' words, then God and True Parents will be with us. Live a life of testifying to God and True Parents. For the first time, this was held outside of Korea. Rev. Song got this first. Mr. Elder is working with Kook Jin Nim in Korea and worked hard.

As the first, you received the grace. Internally, I saw the way you are living. I felt I could communicate with you by heart, more than in Japan, so I feel that Europe can be blessed as you have the Christian philosophy and ancestors and their cheon seong. With that heart, I believe you'll bear many more fruits than you expected. Peter was always worried about being criticized while Jesus was alive. But after the crucifixion, he repented and after the 40 day separation period, the holy spirit could really work through the apostles. That's how the early church began in Europe. I communicated with Peter Kim and True Father is very happy about this education and praying that you can work very hard. Also some Ambassadors for Peace studied together here. The significance is great that they could participate with the Unification Church leaders. Work hard for God's will! Even having only a strand of his hair is so precious. Let us live with True Parents and bear fruit for them. Whether in charge of a nation or city may God's blessing be upon you and return much glory to God.


1. Graft: we remain trees and receive a branch from True Parents' tree?

2. True Parents tree gives a branch to each tree to make the fruit of that branch of our tree a good fruit

3. We cut our tree and graft it onto True Parents tree

4. How do you translate tong il gyo?

5. Relationship between liberation, education, blessing of spirits and the fact that we cannot reach perfection apart from a body (own or through returning resurrection) on earth

6. Why do we use for indemnity for removing fallen nature as love, mediate, subjugate, propagate and later in the book love, obey, respect, receive.

7. How is the 3rd stage already the Kingdom of God whereas it's still a state of immaturity?

8. Formation is form spirit; growth is paradise, completion is.... and perfection should be Kingdom of God?


Have Original Divine Principle lecture once a week with own children and with guests: decide what day and time. 

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