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Newsletter for October 2011

H. Inose
October 4, 2011
(9.8 Heavenly Calendar)

Brothers and sisters around America:

Glory to God!

The 172 clergy of ACLC, who were the fruits of the 2000-year history of Christianity and also the fruits of True Parents' blood, sweat and tears they had invested in America, the Elder Son Nation, for more than 34 years, left for Korea with absolute faith in God. Then, they came back after bringing a great victory in Korea as True Parents' had lovingly expected. Rev. Jenkins, President of ACLC, reported as follows:

A beautiful and most historic step in God's providence is unfolding before our eyes in Korea, as 172 Clergy have come from all over America, representing the unity of all denominations and the embrace of all faiths. On the foundation of Jesus' victorious resurrection and promised return, a transformation is occurring in the Clergy, not only the Christians but those of all faiths. There is a deep sense that the prophesied last days are clearly upon us and that this is the hour for God's promise to be fulfilled. The title of the mission is "Registration for God's Kingdom and the Fatherland -- 172 Faith Leaders Stand with True Parents for True Love, Family and Peace."

… He (Father) was very serious, saying that the conditions of faith in God set by the religious leaders at this time will determine the course of world events. If they are faithful at this time, nuclear weapons will not be used at the end time but can be done away with once and for all. With faith, the world will be blessed, divorce will dissolve, and the family of God will become one.

The clergy rose to the occasion because they know True Parents. They also know that if Father Moon is speaking, it's best to just "Let go and let God!" They did, and Father Moon expressed enormous joy. As he was leaving in the car he said, "They are my family -- they understand and are ready!"

The 172 clergy, who stood in the position of bride and John the Baptist in front of the Lord of Second Advent, offered absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to heaven. It was great and historical. When we see the providence of the 172 clergy of ACLC, we can understand that True Parents are filled with the heavenly wisdom and are practicing it. Also, we can know how great True Parents' victory is.

Now, True Parents came back to Las Vegas and are seriously leading God's providence following the providential program. True Parents know how to fulfill the providential mission the most effectively during the shortest period.

True Parents give us a direction after all spiritual preparations have been made for the next victory, so we, who have been educated and trained by True Parents for a long time, should now offer absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to True Parents. When we walk with stronger faith than the 172 clergy of ACLC had, everything is supposed to be fulfilled.

Now, let's consider our attitude.

1. Our Attitude

A. Do As Father Directs

True Father says as follows in The Way of the Spiritual Leader, part 1, pp. 184-185:

Korean leaders, if you don't follow Father's direction, you will be accused in the spiritual world. If you go out now and do not follow my direction, your descendants won't be good. The spiritual world won't cooperate with you as you think.

If you don't follow what I say to you, I cannot take care of you. If you follow my direction and cannot accomplish it, I can take the responsibility for it. [We will follow your direction.] Go away if you don't want to do it. You don't have to do it. Aren't you supposed to do all that I say? You should not do an irrelevant act. Do what I say.

Now is the time to cross the Red Sea. You will perish if you have your own way. It is the time to cross the Jordan River and the Red Sea. If people have their own way when they cross the Jordan River, they will go to ruin. When the twelve tribes went across the Jordan River, they didn't complain even though they were just sitting near the river for three days. Because of their deed, they could get into Canaan. You should know the time.

If all of you cannot do this, God will let a minister inherit the tradition even if he is the only one. Then, he will represent the rest, and God will work through him. Do you think all the American ministers will proudly remain in front of God? You have to decide to go in the right direction. Pray as I direct. Follow my direction. … You should pray, "Heavenly Father, please help me for the purpose directed by Father." If your thoughts intervene in the prayer, all of you will perish. Do you understand? [Yes] I'm not joking. Go and say to everybody exactly what I said. This is that kind of time.

B. Let's Become a Child of Filial Piety

We now have to become a child of filial piety in front of True Parents and put its principle into practice.

True Father says as follows in The Way for Young People, p. 58:

What is a child of filial piety? He is the one who takes responsibility for the parents' sorrow and goes to difficult places in order to resolve their sorrow, thereby bringing joy to the parents. When the parents work for ten hours, the child works fifteen. Then, the parents will feel joy that corresponds to the five. A filial child is the one who considers how to supplement what is missing. He serves parents. …

When a child understands his parents' sorrow deeply, he will sincerely wish for the resolution of their sorrow, going beyond the environment where he is living. If someone worries about the parents' sorrow more than his own, then he can be called a loyal child. …

According to the principle of filial piety, the one who forgets about the parents' situation cannot make a relationship with the parent at a crucial moment.

2. Let's March Forward to Make a Substantial Foundation through Lovin' Life Ministries

The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind providentially expect America to do more and more very quickly, so it is necessary that all brothers and sisters around America bring a victory one after another centering on each District Pastor. On the other hand, it is the time when we, no matter what, have to bring a victory in the growth and development of the church and also in witnessing. In Jin Nim appointed new Lovin' Life Pastors last month and made a fresh start. Thinking of it, I am totally surprised at her wisdom.

In Jin Moon giving the sermon on September 18, 2011

On the historical day of September 18, when the rallies at Madison Square Garden and Washington Monument were held in the American providence, In Jin Nim described the vision and direction of Lovin' Life Ministries in her sermon. She explained how to make a horizontal and substantial foundation from now by using the 10 Core Values explained by Mr. Tony Hsieh, CEO of

His answer was very simple: "I always had a mission statement. I always had a vision for the kind of company I wanted to create."

When asked, "What's in your mission statement?" he says, "Well, my mission statement comprises what I call the 10 core values." When asked, "Tony, what are your 10 core values?" he says, "This pretty much sums up the culture of … First and foremost, I believe in 'wow' service." What he means by wow service is service to consumers that leaves them with the feeling of "Wow, this is an incredible company." He is not satisfied with average or good enough. He wants the customer service in his company to be "Wow."

The next point he talks about is how he wants the word change to be in the mission statement. He wants to have a company that does not fear or avoid change. He wants his company to embrace and actually drive change because he is looking for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. He encourages change in his corporation.

The third point he talks about is, "In our mission statement it is extremely important for us to have fun." … If you can engender a fun and creative atmosphere in your classroom, you can count on the fact that your students are going to excel and do very well. Their retention of what they have learned and the longevity of their ability to retain what they learn will be amazing. …

Fourth, he goes on to talk about not only should we have fun and be a little weird, but we should be adventurous, creative, and open-minded. …

The 5th core value he talks about is the importance of growth and learning. "Never stop growing; never stop learning." …

The 6th core value he talks about is the importance of having an open and honest relationship through communication. In an organization, corporation, or movement, we need to be open and honest in terms of our relationships. …

Seventh, he talks about the importance of a family spirit, which we may also view as a positive team type of thinking. We need to think of ourselves as a team. One team member affects another just like in a family one sibling affects another. A child affects a parent, and vice versa. We need to know that we are all connected.

And then we go on to the 8th core value that Tony talks about, which is the importance of doing more with less. Even if God didn't give us all the 10 ingredients we want, if God gave us seven, "By golly that's an invitation to be creative and come up with the next three ourselves and do something different, something that has never, ever been done before."

The ninth core value that Tony talks about is the importance of being passionate and determined in your work or your life. We need to be passionate people. …

And the most important, and the last of his 10 core values, is "to be humble." No matter how good you are, don't just kiss the people on your way up. Kiss the people whom you're leaving behind because sooner or later life is a series of sine curves. If you're only kissing up, sooner or later one of the people that you spat on is going to be your boss. Then that person will remember you. So you've got to treat people well on the front and the back. Be humble.
(Excerpts from the official site of FFWPU USA)

Brothers and sisters, let's be completely united with In Jin Nim in heart in America, the Elder Son Nation, and offer a great result to heaven.

We will start the condition of sincere devotion in September of the heavenly calendar as follows. I hope that many brothers and sisters will participate in this.

21-Day Condition of Sincere Devotion around America

Period: From September 12 (Sat) to October 2 (Fri) (heavenly calendar)

From October 8 (Sat) to 28 (Fri), 2011 (solar calendar)


1. 21-minute prayer

2. To recite "Chambumonim (True Parents), Eog-Mansei." (more than 12 minutes, if possible, longer, with the music of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, deeply taking its meaning to heart)


1. For the long life and safety of the True Parents

2. For the True Family (for the safety and victory of all True Children centering on Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon, International President)

3. To fulfill God's wish upon the 172 American clergy for the establishment of God's Fatherland (Participation in OSDP, etc)

4. To become united with In Jin Nim's vision; to attain a substantial foundation through Lovin' Life Ministries

5. For the expansion and victory of the blessing movement

6. For the victory of the Tribal Messiah activities (Abel-type) and Tong Ban Kyeok Pa activities (Cain-type), in total cooperation with the spirit world

7. For the victory of Kodan activities and donation in October. 

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