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2008, Arrival of the Time of Heavenly Fortune

H. Inose
January 21, 2008

To Brothers and Sisters around America:

I hope everyone started the year 2008 with a new heart under the new motto "Manse for the Ssang Hab Jubilee years of the 7th and 8th years of Cheon Il Guk of Universal Peace Federation."

Looking back upon the year 2007, it was a stormy year. In 2007, the Providential Jubilee Year was proclaimed, and there was the grace of the Special Amnesty. True Parents proclaimed the Pacific Rim Era on March 17, and established the Abel Peace UN on September 23. God's providence made great progress and developed centering on America, the Elder Son Nation.

It was also the year when True Parents and True Families offered so much sincere devotion. It is said that the message from the spirit world is: "The spirit world is so busy now. True Parents are offering so much sincere devotion, that the spirit world is embarrassed."

(1) About the motto 2008

We need to know the meaning of the phrase in the motto, "Mansei for the Jubilee Years of the 7th and 8th years." True Father explained as follows:

"The Jubilee Year is not finished yet."... "The year 2007 and 2008 are not ended. The year 2008 comes after the year 2007. Number 7 is the number of completion, and number 8 means to start again. So, they should be connected."
... "Number 7 means "a face" meanwhile number 8 means "a body". I wrote "Mansei for the Ssang Hab Jubilee years" instead of "7.8 Jol Jubilee Year." The reason why I did not put "Jol" is that the Jubilee Year did not finish yet.... The 8th year should be bigger than the 7th year. Number 8 means women."

True Parents and True Families made a victorious foundation in 2007. In 2008, we blessed central families have to inherit the foundation, and develop it horizontally and substantially. The most important decisive place is America, the Elder Son Nation.

Therefore, True Parents, who earnestly wish the victory of God's providence, offered a special sincere devotion for America, the Elder Son Nation, for 2 weeks in December 2007. Moreover, at Hoon Dok Hae on December 29, 2007, they asked Dr. Yang to declare his determination three times.

Now, it is important for us to know the providential time, and understand the arrival of the time of heavenly fortune.

(2) Arrival of the Time of Heavenly Fortune

When True Parents proclaimed the Pacific Rim Age in Hawaii last year, they said on March 19, 2007, "It is the time when human beings will receive what was once offered to heaven in the name of True Parents. You have responsibility to plant heavenly fortune in your fatherland and hometown on earth. Once you offer it to heaven, and then heaven will give it back to human beings. You have to plant it in your farm to make it bear fruit...." They said this is the time that the more we offer to heaven with sincere devotion the more we can receive from heaven.

At Hoon Dok Hae on January 3, 2008, True Parents said, "You have to know that this is the prayer with which all entities in heaven and on earth can enter into the bosom of True Parents with the unity of the east, west, north, and south, and start anew." They gave a surprising benediction, "At this time of January 3, 2008 around noon, may God let all entities in heaven and on earth be in the bosom of True Parents! And I sincerely ask You to put the seal of liberation on them." This means that True Parents embraced all things in heaven and on earth, and all things could be liberated and start anew.

True Parents also said as follows:

"It is the time when all the ways can be reclaimed."
"It is the time that whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously (2 Corinthians 9:6). Therefore, you can do it."
"Miracles will happen. Something like a dream will happen."
"The more you try to change circumstances shouting in the name of True Parents, with the right heart of True Parents, and with the humble and urgent heart of parents, the more you can reap. So, call up all your courage. You can do witnessing to your relatives and bless them."

It is the time of tremendous heavenly fortune. True Parents told us that they gave it to all blessed families.

(3) Let's Offer Utmost Sincere Devotion, and Build Up the Mountain of Sincere Devotion

In the beginning of such a year of 2008, first of all, we want to think about our responsibility to God's calling. We were saved because of the blood, sweat, and tears of True Parents, and we were also raised on blood, sweat, tears, and words of True Parents. Moreover, before we were called, there were precious sacrifices and difficulties of tens of thousands of saints, pioneers, and our ancestors. It is beyond our imagination. On this foundation, we could change our blood lineage from Satan's side to God's side through the blessing by True Parents prior to all other human beings. We were allowed to stand in the position of the owners of Cheon Il Guk.

As True Parents said, "It is the cosmic grace of the Jubilee Year that the name of the 'Parents of Heaven and Earth' could remain on earth, and we are living on the foundation," we can attend True Parents, who are living now, as the grace of the Jubilee Year. We can be engaged in the holy work in front of them.

Then, how should we do this? We have to lead a life of attendance. It is a life united with True Parents through offering sincere devotion.

"What is a life of attendance? It is a life of offering utmost sincere devotion. In the past, we offered sincere devotion to the spiritual "god," but now, we can offer filial piety and loyalty to the substantial Parents... In the past, even though you offer sincere devotion to the spiritual "god," you could not receive its reaction, but fortunately, it is possible now.

You should think you have received more than what you have offered. The more you have such a mind of gratitude, the better everything goes. And your spiritual background will become bright. The most important thing is sincere devotion. You have to know the importance of offering sincere devotion.

When you see yourself in the mirror, you should feel, 'How many times did these eyes shed tears longing to see True Parents? How much did this mouth shout for the liberation of True Parents? How much did these ears long to hear the good news of True Parents? How much did these hands work sweating blood in the land of True Parents? It is a sorrowful regret for me to be unable to do it.' (TF's words from the book The Life of Attendance)

There will be the celebration of True Parents' Birthday on February 12 in the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk. We have this immeasurable grace. Now, what a great blessing and glory it is to celebrate True Parents' Birthday with sincere devotion as the representatives of all human history, all humanity alive now, and all descendants in the future!

Here is America, the Elder Son Nation, where True Parents have devoted themselves for 34 years of their golden age with blood, sweat, and tears. We have also walked the way of persecution and difficulties with them for the world providence, longing for True Parents. Would it not be a special gift for True Parents is America, the Elder Son Nation, became the excellent Elder Son Nation, showing them the valiant figure of America standing on the frontline of the world providence attending God and True Parents?

With such a deep heart and determination, let's offer the "Condition of Sincere Devotion for America, the Elder Son Nation, to Start the year 2008, and for the Celebration of True Parents' Birthday" with each family's utmost sincerity.

Let's inform brothers and sisters of this good news, and participate in this condition. Let's start the year 2008 in grace.

Please ask the local Kodan leaders about the details. May God bless you and your family! 

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