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2009, A Year In Which God’s Providence Made Great Progress

H. Inose
December 6, 2009

Brothers and Sisters around America:

It is already December of the year 2009, in which God’s providence made great progress. I think that you might be reflecting and summarizing this year, and working diligently to prepare for the year 2010.

In 2009, we, blessed central families, were given tremendous blessings. The highlights of this year were the “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” and the “11.16 Blessing Ceremony of the Second Generation.” Therefore, I would like to introduce the providential meanings of these ceremonies by using the explanation of Rev. Yasutomo Shirai, Director of the Blessed Family Department of the Unification Church Family Education Bureau in Japan.

(1) Grace of the “10.14 Blessing” and the “11.16 Blessing of the Second Generation

Rev. Yasutomo Shirai (the Director of the Blessed Family Department in Japan)

The Providence before June 1

In 2009, there were many important events in God’s providence. First of all, the “Coronations for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings” were held on January 15 in Korea and on January 31 in Korea and America.

Second, the celebration for True Father’s 90th birthday and True Mother’s 67 birthday was held on January 30, the day before their birthday (1/31/09=1/6/09 lunar) at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center.

Third, there was the 50th Wedding Anniversary of True Parents on April 11 (March 16 lunar), and actually on April 19, the “Rally for True Parents’ Golden Wedding (the 50th Wedding Anniversary) and the Peaceful Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and Cain and Abel (Good and Evil) in Cosmos” was held. To commemorate this occasion, there was the “Game of Harmony and Unity” and the “Wongu (Round Ball) Game.” Then, there was a “Peace Festival” for 13 days from this day.

Fourth, on May 1, the “Rally for the 55th Anniversary of the Foundation of HSA-UWC and the Settlement of the True Parent UN for True Peace” was held. It was also the closing ceremony of the “Rally for Peaceful Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and Cain and Abel (Good and Evil) in the Cosmos,” which had continued for 13 days since the opening ceremony on April 19. In this rally, there was a commendation ceremony of the “Rally of Wongu Peace Cup of Unity of Cain and Abel in the Cosmos.” It was also the “Peace Festival” to celebrate True Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary and the Foundation of HSA-UWC at the same time.

Fifth, on June 1, 2009, there was the “Party Celebrating the Publication of Rev. Moon’s Autobiography” at the COEX convention hall in Seoul, Korea. True Father launched the True Parent UN and read his speech at the “Rally for the Settlement of the True Parent UN for True Peace”.

True Father said on July 4, “The day of June 1 corresponds to the new day when Noah disembarked from the ark and walked upon the earth after the flood judgment.” Divine Principle states, “This foreshadowed that when the ideal of creation is realized on the earth through the work of the third Adam, the new Jerusalem will descend from Heaven and the dwelling of God will be with men. (Gen 21:1-3)” We can say that after June 1, we, in earnest, entered into the age of a new start, the Age After the Coming of Heaven.

The Las Vegas Providence

Number 6 was the number Satan robbed of. Therefore, True Parents restored the number 6, overcoming the 6th month of June, and then, made a condition to liberate hell in Las Vegas which symbolized the bottom of hell.

Significance of the “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony”

1) We could directly receive the benediction of True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Human, the King of Kings.

2) It was the “Cosmic Blessing” on the foundation of the “Church Blessing,” “National Blessing,” and “World Blessing.”

3) We could inherit the providential victory before October 2009 centering on True Parents.

4) It meant to inherit True Parents’ heart of “Resurrection from the 7 Deaths, Completion of the 8 Stages.”

5) True Parents made a condition to liberate hell in Las Vegas on the Satanic side, so on God’s side, they could give the grace of forgiveness for the mistakes and spiritual debts of all blessed families in the past.

True Parents said, “It is an opportunity for all blessed families to repent their self-seeking lives and to start anew for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk.” We can say that all blessed families were given the amnesty in a broad meaning, but until now, there was no announcement that the amnesty forgave the chapter-two problem.

Significance of the “11.16 True Parents’ Blessing Ceremony for the Second Generation”

True Parents made a condition to cleanse the mistakes and spiritual debts of all blessed families in the past at the “10.14 Cosmic Blessing,” so at the “11.16 Blessing for the Second Generation,” they could hold the blessing ceremony for good men and good women of the second generation who established the (Cheon Il Guk) standard of purity, as if Adam and Eve married in the original Garden of Eden without the fall. Then, True Parents loved the second-generation couples very much as follows:

1) True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Human directly matched the couples in person.

2) True Parents took pictures with each group of the couples on the day before the blessing.

3) On the day before the blessing, each couple had an opportunity to bow in front of True Parents, and they approved again each couple as one of the matched couples.

4) True Parents invited all the blessed couples of the second generation to the cerebration of the “50th True Children’s Day.” (from the KMS news)

In this way, True Parents uplifted us, blessed central families, to the original state of creation in the genuine Age After the Coming of Heaven through the blessings in 2009 and let us inherit all the victories of True Parents.

(2) A Present Age

On the other hand, True Parents also said, “Now is an age of great change.” True Father said on November 15, 2009 at Cheon Jeong Gung, “It is tremendously dangerous that you decide something without understanding your position and what your decision causes in this confused age of great change. You have to know that your decision represents all your ancestors in the spirit world in God’s providence. To make a decision without understanding such a position of yours might cause a great disaster for your ancestors in heaven and relatives on earth. You have to know this clearly. It is tremendously dangerous that you hesitate to do what you should do now because of keeping up your appearance. So today I informed you of this.”

After the proclamation on January 15, it is the age when God’s authority can be freely exercised and also the age when True Parents’ dignity can emerge in heaven and on earth. It is the age when everything should be attained following heavenly constitution and law. Therefore, if we fulfill our responsibility of living a life of Settlement-at-Noon, the victory of God and True Parents can be embodied in our daily life. It is the age when God guides us and the spirit world cooperates with us in earnest.

In this age, our old habits, sins, or fallen nature cannot exist in our daily life. It is the age of the throes of creation of the original world. We, who live in this age, are asked to offer absolute faith to God and True Parents, who are the center of the providence, more fervently than ever. Therefore, True Parents left educational materials (8 books of True Father’s words) for us. True Father’s autobiography is a guide for our life of faith.

By using the educational materials, we need to “establish our view.” (i.e. our views on value, our life, God, sin, family, providence, etc) It is necessary for us to strengthen the relationship with God and True Parents. True Father said, “To what extent do you know True Parents’ heart? And how united are you with True Parents in matters of lineage, character, God’s Words and daily life? How about your view of the nation, world and cosmos? This determines whether you can become true sons and daughters of God in a true sense.” (From Cheon Seong Gyeong p.252, book 2 True Parents)

(3) Grace of Lovin’ Life Ministries centering on In Jin Nim

It is immeasurable grace for America, the Elder Son Nation, that Lovin’ Life Ministries started in 2009 centering on In Jin Nim. It is an epoch-making providence which substantially shows the worship culture of original creation. Through the music, band, and choir during a service, it shows us that God’s love is poured on us heartistically. How many brothers and sisters felt the tremendous power of comfort! In Jin Nim’s sermon really made us close to God and True Parents and was filled with true love through which we could make a deep relationship of heart with them. It taught us how to make an ideal couple and family, or how to educate the second generation very realistically with heavenly wisdom. It also showed clearly the direction toward which America, the Elder Son Nation, should go from now.

Through In Jin Nim’s service and guidance, she showed us a very beautiful life of praising God and returning beauty to God. We saw her desperate heart as a filial daughter of True Parents. She also showed us the Mother-Child Cooperation which brought the unity of all brothers and sisters.

In Jin Nim’s statement in True Father’s autobiography clearly shows her heart of filial piety:

“Hello, everyone. I am In Jin Moon, the second daughter of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. On July 20, 1984, it seemed that the end of the world came to our family. This was the day that my father entered Danbury prison. I never dreamed that such a thing would happen to my father -- especially in America, a land of the free that my father has loved and served immensely. My father has worked hard since he came to America. I have almost never seen him sleep. He rises early in the morning to pray and work. I have never seen anyone work with greater dedication to the future of America or to God. Yet, America has placed my father in Danbury prison. Why does he have to go to Danbury? He is not concerned about his own suffering. My father’s life has been dotted with tears and suffering, as he sought to carry out God’s will. He is now 64 years old. His only crime was that he loved America. Yet, at this moment, he is either washing dishes in the prison cafeteria or mopping its floors. Last week, I visited my father and saw him for the first time in his prison uniform. I cried and cried. My father told me not to cry for him but to pray for America. He told me to take my anger and sorrow and transform these into a powerful force that will make this a truly free country. He said that while he was in prison he would endure any hardship, bear any injustice, and carry any cross. Freedom of religion is the basis of all freedoms. I am truly grateful to everyone here for supporting religious freedom.” (From As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen)

We would like to express heartfelt gratitude for the sincere devotion and prayer of In Jin Nim’s family in 2009. We will do our best in order to realize God’s dream through heartistic unity and in order to make True Parents’ burden of the big cross lighter in any degree.

(4) Let’s Make a New Start for Establishing Cheon Il Guk United with True Parents’ Heart

True Parents’ Heart

True Father says in his speech on June 1, “I am deeply sorry before Heaven; I have reached my ninetieth year of life, yet I have been unable to fully restore the 6.5 billion people of the world to God.” (From Peace Message 17)

For True Parents, all human beings are beloved children. All spirits in the spirit world are also their beloved children. Therefore, True Parents cannot rest unless they restore all the people, give them the blessing, and liberate them from sin completely.

“We began with suffering, and so we want to head for the final destination through suffering. I am determined that Rev. Moon will be recognized as one who experienced misery. I do not need money or honor. The hope to find the new homeland lies only in liberating God, liberating humankind, and liberating even Satan, thereby building an eternal base of peace and love. With such an understanding, you should struggle hard to follow this path, forgetting breakfast, lunch and dinner, ignoring day and night, and persevering no matter how steep and rugged the mountains are that stand in the way. The heavenly principle is that the longer you lead such a life, the more God’s ideal love will be with you, your family, your clan, and your nation. I would like to ask you to understand this and live accordingly.” (From Cheon Seong Gyeong p.155-156, book 1 True God)

We, blessed families, just received the blessing in 2009, so let’s make a new start with new determination for completing Cheon Il Guk by January 13, 2013. Let’s start this month of December with God’s heart by repeatedly reading Father’s prayer which shows the deep heart of God. (Reference) We will start the Kodan condition of sincere devotion in December 2009 as follows. As many as possible brothers and sisters please participate in this.

21-Day Condition of Sincere Devotion around America

Period: From December 7 (Mon) to 27 (Sun), 2009


1. 21 Kyung-bae or 1-meal fasting

2. 21-minute prayer

3. To recite “Thank you” more than 100 times


1. For the health and long life of True Parents

2. For the protection, unity, and victory of the True Family

3. To fulfill the providential mission of America, the Elder Son Nation

4. To bring a victory on Lovin’ Life Ministries through the complete unity with In Jin Nim’s heart

5. For the fulfillment of the family of three generations centering on true love. For the unity of the 1st and second generations. To protect the second generation.

6. For the victory of the activities of the Tribal Messiah and Hoon Dok Family Church through the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds

7. For a great leap of Kodan activities and donation in December 2009


Please Let Us Become True Sons and Daughters Who Know How to Hold on to You and Weep

Father! We went forth thinking that the path you were calling us on was not difficult, but we have realized that it is difficult, and we thought it was a path of joy, but now as we go along it, we realized that it has peak after peak of tears.

Father! If we are sorrowful, we want to be sorrowful holding on to you. We have realized that it is easy to be disappointed after holding on to people and feeling sorrowful, and we have realized that to go ahead and believe people is to be hurt. It is you who have not changed, Father. How joyful a time it must have been for Jesus to go to the mountain in order to hold you and weep! We want to become true sons and daughters who know how to weep for our father, who know how to hold on to you and weep, and who know the heart of our father who has first pioneered this path and raised up Jesus in front of humankind because the road of life is lonesome and lonely. If we have realized that before we felt any anguish, heaven has suffered everything unjustly, and been persecuted cruelly, and been beaten cruelly, then how can we excuse ourselves before heaven? Since we have realized that before heaven we have no condition to be sad centered on our own selves, please have mercy on your sons and daughters here who have been placed in that situation.

Father! We know that before we wept, you wept first, and before we were struck, you were struck first. And we know that before we were in pain, you were in pain first, and we know that before we fell down, you fell down first.

Knowing that, though we silently head towards heaven again and again, discovering how inadequate we are, we bow our heads before heaven, and we wonder how much you must have longed for sons and daughters who can call you “Father.” Please allow those kinds of feelings to move in our hearts, and when relating to this nation, when relating to the world, and when relating to heaven, please let those kinds of feelings move us.

Only when we are moved by those kinds of feelings can we say we have confident faith from the individual up to the world-level ideological realm. And in order to establish our own ideology, we know that we must be in the position of heaven with the greatest heart. Therefore, we earnestly ask you to please raise up our minds to be able to go forth and pioneer a path for this kind of environment.

We earnestly ask and desire that you will allow us to become children who are able to critique our forlorn selves as we go along the road humankind must go, and live intoxicated by joy, and bow our heads and raise up your glory, Father, assessing highly our having formed a relationship between ourselves and heaven. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord, Amen. (July 5, 1959) 

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