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Condition April Letter

H. Inose
April 5, 2009

Brothers and sisters around America:

Glory to God!

Now, we enter the spring season after the long winter in God’s providence. True Parents have walked the way of the cross more difficult than anyone else, but the age has come when their original value and great life are recognized in heaven and on earth. In Korea, True Father’s biography was published and testifies to his great life.

(1) True Father’s autobiography “Towards a Global Person Who Loves Peace” (Korean version) -- Million Seller!

1) Excerpts from the book

“I have walked around the low and dark places throughout my life. I cut a path through the jungle cutting trees, planting seeds, and making schools. I fed the children who felt hungry by fishing. I was happy even when I fished in the whole night with my whole body being bitten by mosquitoes. Even when I got bogged down with my body falling until my shin, I was happy to stay with lonely neighbors.”

“I was sometimes absorbed in changing politics and thoughts in order to make a shortcut to the peaceful world. I met President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union to reconcile Communism and Democracy, and also met President Kim Il-sung of North Korea to bring peace in the Korean peninsula.”

“I went to America who was morally falling in order to awake the Puritan spirit in America playing a role of a firefighter and to settle conflicts in the world. I was not afraid to go to the Palestine which was filled with terrorisms in order to bring reconciliation between Muslims and Jews. I called thousands of Jews, Muslims, and Christians together in one space and promoted the peace march, but the conflict still continues.”

(2) Responses on the Internet

“I am thankful for Christians. I became interested in this book because you made too much noise on the book. I went to a book store only to buy the book. I am not originally a bookworm, and also I am not so much influenced by emotion. However, when I started to read the book, I read the book in the whole night. I could not stop reading the book until I finished reading it at dawn. This book changed my life.”

“I think this book is wonderful. Immediately after I read the book, I went to a book store again to buy more books of the Unification Church. In case that I could not find the books of the Unification Church, I would visit the Unification Church to understand Rev. Moon.”

“I am a Christian. My church taught me that Rev. Moon was a devil. I like to read the books published by the Gimmyoung Publisher. Therefore, first, I felt betrayed by the publisher. I thought why the publisher sold its soul to a devil. It was curious. This publisher is the most wonderful publisher in Korea, and published many Christian books. I wanted to understand the reason by myself, so I bought the book. Once I started to read the book, I could not stop reading it. I wondered whether the content written in the book is true. I heaved a sigh, felt sorrowfulness, and did me proud. It completely touched my heart. After I started to read the book, I could not close the book until I finished the book at four early in the morning. My conclusion was that this person was real. I thought what kind of person he was. Everyone who loves peace or who does not want to have an unbiased viewpoint should read this book. I read the book twice. I underlined the important parts. Who except a saint could endure such persecution, imprisonments, and tortures? I am thankful to the publisher from the bottom of my heart. I could believe the publisher again.”

Such responses of Korean people toward True Parents’ autobiography is the evidence that now is the time when the victory of True Parents who have love the enemy by true love and brought a victory in the way of indemnity would be known in Korea. Some Christians might still be against us. However, the more they oppose us, the more Korean people would get interested in this book and True Parents. Then, the spirit world would cooperate with us more, and they cannot but accept True Parents.

(2) The 50th True Parents’ Day and the Special Leadership Meeting (from the KMS News on April 3, 2009)

1) The 50th True Parents’ Day

The celebration of the 50th True Parents’ Day was held on March 27, 2009 at 7:00 am at Cheon Hwa Gung Official Building in Las Vegas, Nevada located in the West America. Peace King Representatives of the world, the National Messiahs, District Directors of America, etc participated in the event. It is the first time to celebrate the church holiday in Las Vegas. True Parents have offered sincere devotion in secret to restore the earth since they came to America in 1971. They decided to celebrate the True Parents’ Day in Las Vegas for the first time because there was God’s significant providence behind it.

On the day, True Father has seriously given his words for 11 hours from 7:00 am to about 6:00 pm including the time of various leaders’ reports. He said, “In order to march forward to the goal by 2013, we have to make a new start with deep repentance.” Moreover, he talked about the detailed plans of heaven, saying, “We have to send Ambassadors for Peace to 194 nations to prepare the Parent UN. Then, we will have a seminar in Las Vegas to educate Cain-type King Peace Representatives, Ambassadors for Peace, and VIPs of the political, economic, and media worlds from the 194 nations. We have to change Las Vegas from the secular place to the place God can dwell in. We will do it for 3 years from now.”

2) The Special Leadership Meeting On March 28, 2009,

The “Special Leadership Meeting -- the Change of the West America, the Pacific Rim, and the Globe” was held with 1500 participants at South Point Hotel close to Cheon Hwa Gung Official Building. President In Jin Moon gave a keynote address on behalf of True Father. Before the keynote address, Rev. Marion Bennett of ACLC Las Vegas gave a message. He emphasized that we should learn Rev. Moon’s teaching now, saying, “People are searching for the way to live in the recent worldwide financial panic. Rev. Moon already gave us the answer. It is to live for the sake of others.”

Also, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, President of FFWPU Korean, spoke on True Parents’ wish for Las Vegas, saying, “Rev. Moon wishes that Las Vegas would become the place where people can experience the fruit of the highest wisdom of human beings.” Then, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU, entered the stage to introduce Rev. In Jin Moon. He first introduced True Father’s autobiography “Towards a Global Person Who Loves Peace” saying, “Now, 2 million copies were printed, and it became one of best sellers in a week.”

He introduced a precious episode about True Father from the autobiography: “When my father was 11 years old, homeless people were invited to his house to provide meals and accommodations. When my father was imprisoned in Danbury federal prison in the mid 1980s, he started from a humble position and offered sincere devotion to cleaning rest rooms.” Then, he introduced In Jin Moon, saying, “When my father was in Danbury prison, famous ministers such as Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr., Dr. Joseph Lowery, and so on promoted rallies and demonstrations around America protesting against the unjust imprisonment of Rev. Moon to Danbury prison. At the time, my elder sister In Jin Moon, who was still a teenager, took part in the protesting movement together with those ministers. Later, she graduated from Harvard Divinity School. She is now a mother of 5 children. I would like to invite Rev. In Jin Moon, my beloved elder sister.”

Rev. In Jin Moon said, “Las Vegas is called as a city of gambling and entertainment. My father, Rev. Moon, wants to introduce God and heaven into this city to change the city of shadow and darkness into the shining city filled with God’s true love,” and then she read the message “A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God’s Will” on behalf of True Parents.

(3) The Background of the Las Vegas Project and Our Attitude

True Parents know God more than anyone else. Also, they know Satan’s identity and strategy more than anyone else. They completed the restoration through indemnity and know what to do and when to do in order to expand God’s foundation with smallest sacrifice. When the situation of Korea was very difficult, they went to Pantanal in South America, which is located in the exact opposite side of the earth, to offer sincere devotion to the unification of North and South.

The current foundation was established in such a way. True Parents often say that one extreme is connected to the other extreme. They have established God’s foundation by breaking through the frontline of Satan. They said on True Parents’ Day, “Through the providential project in Las Vegas from now, we will be able to establish the victorious foundation of the original world. There are still many holes in our foundation because we could not win a complete victory. We will be able to fill up all the holes during 3 years from now.” This project started with special wisdom from God.

There are the victories of 3 generations of True Parents and the Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings behind this project. Now is the age when True Parents can freely exercise God’s authority. Therefore, True Parents emphasized again and again on True Parents’ Day, “Just do what True Parents said.” They also said, “The age of heavenly fortune has come when the spirit world could totally cooperate with us. Therefore, you have to fulfill the wish of True Parents at the risk of life as the representative of True Parents.” The most important condition to inherit heavenly fortune is the unity centering on the central figure. When District Directors, leaders, and brothers and sisters are united in heart with one another centering on In Jin Nim, President of FFWPU USA and Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of FFWPU North America, we are supposed to be able to bring a great substantial victory and expand it in America.

I pray that we could embody the heavenly glory in April through sincere devotion, effort, and sacrifice for harvesting than ever. We will start the Kodan condition of sincere devotion in April 2009 as follows. Please participate in this, brothers and sisters - as many as possible.

Kodan 21-Day Condition of Sincere Devotion around America


From April 7 (Tue) to 27 (Mon), 2009


1. 21 Kyeong-bae or 1-meal fasting

2. 21-minute prayer

3. To recite “Thank you” more than 100 times


1. For the health and long life of the True Parents

2. For the protection, unity, and victory of the True Family

3. To realize God’s fatherland and Cheon Il Guk by January 13, 2013

4. In order for America to stand as the Elder Son Nation. For the victory of all providences in April with brothers and sisters’ unity with In Jin Nim

5. To offer sincere devotion in unity for the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds

6. In order that blessed families win a victory on the activity of the Tribal Messiah in both Cain and Abel tribes

7. To establish the substantial foundation through the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds by sincere devotion and unity

8. For the victory of Kodan activities and donation in April 2009 

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