The Words of the Barnes Family

Personal Judgment

Caroline Barnes
February 1972

Judgment is the separation of good from evil. If occurs on the personal level, on the national level, and on the universal level. Personal judgment is the breaking down and separation of the Satanic nature of a person, so that person may stand before God as His child and Satan has no more claim on him.

A person undergoes judgment as soon as they come into Principle. For the first time in their lives, people tell them when they are being Satanic. Perhaps the most surprising thing for a person new in Principle, and who does not really understand yet what judgment is all about, is the seemingly small unimportant things that are hit on. It takes a while to realize that these things are a direct indication of the general attitude and spiritual state of that person. Though all this a person young in Principle slowly realizes just what being a Lord of creation really means. Even the word creation takes on a new meaning. Some people have the mistaken idea that creation is only out of doors; it comes as a surprise to find it in the kitchen as well.

As we grow in Principle we see more and more clearly just how necessary judgment is to bring a person closer to God. We also see more and more clearly the depth of love and concern from which it is given. Who else but Father, or people centered on the Father, could be concerned enough with a person to judge them, so that for the first time in their lives they are free to love the creation and their eyes are opened to see it responding.

Judgment at the beginning of Principle is not very deep: it does not really have to begin to, show to a person the stark reality of their Satanic natures, which have never been exposed before. After all, in a Satanic world, even if you did have an inkling of your problem, there was not much you could do about overcoming it anyway, and no one was perfect. In Principle, everyone must be perfect, so judgment is necessary. Of course judgment hurts. Satan does not want to release us, so he will try to make us want to avoid the means by which we will become free from him. We must remember when we are being judged that the part which is hurt is Satanic and the only person who should be feeling that way is Satan. We should welcome judgment as the means by which Satan is subjugate 1, and thank our Father for wanting us back so much that he works so hard to free us. 

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